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The key to Robert Wilson: his brilliant theater defies explanation--yet it's all based on his life, How did a gay kid from Texas become the high priest of the avant-garde? Feb 27, 2007 1100
You go, girls. Nov 7, 2006 193
Brother to brother: The History of Swimming. Brief article Oct 24, 2006 341
Drama king. Movie review Oct 10, 2006 479
Rude boys: Brothers of the Head, about conjoined twins who get their sex on as punk rockers, is a strange, haunting, and feverishly hot new picture by life and filmmaking partners Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe. Movie review Aug 15, 2006 457
The way we live now. Movie review Jul 18, 2006 284
Say Peter: Peter Paige courted controversy as unapologetically queeny Emmett on Queer as Folk. His directorial debut, Say Uncle, doesn't play it safe either. Interview Jun 6, 2006 1018
History repeating. Brief article Jun 6, 2006 182
Fun with Harv and George? The success of Brokeback has Hollywood dusting off long-stalled gay projects, from the Harvey Milk story to the romantic comedy The Dreyfus Affair. Feb 28, 2006 701
Gender studies. Brief Article Dec 6, 2005 158
Crazy for Dean. Brief Article Nov 8, 2005 328
Heavy hitter: with a new book of collected essays, activist, author, and radio host Michelangelo Signorile throws out his latest challenge to anybody--make that everybody--who stands in the way of LGBT rights. Interview Sep 13, 2005 976
Three Dancing Slaves. Movie Review Aug 30, 2005 353
Still living dangerously: a new documentary on cable's Here network notes the struggle of gay rights in much of the world. Movie Review May 24, 2005 458
Cornered: the gay subcurrent is just part of what makes boxing drama Fighting Tommy Riley so interesting. Movie Review May 10, 2005 391
Back to Idaho: director Gus Van Sant revisits My Own Private Idaho for the film's long-awaited U.S. DVD debut. Interview Apr 12, 2005 653
The revolution continues: in times of political strife, the 1999 documentary After Stonewall couldn't be timelier. Video Recording Review Mar 1, 2005 414
O pioneers! The original standard-bearers of the U.S. gay rights movement get their due in a new documentary. Jan 18, 2005 511
A double feature for film buffs. Brief Article Dec 21, 2004 241
Everywhere man: sexually, spiritually, and politically, Christopher Isherwood lived his life to the limits--a gay hero for our time. Book Review Dec 21, 2004 538
The Truman show: with the first collection of his letters, a complete volume of his short stories, and a fresh edition of his first novel, Truman Capote is hot again. Book Review Nov 9, 2004 640
Brothers to the max: Brother to Brother star Anthony Mackie talks about how he and the film's gay director pushed it to the limits. Movie Review Oct 26, 2004 765
Props to a gay hero: Duane Boutte talks about bringing the Harlem Renaissance to life in the person of out poet Bruce Nugent. Oct 26, 2004 409
Beloved taskmaster: a new biography recalls the masterful choreography--and difficult personality--of Jerome Robbins. Book Review Aug 31, 2004 603
Who's that ... boy? The thriller Transfixed heralds the arrival of an exciting--and androgynous--new presence in world cinema. Movie Review Jul 20, 2004 280
Growing pains: a French high school jock deals with being forced out of the closet in You'll Get Over It. Movie Review Jun 22, 2004 408
Movies to watch from the couch: Sundance Channel's nonfiction DocDay series and other TV documentaries celebrate gay pride all June long. Television Program Review Jun 22, 2004 892
Suave. Sophisticated. Gay? Five DVDs and a new documentary on TCM recall the continuing allure--and mystery--of Cary Grant. Video Recording Review Jun 8, 2004 518
The black divide: African-Americans who refuse to support equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians are shoving their own history back into the closet. Column Apr 27, 2004 1135
Brother bare: Son Frere director Patrice Chereau may be the coolest queer filmmaker you've never heard of. Apr 13, 2004 481
Paul Winfield: the gay actor's truest role was seen by a small audience. Apr 13, 2004 423
Her splendor: Gavin Lambert's page-turner of a biography captures the magic of Hollywood legend Natalie Wood. Mar 16, 2004 572
Sisters with cameras: Director Yvonne Welbon talks about discovering the advantage lesbian directors have over their straight counterparts, while tracing the history of female African-American filmmakers in Sisters in Cinema. Feb 17, 2004 733
Kate selectively remembered: out writer A. Scott Berg reverts to "don't ask, don't tell" in his Hepburn biography. Sep 2, 2003 906
Gore power to you: a new PBS documentary examines the wonderfully uncensored political and literary life of Gore Vidal. Jul 22, 2003 471
Boys will be bi: the bisexual director and young gay star of Confusion of Genders talk about sexual fluidity and getting naked. (film). Jul 8, 2003 520
A planet under siege: the powerful documentary Pandemic examines the impact of AIDS around the world. Jun 24, 2003 599
Still pretty and witty and gay: a new double-disc DVD release of West Side Story recalls the four gay geniuses who made it happen. Video Recording Review Apr 29, 2003 515
The 10 biggest lies about AIDS. (Commentary). Column Apr 1, 2003 2274
Confessions of a modernist mind: the letters of artist Marsden Hartley reveal how sexual liberty and creative freedom go hand in hand. Book Review Apr 1, 2003 587
The fire still burns: a new one-man show and television documentary remind us that the life and work of James Baldwin continue to resonate. Mar 4, 2003 622
Deputy to the King: a powerful new documentary examines the gay man who was the linchpin of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s crusade for civil rights. Dec 24, 2002 544
They sing, they dance, they kill: Catherine Deneuve and seven other great French actresses try to solve a murder between musical numbers in Francois Ozon's delicious 8 Women. Oct 1, 2002 605
Spy camp: the outrageously silly Modesty Blaise finally makes it to home video. Sep 3, 2002 350
Rainer's parade: many of the great films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, one of the cinema's foremost self-destructive geniuses, are headed to DVD for the first time. (video). Brief Article Jul 9, 2002 691
The straight season: the mainstream choices for lesbian and gay movie lovers may be thin this summer, but that's mainly because our stories have infiltrated the rest of the mass media. (Summer Movie Special). Jun 11, 2002 1413
Deneuve does Proust: with Catherine Deneuve and two of her kids in his cast, director Raoul Ruiz captures the genius and gay subtext of Proust's masterpiece. Movie Review May 14, 2002 547

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