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Eidos Interactive Announces E3 Product Line-Up; Varied Slate Leverages Heavy Duty Licenses on a Number of Game Platforms.

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E3Expo 2000


Eidos Interactive, a leading worldwide publisher of interactive entertainment products, today announced a varied PC and console game line-up for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many of the upcoming titles will leverage popular licenses to assure name recognition in a crowded game marketplace.

"Sydney 2000(TM) -- The Official Video Game of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games" -- Developed by ATD for the PC, PlayStation(R) game console, and Sega Dreamcast(TM). This officially licensed Olympic game combines 32 countries in 12 Olympic events with TV style presentation and realistic motion-captured animation. Coming this summer.

"Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue" -- Developed by Crystal Dynamics with Disney Interactive for the PlayStation game console, Sega Dreamcast, PC, and Nintendo Game Boy Color, featuring characters from the upcoming "Disney's 102 Dalmatians" live-action feature film. With the help of your animal friends, rescue your puppy brothers and sisters from the evil clutches of Cruella De Vil. Coming this Thanksgiving.

"Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2" -- Developed by Crystal Dynamics for the Sega Dreamcast and other platforms to be announced. "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver" was one of the hottest selling action games last year. The vampire Raziel returns and takes daring players back through the currents of time in pursuit of his creator and nemesis -- Kain. Raziel isn't simply battling for his own survival but to solve the extinction of the vampire clans. Coming for Christmas.

"Project Eden" -- Developed by members of the original "Tomb Raider" team at CORE Design for the PC and other platforms to be announced. "Project Eden" is an action/strategy game featuring four controllable characters with a first or third person view. The players lead a rescue mission into the lower depths of a mega high rise city. Coming this fall.

"Deus Ex" -- Developed by ION Storm for the PC. Game producer Warren Spector unveils an eagerly anticipated title expected to up the ante on role playing action games by integrating first-person shooter elements. The players travel to Hong Kong, New York and other beautifully rendered cities to solve a series of deadly real world conspiracies. The game is ripe with cliffhangers and plot twists. Coming this summer.

"Anachronox" -- Developed by ION Storm for the PC. Game designer Tom Hall has promised to bring real emotional empathy to this breathtaking sci-fi role playing game. An intergalactic detective story written by a Hollywood screenwriter, "Anachronox" follows the adventures of Sylvester "Sly" Boots who unravels an enigmatic mystery. The player investigates bizarre, futuristic environments, battles galactic foes and discovers unique weapons on this epic quest. Coming this fall.

"Commandos 2" -- Developed by Pyro Studios for the PC. The dirty half dozen are back in the sequel to the highly successful WWII strategy game that sold over 1.5 million units worldwide. "Commandos 2" features new commandos alongside a new game engine with a wider range of difficulty, enhanced highly detailed graphics, fluid character animations, and improved enemy A1. Coming this Christmas.

"Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon" -- Developed by Overmax Studios in China for the PC, this highly detailed real-time strategy game features historical events from "Three Kingdoms," the second century period of Chinese history. Coming late this summer.

"Hitman: Codename 47" -- Developed by IO Interactive for the PC. "Hitman" is a third person action adventure where the player uses stealth and tactical problem solving to enter, execute and exit a mission with "extreme prejudice" and the maximum effect. Coming this fall.

"I'm Going In" -- Developed by Innerloop Studios for the PC. This first person action/strategy game sends the player deep into Eastern Europe on a solo mission where skills in thievery, computer hacking, sabotage and reconnaissance are necessary to save the world from nuclear terror. Coming this fall.

"Startopia" -- Developed by Mucky Foot Productions for the PC. The player must build and maintain a series of space stations across the galaxy to peacefully house up to nine alien races while turning a profit. This strategy simulation features beautiful 3D environments spanning several simultaneous levels of play. Coming for Christmas.

"Walt Disney World(R) Quest: Magical Racing Tour(TM)" -- Developed by Crystal Dynamics with Disney Interactive for the Sega Dreamcast(TM) and Nintendo(R) Game Boy(R) Color. With the help of Chip, Dale, Jiminy Cricket and others, catch the magic of the "Walt Disney World" Resort in this cart-style racing adventure. Coming this summer, already available for the PlayStation game console.

"Fear Effect: Retro Helix" -- Developed by Kronos Digital Studios for the PlayStation game console, "Fear Effect: Retro Helix" is the prequel to the critically acclaimed hit "Fear Effect." Players delve into the colorful histories of the original cast of three mercenaries and the circumstances that brought them together. Coming spring 2001.

Eidos Interactive, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products for the PC, PlayStation(R) game console, Dreamcast(TM), Nintendo(R) and Game Boy Color(TM). Eidos Interactive is part of London-based Eidos plc (Nasdaq:EIDSY) with additional offices in San Francisco, Paris, Hamburg, and Tokyo. For more information on Eidos Interactive's product line, visit
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