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Social status alters immune system: in rhesus monkeys, low rank in group leads to inflammation. Dec 24, 2016 610
Cigarettes cause telltale DNA damage: patterns of cancer mutations differ in smokers and nonsmokers. Nov 26, 2016 819
Strep B pigment attacks placenta: bacterial weapon pokes holes in immune cells, study shows. Nov 12, 2016 533
Sleep loss hits some brain areas hard: scanning study reveals varied effects of lack of shut-eye. Sep 17, 2016 418
Anesthesia steals awareness in stages: going under is neither gradual nor abrupt, monkey study shows. Brief article Aug 20, 2016 286
Gut bacteria boost risk after stroke: mouse study suggests fecal transplants as countermeasure. Aug 6, 2016 353
High fashion goes high-tech. May 14, 2016 488
Peculiar pattern pops up in primes: final digit in consecutive numbers is not random. Apr 16, 2016 601
FDA to test foods for glyphosate: evidence is still mixed on herbicide's health effects. Mar 19, 2016 805
GMOs under scrutiny: engineered foods have withstood safety concerns, but haven t fulfilled big promises. Feb 6, 2016 4375
Processed meat linked to cancer: health agency says data are strong enough to make claim. Report Nov 28, 2015 607
Molecular pursuits: using quantum chemistry to sift through a sea of compounds could launch a manufacturing revolution. Report Jun 13, 2015 3073
DNA disorganization promotes aging: changes result in cell chaos that causes gray hair, brittle bones. May 30, 2015 568
Old discovery gives jolt to batteries: chemical reaction described in 1800s may boost energy storage. Mar 7, 2015 433
Facebook can reveal signs of postpartum depression. Brief article Mar 7, 2015 194
E-cigarettes may be gateway to addiction for teens. Brief article Mar 7, 2015 214
New approach to reprogramming makes stem cells fuzzy and flexible: F-class could make experiments easier, avoid ethical issues. Jan 10, 2015 821
Brain regions link odors to words: smell processing differs from vision, hearing, study finds. Dec 13, 2014 497
Online retailers personalize search results to try to maximize profits: websites alter results depending on whether consumers use smartphones or particular web browsers. Nov 29, 2014 720
Early animals couldn't catch a breath: low oxygen levels may have hindered evolution of complex life. Nov 29, 2014 476
Artificial sweeteners may tip scales toward diabetes: in mice and people, saccharin disrupts microbes in gut, alters glucose metabolism. Oct 18, 2014 738
Neandertals evolved in fits and starts: fossil treasure trove shows nuances in hominid family tree. Jul 26, 2014 578
Water permeates Earth's interior: blue mineral offers peek at conditions inside the mantle. Jul 12, 2014 589
20 Slain king's bones dug up: Richard III's skeleton reveals fatal wounds. Brief article Dec 28, 2013 296
Fast magma flows fuel eruptions. Brief article Sep 21, 2013 189
Life under ice: Lake Vostok may harbor ingredients for a complex subglacial ecosystem. Sep 7, 2013 2535
Incan teen drank, did drugs. Brief article Aug 24, 2013 150
A simple recipe for coatings: cheap approach may prove useful in foods, medicines. Brief article Aug 10, 2013 300
Genes battle stem rust. Brief article Jul 27, 2013 204
Math targets cities' essence: new formula relates city size to infrastructure, productivity. Jul 13, 2013 1038
Eel's glow could reveal liver ills: fluorescent fish protein binds blood cell breakdown product. Jul 13, 2013 351
Eye chip stimulates blind rats' brains. Brief article Jul 13, 2013 172
Fossil stokes bird-origin feud: specimen may be first avian or just another feathered dino. Brief article Jun 29, 2013 279
Hominid diet trended to grass: tooth chemistry tracks rising reliance on savanna plants. Brief article Jun 29, 2013 260
Brain switch linked to compulsion: in mice, obsessive grooming behavior is flipped on and off. Jun 29, 2013 498
Marriages born online just as stable. Brief article Jun 29, 2013 121
Body clock tied to depression: brain's gene activity reflects off-kilter circadian rhythms. Brief article Jun 15, 2013 277
View to a cell: new optics shatter the diffraction barrier, illuminating life within us. Cover story Jun 15, 2013 2327
Google predicts market moves: Dow drops when searches for certain words increase. Jun 1, 2013 454
Small groups foster interracial ties: larger settings increase segregation, simulation finds. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 246
Mimicking the fly's eye. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 166
Dream contents revealed by MRI: brain patterns of sleeping people echo waking state. May 4, 2013 403
Skull patched with plastic. Brief article Apr 20, 2013 206
What a Facebook 'like' reveals: researchers predict personal traits using social media data. Apr 20, 2013 700
Phone data dial in crime network: program mines mobile calls for incriminating patterns. Apr 20, 2013 361
Blooms' caffeine buzz brings bees: compound improves insects' long-term memory for flowers. Apr 20, 2013 351
Fire ants prefer damp soil. Brief article Apr 20, 2013 187
Lipstick identity revealed. Brief article Mar 23, 2013 210
Bitter and sour taste detectors also say 'too salty'. Brief article Mar 23, 2013 106
Inner ear damage comes clear: two-photon microscopy shows noise-induced hair cell loss. Brief article Mar 9, 2013 269
