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Eicon First To Demonstrate End-to-End Always On/Dynamic ISDN (AO/DI).

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 21, 1997--ISPCon Booth no.421--

New Rate-Reducing Technology To Be Offered With DIVA Family

Eicon Technology, a leading provider of ISDN connectivity, announced today the industry's first demonstration of end-to-end Always On/Dynamic ISDN (AO/DI) at the ISPCon conference in San Francisco. With this exhibit of AO/DI, Eicon provides Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telcos with an enabling technology that leverages the performance and flexibility of ISDN while offering a lower cost of operation.

"AO/DI will significantly change the way in which ISPs and telcos deploy ISDN," said Peter Geier, ISDN marketing manager at Eicon Technology. "This technology will enable providers to support more customers over existing ISDN lines, thereby resulting in lower ISDN rates for the end-user, as well as additional ISDN bandwidth."

AO/DI is a wide-area networking platform that uses the ISDN D-Channel for continuous data flow and dynamically allocates 64K ISDN channels on demand. By using the 9.6 Kbps D-Channel for applications such as e-mail or push technology, the user does not have to pay for a B-Channel. When more bandwidth is required such as a file download, the Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP) is combined with AO/DI to optimize the data transfer. Once bandwidth requirements are reduced, the user goes back to using the D-Channel only. This then frees B-Channels at the ISP to better handle peaks of traffic. D-Channel tarrifing has not yet been set by the local phone companies.

This week, Eicon will be showcasing the first end-to-end demonstration of AO/DI technology. A full-scale client/server environment will be created using several Eicon cards: the EiconCard S51, an intelligent ISA multi-protocol interface card; DIVA BRI ISDN Server cards running on Microsoft Windows NT offering high-speed ISDN communications; and the Eicon DIVA T/A, a PC Card ISDN modem for the client.

"AO/DI delivers a winning solution for both service providers and end users, particularly from a cost perspective," Geier said. "An ISP's resources will be used more cost-effectively, resulting in better Internet access rates for ISDN. AO/DI will also bolster new ISDN applications such as remote diagnostics, Point Of Sales and system management. From an end-user perspective, AO/DI allows for constant connections without sapping ISP or telco resources. This is especially important considering that push technologies, such as Pointcast and the upcoming arrival of Windows 98 with ISDN, will rely on AO/DI to remain affordable."

Eicon To Roll-Out AO/DI Throughout DIVA Product Family Starting in October, Eicon will roll-out AO/DI throughout the DIVA family of ISDN products. Field trials of AO/DI are currently taking place and the service is expected to be available by end of this year.

About Eicon Technology Corporation

Eicon Technology Corporation is a worldwide provider of remote access solutions for personal computers. The company develops, markets and supports hardware and software products for connecting PCs to the Internet, corporate networks and host computers. The products are sold in more than 70 countries through an extensive distribution network. Eicon Technology shares are traded on The Toronto Stock Exchange and the Montreal Exchange under the symbol EIC. Eicon Technology can be found on the World Wide Web at . -0-

DIVA is a trademark of Eicon Technology Corporation. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Eicon Technology Neva Group

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Date:Aug 21, 1997
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