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Egyptologist Dr Wael Sherbiny reconstructs ancient manuscript found in Cairo Museum.


A leather manuscript, rediscovered among rolls of ancient writing at the Cairo Museum in Egypt, has been pieced together by Egyptologist Dr Wael Sherbiny, The Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday.

The manuscript roll is around 2.5 metres long, with text and drawings on both sides. It is said to be over 4,000 years old and contains religious spells as well as colourful depictions of divine and supernatural beings, which reportedly predate those found in the Book of the Dead manuscripts.

Dr Sherbiny found the leather roll in a mix of small and large fragments on the Cairo Museum's shelves and was quoted as saying: "The document was completely forgotten, probably because those who had direct contact with it died during or right after the second world war. Since then, it was stored among hundreds of other manuscripts and ancient papyri in the Cairo Museum."

According to Sherbiny the manuscript was bought by the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology from an antiquities dealer after the first world war, and then donated to the Cairo Museum two years before the outbreak of the second world war.

The Guardian added that Sherbiny is currently preparing the manuscript for publication.

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Date:Sep 18, 2015
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