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Egyptianizing figurines from Delos; a study in Hellenistic religion.


Egyptianizing figurines from Delos; a study in Hellenistic religion.

Barrett, Caitlin E.



731 pages



Columbia studies in the classical tradition; v.36


In this masterful study, Barrett (classics, Cornell U.) engages with a large body of artifacts to formulate a picture of the creation, use, users, and possible meanings of the ubiquitous ceramic figurines excavated on the Greek island of Delos. Barrett argues persuasively for the presence of Egyptian religious ideas, most obviously from the figurines' iconography, but also through textual evidence, with chapters on religious practice and their deities, including the connection of sexual imagery with inundation festivals in Egypt, birth of the solar child, Nubians and the returning goddess, and the argument for syncretic theology in household cults. The excavated material is organized into type of figurine, findspot, and material, with detailed discussion of ceramic production. The volume concludes with appendices containing drawings, color and b&w plates, a catalog of the figurines, bibliography of unpublished field notes, an exhaustive bibliography, and several indexes.

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Title Annotation:Columbia studies in the classical tradition, vol. 36
Publication:Reference & Research Book News
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Date:Dec 1, 2011
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