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The immortal Narmer Palette. Mustafa Marie Jun 23, 2022 242
Fascinating funerary mask of ancient Egyptian man displayed at Cairo International Airport's Terminal 3 Museum. Mustafa Marie Jun 19, 2022 228
Cairo Criminal Court sentences defendants in 'Zamalek Apartment Case' to 5 years in prison, LE2M fine. Egypt Today staff Jun 19, 2022 475
TYGA Drops His Highly Anticipated Pharaoh-Inspired NFT Collection 17 June 2022 (5 pm BST). Jun 17, 2022 515
Queen Hatshepsut's head statue housed in Sharm El-Sheikh Museum. Mustafa Marie Jun 16, 2022 264
Mummified hunting dog rests in Egyptian Museum in Tahrir. Mustafa Marie Jun 15, 2022 570
AmaWaterways Plans to Add Second River Cruise Ship in Egypt. Jun 14, 2022 250
Ancient Egyptians proven the first to take shaving seriously. Mustafa Marie Jun 13, 2022 211
The mysterious tomb of the Valley of the Kings. Mustafa Marie Jun 13, 2022 425
Egyptian Museum in Tahrir houses unique statue of King Khafre. Mustafa Marie Jun 12, 2022 635
The Evolution of Gambling in Africa. Jun 10, 2022 768
Archaeologist seeks to recreate ancient Egypt's 'torsion method' for olive oil production. Mustafa Marie Jun 9, 2022 447
Egypt's Royal Jewelry Museum houses unique elephant masterpiece. Mustafa Marie Jun 7, 2022 453
Meet Seneb, the important dwarf of ancient Egypt. Mustafa Marie Jun 5, 2022 328
Preparations underway to repatriate Egyptian artifacts smuggled to Switzerland: foreign ministry. Egypt Today staff Jun 4, 2022 272
Eugene Grebaut, the French Egyptologist who made countless contributions to archaeological work in Egypt. Mustafa Marie Jun 2, 2022 292
Holy ram with golden mask rests in Egypt's Mummification Museum. Mustafa Marie Jun 2, 2022 227
Hundreds of ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, cat mummies and gold-leafed statues unearthed at necropolis. Jun 1, 2022 382
Hundreds of ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, cat mummies and gold-leafed statues unearthed at necropolis. Jun 1, 2022 375
Meet Masaharti, army general & high priest of Amun in Thebes. Mustafa Marie Jun 1, 2022 249
Egypt unveils first, largest cache of bronze statues in Bubasteion necropolis in Saqqara. May 31, 2022 303
Egypt unveils first, largest cache of bronze statues in Bubasteion necropolis in Saqqara. Daily News Egypt May 31, 2022 302
Egyptian archaeological mission succeeds in unearthing largest bronze statue cache from Late Kingdom in Saqqara. Mustafa Marie May 30, 2022 566
Egyptian mission unearths largest-ever bronze statues cachette in Saqqara. May 30, 2022 284
Egyptian mission unearths largest-ever bronze statues cachette in Saqqara. May 30, 2022 284
Archaeologists Uncover Trove Of Ancient Egyptian Mummies. May 30, 2022 254
Thonis-Heracleion: An ancient Egyptian city that sank under water. Mustafa Marie May 29, 2022 352
Gorgeous paintings of ancient Egyptian goddesses revealed under layers of bird poop. May 25, 2022 416
Rosetta Stone copies: Did Champollion conduct his research on a clone? Mustafa Marie May 25, 2022 559
Gorgeous paintings of ancient Egyptian goddesses revealed under layers of bird poop. May 25, 2022 406
How varied were the treasures found in ancient Egyptian royal tombs? Mustafa Marie May 23, 2022 380
Why did ancient Egyptians sleep on pillows made of stone? Mustafa Marie May 23, 2022 222
Archaeologists uncover tomb of top ancient Egyptian official. Mustafa Marie May 22, 2022 454
Italian website ALMA TV TRAVEL recommends visiting ten unique places in Egypt. Mustafa Marie May 22, 2022 458
Incredible colorful ceiling frescoes discovered in ancient Egyptian temple of Khnum. May 19, 2022 379
Tomb of ancient Egyptian dignitary who read top secret documents discovered. May 17, 2022 484
Why did ancient Egyptian King Pepi II Neferkare order slaves to be covered with honey? Mustafa Marie May 17, 2022 291
