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Eidelman and Associates Has the Solutions For Divorce Mediation.

M2 PRESSWIRE-August 12, 2019-: Eidelman and Associates Has the Solutions For Divorce Mediation



Clients who are divorcing amicably can count on Eidelman and Associates to ensure that the unfortunate circumstance of divorce is no more negative than it has to be. The legal team understands that divorce can be devastating for families, and mediation helps to ensure that working through the divorce in a way that promotes healthy conflict resolution, which is best for everyone involved. The law firm understands that divorce is never an easy process. However, there are couples who want to keep their divorce as stress-free as possible and want to emphasize compromise when it comes to separating their assets and child custody responsibilities. Mediation ensures that both parties and the children in the family are protected for years and months to come.

The Eidelman and Associates practice is built on more than 30 years of experience and was founded by attorney Mary J.B. Eidelman. She is a certified mediator and a former Divorce Master for the family court system. Eidelman's previous experience makes her and her law firm a wonderful choice for divorcing couples who want to settle all possible disputes without having to go to court. Eidelman is specially trained in divorce litigation so she carefully both side of a legal issues before offering possible solutions. This is a significant difference from traditional litigation, in which there is a winner and loser, and the losing party will often feel slighted.

Divorce meditation takes a significantly different approach to conventional divorce. Both parties can have their own attorneys and work together to resolve disagreements with a mediator who takes a neutral stance. In most litigation cases, both parties are vying to win the advantage, but mediation promotes compromise in all areas. The mediator will listen to all sides of the story and give each party ample time to express themselves. If there are disputes, the mediator will make recommendations based on all the facts concerning the divorce.

Couples often need a mediator to determine who will handle debts incurred during the marriage and who will own property that the couple owned during marriage. There are several factors that will help to determine which party is deserving of these debts or objects once a marriage is over. Mediation is often needed to determine the proper amounts and terms for alimony and Eidelman has the expertise to provide this service as well. Alimony is determined by several factors, including which spouse made the most money and which spouse took on most of the childcare duties. Of course, Eidelman will also work with divorcing couples to determine who will be responsible for child support. This is often determined based on whether the child will spend equal time with both parents or if one parent will be the custodial parent. The amount of child support the non-custodial parent pays may also be calculated by visitation time and other aspects of parents to ensure that the child is properly cared for. Mediation can also be helpful in figuring out which parent will receive custody of the child.

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Date:Aug 12, 2019
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