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Eight New Titles Added to BayView's Martial Arts Instruction DVD Catalog in December 2012.

Hackensack, NJ, October 07, 2012 --( BayView Entertainment, the number one studio for fitness, dance and special interest DVD releases for over seven years*, expands its catalog of martial arts instruction DVDs with eight new titles coming on December 24, 2012, covering self-defense techniques, feinting, Krav Maga and more. These new releases join BayView's catalog of fitness, wellness and special interest DVDs and audio books - the largest catalog in the business - in bringing a variety of fascinating subjects to retailers and consumers everywhere. BayView Entertainment's DVDs are available at all leading internet retailers as well as selected stores nationwide. *source: DVD Release Report: September 28, 2012

DVD Information: Street date: December 24, 2012 (prebook: November 20, 2012)

“Krav Maga Basic Techniques - Yellow Belt Program” - This DVD contains the basic techniques of WKMF Krav Maga: the main dodges and parries, forms of body, foot-fist, elbow and knee strikes, and the basic defenses on most common hand-to-hand attacks. This DVD is suitable training material for beginners and a wonderful frame of reference for WKMF instructors. BAY340, 874482003404, $29.99 srp

“Krav Maga Intermediate Techniques - Orange Belt Program” - This DVD demonstrates the intermediate Orange Belt techniques of WKMF Krav Maga: strikes, defenses on grips, chokes and seizures, defenses on punches and kicks, on armed threats, and ground techniques. The main defenses of WKMF Krav Maga level 2 are part of the orange belt training program. This DVD is intended as training material for intermediate students, and a resource for WKMF instructors. BAY341, 874482003411, $29.99 srp

“Warriors 3 - The Return of Krav Warriors: Krav Maga, Kapap, Close Combat & Pro Self Defense” - More than 100 self-defense techniques are covered in this incredible 2-DVD set as the ICOSS experts (International Confederation of Self-Defense Systems) share their knowledge that was accumulated through many years of experience in the field. This 2-DVD set is an essential tool for any level of practitioner or anyone interested in self-defense. BAY342, 874482003428, $29.99 srp

“Krav Maga - Defense Against the Knife” - Self-defense against knife attacks by using Krav Maga techniques are demonstrated on this DVD, from simple avoidance to using common household and environmental objects in defense to actual confrontation. The instructors are all members of the World Krav Maga Federation. BAY343, 874482003435, $29.99 srp

“The Art of Feinting” - The techniques on the “feint” in combat sports and martial arts, as presented by Eric Candori and Olivier D'Amario on this DVD, provide tools for teachers, athletes and beginner or advanced practitioners alike. BAY344, 874482003442, $29.99 srp

“Krav Maga - Defense Against the Gun” - This DVD presents numerous defense techniques against an aggressor armed with a gun, all demonstrated by experts from different countries who belong to the World Krav Maga Federation. Disarming the aggressor, using the environment as a shield, and confrontation are just a few of the techniques on display. BAY345, 874482003459, $29.99 srp

“Warriors 4 - The Experts of Self Defense: Krav Maga, Kapap, Close Combat, Pro Self Defense & Sambo” - Numerous self-defense techniques are covered in this incredible 2-DVD set as the ICOSS experts (International Confederation of Self-Defense Systems) share their accumulated knowledge. Discover a whole range of complementary techniques that focus on efficient self-defense: dodges, defenses on punches, on grips, on chokes, on knife, on gun, standing and on the ground, defense of a third party, etc. BAY346, 874482003466, $29.99 srp

“Krav Maga - Kapap: Gun and Knife” - This DVD presents a wide array of self-defense techniques, utilizing either Krav Maga or Kapap, against unarmed attacks, threats with a knife to the throat, the stomach, in the back, on the side, as well as defense moves against threats with a gun from the front, the back, the side, from a short and medium distance. BAY347, 874482003473, $29.99 srp

About Bayview Entertainment, LLC:

BayView Entertainment, LLC, is America's number one independent distributor of fitness, wellness, dance and special-interest DVD releases. BayView has made its name by being dedicated to releasing only the best DVDs in each category from the most trusted names in the field. BayView has forged relationships with the top names in fitness and special-interest, including Retromedia Entertainment, Yoga Journal Magazine and Black Belt Magazine, as well as performers and producers as diverse as Kathy Smith, Gilad, Tamilee Webb, Total Immersion, 8 Minute Abs, Scott Cole, Joyce Vedral and many others. BayView's DVDs are available throughout the country at fine retailers everywhere as well as all major online stores. BayView can be found online at

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Date:Oct 7, 2012
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