UFO experts claims to have spotted Egyptian-style tomb on Mars in new footage; Scott C. Waring, who runs a YouTube channel called UFO Sightings Daily, made a video sharing what he believes is '100% proof that alien life once lived on Mars'. By, Kirsty Card & Lucy Skoulding May 17, 2022 427
Tomb of ancient Egyptian dignitary who read top secret documents discovered. May 17, 2022 475
Study reveals Gebelein man died with a dagger. Mustafa Marie May 16, 2022 784
American singer Amun Starr undergoes photo session with Tutankhamun's belongings. Mustafa Marie May 16, 2022 488
Bizarre giant statues 'could have been guardians over ancient graveyard'; Mysterious giant statues thought to be over 3,000 years old have been discovered at a necropolis in Sardinia and are 'capable of attracting the attention of the whole world'. By, Sara Odeen-Isbister May 16, 2022 831
Oldest diplomatic documents in history: Why did the Pharaohs write the Amarna Letters? Mustafa Marie May 15, 2022 331
Controversy over ancient Egyptian granite sarcophagus carved using laser. Mustafa Marie May 12, 2022 250
Explore the world of essential oils, ointments in Ancient Egypt. Mustafa Marie May 9, 2022 472
The endless secrets of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Mustafa Marie May 8, 2022 400
Mummification Museum in Luxor celebrates its silver jubilee. Mustafa Marie May 8, 2022 271
Ancient Egyptian mummy forgotten in storage turns out to be sacred bird often sacrificed to Thoth. May 6, 2022 416
Ancient Egyptian mummy forgotten in storage turns out to be sacred bird often sacrificed to Thoth. May 6, 2022 430
85 Ancient Tombs Unearthed In Upper Egypt. May 5, 2022 206
American pop rock band Maroon 5 visit Great Pyramids Antiquities Area. Mustafa Marie May 3, 2022 263
Egypt frees 3 as president appears to reach out to critics. May 1, 2022 384
Marshmallow, a Medicine? Schmitt, Donna; Waites, Joan May 1, 2022 332
Architect of Burj Khalifa Adrian Smith visits Great Pyramids of Giza, Great Sphinx. Mustafa Marie Apr 28, 2022 310
Egypt: Ruins of ancient temple for Zeus unearthed in Sinai. Apr 26, 2022 366
Djoser's Step Pyramid - one of iconic monuments of ancient Egypt. Apr 25, 2022 274
Ancient Roman pottery workshop discovered in Egypt. Apr 22, 2022 445
Ancient Roman pottery workshop discovered in Egypt. Apr 22, 2022 438
Mummification Museum in Luxor highlights art of mummification in ancient Egypt. Mustafa Marie Apr 20, 2022 271
PM: State keen on speeding up completion of GEM project. Apr 16, 2022 230
From Egypt to Annan .. Apr 15, 2022 168
Gretchen Dabbs, professor of anthropology at SIU, will discuss the impact of epi. Apr 15, 2022 489
Scarab- an ancient Egyptian beetle, symbol of development, growth and effectiveness. Apr 12, 2022 266
Egypt restores, re-erects obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut at Karnak. Daily News Egypt Apr 11, 2022 292
1st prosthetic limb known to mankind was made in ancient Egypt. Mustafa Marie Apr 11, 2022 201
Guide to choosing the right irrigation system. Apr 9, 2022 1050
Guide to choosing the right irrigation system. Apr 8, 2022 1050
Cleopatra VII, the woman who led armies. Mustafa Marie Apr 7, 2022 772
Dad creates life-size sarcophagus to help son with school project on ancient Egypt; Richard Briggs's son Alexander studied the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun. His dad then Richard crafted a replica out of foamboard, polystyrene and papier-mache -- all for £250. By, Stephen White Apr 6, 2022 385
Analytical chemists, archaeologists aim to recreate scents in ancient Egyptian tombs. Mustafa Marie Apr 5, 2022 296
Sisi urges finishing preparations of Grand Egyptian Museum to reflect uniqueness of ancient civilization. Egypt Today staff Apr 2, 2022 238
10K feddans allocated to New Jerja, haven for Wahati crafts to be established. Egypt Today staff Mar 30, 2022 153
African sun embraces Egyptian Aten: COP27 unveils logo. Mar 29, 2022 189