A notorious king's life and death, revealed by his mortal remains: skeleton of Richard III reflects a violent and chaotic end. Mar 9, 2013 1040
The 3-D printing revolution: dreams made real, one layer at a time. Mar 9, 2013 2777
Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing. Brief article Mar 9, 2013 276
DNA could soon prove practical for long-term data storage: molecule of life approaches cost of current archival media. Feb 23, 2013 1118
Microwave trick simplifies seeing through things: metamaterials plus math equals quick, cheap system. Feb 23, 2013 609
How bizarre: be still my gills. Brief article Feb 9, 2013 122
Repellent slime has material virtues: hagfish excretions exhibit superior strength and flexibility. Brief article Jan 26, 2013 306
What goes wrong when talks fail: nonlinear analysis finds vulnerabilities in negotiations. Jan 12, 2013 479
Winning the arms race with spam. Jan 12, 2013 117
When paid sick leave pays. Jan 12, 2013 104
Plastic seals in speeding bullets: layered polymer melts and mixes when hit by projectiles. Dec 29, 2012 380
Hydrogen fuel edges a bit closer: setup mimics photosynthesis to create clean-burning gas. Brief article Dec 29, 2012 295
Bionic women (and men) get closer to reality: prosthetics and new therapies restore abilities to move, see, walk. Dec 29, 2012 665
Scientists take on Twitter: social media comes into its own as a tool and a subject for study. Dec 29, 2012 409
Finding new ways to spell L-I-F-E: XNA molecules join DNA and RNA in the genetic catalog. Brief article Dec 29, 2012 268
Tiny muscles pull a big punch: coated carbon nanotubes form smart new material. Brief article Dec 15, 2012 322
Blood types have deep roots: ABO system may date back 20 million years or more. Dec 1, 2012 453
Death by magnet for cancer cells: metal nanoparticles trigger internal suicide machinery. Brief article Nov 17, 2012 315
Modern living vastly extends life: widespread human longevity a 20th century phenomenon. Brief article Nov 17, 2012 270
Electronic devices vanish after use: technique makes degradable gadgets that melt away. Nov 3, 2012 447
Facebook prompts people to vote: those whose pals went to polls were more likely to go. Brief article Oct 20, 2012 310
Bees fast to find shortest route: foragers solve traveling salesman problem by trial and error. Oct 20, 2012 350
Social media sway: worries over political misinformation on Twitter attract scientists' attention. Oct 20, 2012 3000
Loyal proteins take on big jobs: cells off-load noncritical work on multitasking enzymes. Oct 6, 2012 511
Bubble-free boiling. Brief article Oct 6, 2012 158
Filter unmixes oil and water: combination of chemistry and gravity could help clean spills. Oct 6, 2012 493
Camera hack can find crime scene: simple infrared technology detects painted-over bloodstains. Sep 22, 2012 517
Lab-on-a-chip gives fast results: nanowire setup may aid in detection of health emergencies. Sep 22, 2012 403
Rabies resistance arises. Brief article Sep 8, 2012 181
The facts behind the frack: scientists weigh in on the hydraulic fracturing debate. Sep 8, 2012 3184
Under the Surface: Fracking, Fortunes and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale. Book review Sep 8, 2012 260
Donor chains help neediest: big networks deliver more organs to the hard-to-match. Aug 25, 2012 354
Fake jellyfish swims for real. Brief article Aug 25, 2012 177
Simulation helps forecast fighting in Afghanistan: WikiLeaks data plus math predict insurgent activity. Aug 11, 2012 880
Back story: putting WikiLeaks on the map. Brief article Aug 11, 2012 163
Evolution makes noise into music: selection process makes annoying tones soothing. Brief article Jul 28, 2012 265
Rome, by ship, carriage or foot: map of ancient empire plots routes in days and denarii. Jul 28, 2012 379
Business wisdom from beet traders: old Russian tax records hold hints for today's entrepreneurs. Jul 28, 2012 361
The electric flour voltage test: just before 'avalanche,' granular materials give off a zap. Jul 14, 2012 380
Youngsters can sniff out elderly: evaluators describe scent as 'earthy' and 'mild'. Jun 30, 2012 359
Bacterial trick keeps robots dancing in sync: broadcasting data allows machines to coordinate. Jun 30, 2012 417
Hurt blocker: the next big pain drug may soothe sensory firestorms without side effects. Jun 30, 2012 2806
How bizarre: toward bionic snails. Brief article Jun 16, 2012 123
For coffee break, woman guides robotic arm with her thoughts; brain-computer link could enable control of prosthetics. Jun 16, 2012 815
Reliance on raw statistics makes city crime rankings misleading: analyses should consider uncertainties, criminologists say. Jun 16, 2012 772
Implants could restore eyesight: tests in rat retinas show feasibility of laser system. Jun 16, 2012 403
Aquatic microbes have bony insides: lake-dwellers build stony lumps in their one-celled bodies. Jun 2, 2012 358
Synthetic genetic molecules can store info, pass it on--and evolve: XNAs might find uses in drugs and studies of life's origins. May 19, 2012 806
Genes matter for truffle aroma: geography not as important to a prized fungus' scent. Brief article May 5, 2012 424
Smoking out clues from gun residue: laser method identifies caliber of weapon without a bullet. Brief article May 5, 2012 317

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