Five ancient tombs discovered in Egypt -and they're at least 4,000 years old; The well-preserved tombs, thought to be at least 4,000 years old, were unearthed in Saqqara, outside Cairo and belong to some of the era's top officials, including court advisers and priests. By, Sam Truelove Mar 23, 2022 430
Ryan, Donald 24 Hours in Ancient Egypt. Axford, Martin Mar 22, 2022 200
Customs: History, Collection And Litigation. Mar 22, 2022 1103
5 ancient tombs discovered in Egypt's Saqqara. Nehal Samir Mar 19, 2022 297
Egypt unveils five ancient tombs in Saqqara necropolis. Mar 19, 2022 328
5 ancient tombs discovered in Egypt's Saqqara. Mar 19, 2022 287
Egypt Displays Recently Discovered Ancient Tombs in Saqqara. Mar 19, 2022 343
Ancient administrative center discovered in Egypt`s Kom Ombo. Mar 16, 2022 276
Ancient administrative center discovered in Egypt`s Kom Ombo. Mar 16, 2022 273
5 ancient Egyptian queens who shape history. Angy Essam Mar 15, 2022 602
Demi Lovato criticized for buying 'fake' Egyptian artifacts. Arab News Mar 11, 2022 379
Archeologists discover world's 'first city' in old spy satellite images; Excited anthropologist Dr Jesse Casana feels the breakthrough could unlock some important secrets about Tell Brak, which he claims is around 4,000 years older than the Ancient Egyptian pyramids. By, Charlie Pittock & Sam Elliott-Gibbs Mar 9, 2022 667
Archaeologist reveals the roots of mummification in ancient Egypt. Mustafa Marie Mar 8, 2022 519
Fun facts about ancient Egyptians. Mustafa Marie Mar 6, 2022 355
The hidden River Thames island you've probably never heard of that has a surprising connection to ancient Egypt; A little-known island along the River Thames is called Pharaoh's Island. By, Martin Elvery Mar 6, 2022 599
Solar date stones; Stonehenge calendar use is uncovered. martin bagot Health & Science Editor Mar 2, 2022 253
Stonehenge design inspired by Ancient Egypt, research suggests. Arab News Mar 2, 2022 426
Egyptian-Austrian mission discovers ancient administrative centre in Aswan. Nehal Samir Mar 2, 2022 279
Mystery of Tutankhamun's technologically advanced dagger solved, claim experts; King Tutankhamun's dagger has baffled experts since it was discovered in 1925 as records show the Ancient Egyptians didn't use iron until many years later -but scientists believe the metal may have came from space. By, Kirsty Card & John Bett Feb 28, 2022 448
Mystery of Tutankhamun's meteorite 'space dagger' finally solved. Feb 25, 2022 323
Why were catfish often depicted in ancient Egyptian art? Mustafa Marie Feb 24, 2022 492
Egypt's Great Sphinx: The oldest known monumental sculpture in Egypt, the world. Mustafa Marie Feb 23, 2022 381
6K foreign tourists visited Abu Simbel Temple to attend Sun alignment on King Ramses II. Egypt Today staff Feb 22, 2022 264
The sun shines on face of colossal statue of King Ramses II at Grand Egyptian Museum every year on February 21. Egypt Today staff Feb 21, 2022 211
Japanese researchers shed light on King Tut's dagger. Feb 19, 2022 163
A Royal Passage Revisited. Angy Essam Feb 18, 2022 668
Photos: Sarkozy enjoys warm weather, ancient Egyptian civilization in family vacation in Luxor. Egypt Today staff Feb 17, 2022 307
Thebes, ancient Egypt's most important city. Mustafa Marie Feb 16, 2022 382
Hathor: All you need to know about the goddess of love in Ancient Egypt. Nehal Samir Feb 15, 2022 212
Egypt to organise major tourist events in 2022. Bassant Mohammed Feb 15, 2022 836
"Two Hundred Years Since the Deciphering of the Rosetta Stone" lecture to be held in Alexandria on Feb. 23. Egypt Today staff Feb 15, 2022 376
Hathor: All you need to know about the goddess of love in Ancient Egypt. Feb 15, 2022 202
Valentine's Day: Egypt's museums showcase ancient Egyptian concept of love. Nehal Samir Feb 14, 2022 453
Largest collection of ancient Egyptian 'notebooks' discovered. Mustafa Marie Feb 8, 2022 230
How did ancient Egyptians use the units of measurement? Mustafa Marie Feb 8, 2022 312
Ancient Egyptian goddess of justice Maat explains principles of life at 53rd Cairo International Book Fair. Egypt Today staff Feb 2, 2022 361
Planar Vessels. Davis, Kenturah Feb 1, 2022 700
Sotheby's attempts to sell ancient Egyptian statue for $3-5M; is it legal? Mustafa Marie Jan 27, 2022 443
Acquaint yourself with the origins, development of Egyptian writing through the ages. Mustafa Marie Jan 27, 2022 418
Ancient Egyptian temple to be restored by S. Korea. Jan 23, 2022 305
Luxor's Valley of the Kings: The final resting place for the kings of the 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasties. Mustafa Marie Jan 18, 2022 408
Medicine in ancient Egypt: How did the pharaohs treat wounds and broken bones? Mustafa Marie Jan 12, 2022 350
Beni Hassan Necropolis in El-Minya: A testimony to the architectural skills of the ancient Egyptians. Mustafa Marie Jan 12, 2022 310
Egypt unearths headquarters of mining expedition leader in Sinai during Middle Kingdom. Daily News Egypt Jan 12, 2022 353
Ancient Egypt's Middle Kingdom: An era when the ancient Egyptian language & literature flourished. Mustafa Marie Jan 4, 2022 473
History of dreams: Their interpretations & power in the ancient world. Mustafa Marie Jan 3, 2022 194
Egyptologists digitally 'unwrap' mummy of king Amenhotep I. Daily News Egypt Dec 30, 2021 343
'Differently Abled' workshop to be held in Luxor Temple on Dec. 30. Egypt Today staff Dec 30, 2021 174
Foreign site sheds light on a study that reveals the secrets of Amenhotep I. Egypt Today staff Dec 30, 2021 231
How did the ancient Egyptians celebrate the New Year? Mustafa Marie Dec 29, 2021 212
Egyptian pharaoh's mummy digitally unwrapped. Dec 28, 2021 168
Today's Crossword: From eagle talons to cockroaches, animals have an ancient link to jewellery We learn that scarab shaped jewels were worn in battle, and bees were symbols of loyalty Published: December 26, 2021 07:30 Sanya Nayeem, Games Editor Ancient E. Dec 26, 2021 799
Luxor celebrates sun alignment at Karnak temple. Angy Essam Dec 21, 2021 294
Al-Sennari Archaeological House to hold 'Refa'a al-Tahtawy & the Exploration of Ancient Egypt' symposium on Dec. 21. Egypt Today staff Dec 19, 2021 155
Luxor's 'Lost Golden City' named best archaeological discovery in 2021. Daily News Egypt Dec 16, 2021 357
Inventions of ancient Egyptians never seize to dazzle. Mustafa Marie Dec 13, 2021 271
British study: Ancient Egyptians used barley drinks different from those used nowadays. Mustafa Marie Dec 8, 2021 305
Registered as a World Heritage Site: What does the site of Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt, contain? Mustafa Marie Dec 2, 2021 355
Recent study: Women in ancient Egypt were adept at interpreting dreams. Mustafa Marie Dec 2, 2021 245
NARCISSUS IN BLACK, BROWN AND WHITE. Kholeif, Omar Critical essay Dec 1, 2021 2272
Egyptian Armed Forces discloses locally-produced drone 'Nut'. Noha El Tawil Nov 29, 2021 304
MRI Visualization and Distribution Patterns of Foreign Modeling Agents: A Brief Pictorial Review for Clinicians. Gonzalez-Hermosillo, Leslie-Marisol; Ramos-Pacheco, Victor-Hugo; Gonzalez-Hermosillo, Daisy-Carolina Nov 29, 2021 5712
Egypt reopens ancient Avenue of Sphinxes with Luxor parade directed by Ahmad Al Morsy. Staff Reporter Nov 26, 2021 551
Egypt reopens Avenue of Sphinxes in celebration like no other. Nehal Samir Nov 26, 2021 617
Count-down for spectacular "Luxor -- The Sphinx Avenue" grand ceremony begins. Egypt Today staff Nov 25, 2021 550
Acquaint yourself with history of excavations in Al-Kebbash Road. Mustafa Marie Nov 25, 2021 1232
Few hours before Sphinxes Avenue event, all what you need to know about Opet Festival. Egypt Today staff Nov 25, 2021 638
Nader Abbassi reveals details of Sphinxes Avenue celebration's songs. Egypt Today staff Nov 25, 2021 539
Expert reveals secrets of Luxor's Rams Road, Opet Festival. Mustafa Marie Nov 23, 2021 678
Recent study reveals ancient Egyptians worked in teams to carve inscriptions on walls of temples. Mustafa Marie Nov 18, 2021 389
Grand Egyptian Museum receives 68 ancient artifacts. Mustafa Marie Nov 15, 2021 384
Bread: types of Egyptians' indispensable food. Noha El Tawil Nov 11, 2021 317
Opinion| Message of international peace from Egypt 3300 years ago. Noke Masaki Nov 4, 2021 1236
Al-Kebbash Road renovation: The largest world project. Mustafa Marie Nov 4, 2021 374
All you need to know about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. Mustafa Marie Nov 4, 2021 444
Egypt unearths tomb of King Ramses II-era chief treasurer in Saqqara. Daily News Egypt Oct 31, 2021 420
Fun facts about Aswan's Abu Simbel Temple. Egypt Today staff Oct 31, 2021 413
Al-Sisi directs government to utilise Road of Rams reopening celebration to promote Egypt's ancient civilisation. Daily News Egypt Oct 30, 2021 397
UAE Tolerance, Coexistence Minister: Egypt's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai reflects its history, ancient civilization. Egypt Today staff Oct 30, 2021 436
Black felines have long, sometimes troubling history. Oct 24, 2021 557
TURNING ON THE SHARM; Edited by email twitter @MirrorTravel @TRAVELEDNIGEL @marjorieyue @JaneMemmler @LissamanVicky online NIGEL THOMPSON TRAVEL Egypt is more than just ancient history and the pyramids - Rachel O'Donoghue dives into sunsoaked Sharm El Sheikh DIVE INTO EGYPT'S PAST. Oct 9, 2021 1277
'Fashion in Ancient Egypt' free workshop to be held in Al-Sennari House on October 6. Egypt Today staff Oct 5, 2021 226
Culturama on Egypt's ancient, modern history to be held throughout October in celebration of October Victories. Egypt Today staff Oct 4, 2021 305
Egypt recovers two antiquities from Belgium. Sami Hegazi Oct 3, 2021 220
Egypt recovers two ancient statues from Belgium. Mohammed Abu Zaid Oct 3, 2021 288
Egypt opens two ancient pyramids. Oct 1, 2021 234
Egypt uncovers ancient burial site of 50 mummies. Oct 1, 2021 220
Suicide bomb attack at Karnak Temple. Reprint Oct 1, 2021 192
Tutankhamun vandalism. Oct 1, 2021 545
Luxor Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art to launch new cultural program in October 2021. Egypt Today staff Sep 28, 2021 172
AUC press releases Life Histories of Theban Tombs book. Egypt Today staff Sep 28, 2021 237
Recently discovered pharaonic coffin arrives at Expo Dubai 2020. Arab News Sep 24, 2021 190
Coffin of Psamtik arrives to Egyptian pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai. Egypt Today staff Sep 23, 2021 187
Talking about corruption. Sep 20, 2021 616
Egypt discovers ancient tools used in religious rituals in Kafr El-Sheikh. Shaimaa Raafat Sep 20, 2021 401
Egypt uncovers religious ritual tools at Temple of Pharaohs in Kafr El-Sheikh. Angy Essam Sep 19, 2021 281
Egypt's tomb of King Djoser reopens after 15-year closure. Mohammed Abu Zaid Sep 14, 2021 268
Trade Minister reviews final preparations for Egypt's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai. Daily News Egypt Sep 14, 2021 539
Egypt unveils ancient tomb structure belonging to King Djose. Sep 14, 2021 346
Things you will only see in the Grand Egyptian Museum. Mustafa Marie Sep 13, 2021 369
"What My Grandmothers Taught Me" LESSON 2: TAMAR. Banbury, Rosalind Essay Sep 13, 2021 813
ON THIS DAY. Sep 12, 2021 153
Egyptians celebrate new Egyptian year on September 11. Mustafa Marie Sep 12, 2021 408
How did Champollion decipher the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone? Mustafa Marie Sep 5, 2021 350
Spanish artist Alberto Reguera to participate in 'Cairo International Art District' project on Sept. 15. Egypt Today Sep 2, 2021 160
Khufu Ship: Egypt's 4,600-year-old vessel makes one last journey. Daily News Egypt Aug 24, 2021 477
Al-Sennari House to host 'Professions & Crafts in Ancient Egypt' workshop on Aug. 25. Egypt Today Aug 24, 2021 191
Crocodile Tears': Do crocodiles really cry? Mustafa Marie Aug 23, 2021 263
History of Karnak Temple and Road of Rams. Nehal Samir Aug 21, 2021 718
Stargazing program in Elgin Saturday. Daily Herald report Aug 20, 2021 177
Acquaint yourself with Luxor's Al-Kebbash Road. Mustafa Marie Aug 17, 2021 339
Lead poison makes lipstick kiss of death. Aug 17, 2021 492
Al-Sennari House to hold 'Egypt Heritage & Civilization' culturama on August 9 - 24. Egypt Today Aug 15, 2021 264
Katy Perry releases shoe collection inspired by Egypt. Arab News Aug 12, 2021 232
Al-Kebbash Road renovation: The largest world project. Mustafa Marie Aug 10, 2021 426
Ancient Egyptians led the way in tackling pain. Dr Anya Heywood Aug 9, 2021 430
Photos: The huge ancient Egyptian boat used by the pharaohs. Aug 9, 2021 227
A Thing of Beauty ... GULNAZ NAWAZ Aug 6, 2021 902
Past in Perspective. Aug 5, 2021 160
Egypt's Architecture House to discuss "New Hermopolis Project" on Aug. 3. Egypt Today Aug 3, 2021 155
Egypt's Architecture House to discuss "New Hermopolis Project' on Aug. 3. Egypt Today Aug 3, 2021 152
Queen Nefertari to be printed on Egypt's new L.E 20 bank note. Mustafa Marie Aug 3, 2021 370
Foreign site sheds light on hieroglyphics: Used until 4th century AD. Mustafa Marie Jul 28, 2021 263
Memory of the day: Egypt retrieves Queen Nefertari's head statue in 2001. Mustafa Marie Jul 28, 2021 262
Stolen statue of ancient Egyptian priest recovered from the Netherlands. Mohammed Abu Zaid Jul 28, 2021 230
July 19 marks discovery of Egypt's Rosetta Stone. Mustafa Marie Jul 19, 2021 341
July 19 marks discovery of Egypt's Rosetta Stone 222 years ago. Mustafa Marie Jul 19, 2021 341
Egypt's 1st international festival for women's theatre named Isis. Bassant Mohammed Jul 18, 2021 306
IFAO involved in 35 archaeological missions across Egypt. Shaimaa Al-Aees Interview Jul 14, 2021 1550
Egypt's Bibliotheca Alexandrina to hold cultural panorama shows at Al-Sennari House on July 15, 27. Egypt Today Jul 13, 2021 196
Video imagining the face of Queen Tiye goes viral on social media. Angy Essam Jul 10, 2021 355
Japan to provide $3m grant for final conservation of Ancient Egypt's 2nd Khufu boat. Nehal Samir Jul 7, 2021 519
Egypt's ancient Mit-Rahina [Memphis] city developed during tenure of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi with total cost of L.E 26 M. Mustafa Marie Jul 7, 2021 297
Egypt, South Korea cultural exchange essential for developing common aspirations: Korean Ambassador. Nehal Samir Jul 7, 2021 343
203 antique coins seized at Cairo International Airport. Mustafa Marie Jun 30, 2021 220
8 new mosques to inaugurated Friday after renovation works finalized. Egypt Today staff Jun 29, 2021 217
Egyptian embassy in London restores 3 ancient artifacts. MENA Jun 25, 2021 154
Egypt recovers 114 artefacts smuggled to France. Daily News Egypt Jun 24, 2021 252
International Day of Yoga: 10 facts about the most ancient meditation practice. Daily News Egypt Jun 22, 2021 1303
Who is King Apries of ancient Egypt? Mustafa Marie Jun 6, 2021 292
2nd Nasser Fellowship cohort visits Giza, Saqqara Pyramids. Daily News Egypt Jun 5, 2021 535
Eye Symbolism and Dualism in the Ancient Near East: Mesopotamia, Egypt and Israel/Eski Yakindogu'da Goz Sembolizmi ve Dualizm: Mezopotamya, Misir ve Israil. Dilek, Yesim Jun 1, 2021 13054
Stolen treasure is dug up by hunter on his first foray; Loot had been buried four years earlier after house break-in. DOMINIC ROBERTSON May 21, 2021 382
Ancient-origins sheds light on discovery of 250 graves carved into the rocks in Sohag, Egypt. Mustafa Marie May 20, 2021 272
Will museums recover from COVID-19 repercussions? Mustafa Marie May 19, 2021 328
Foreign website sheds light on role of art in ancient Egyptians' life. Mustafa Marie May 18, 2021 225
Egyptian pavilion in Arabian Travel Market [ATM 2021]: Promotional gateway to Egypt. Egypt Today staff May 17, 2021 244
Egypt discovers several ancient tombs in Sohag's Al-Hamdiya necropolis. Nehal Samir May 13, 2021 461
Coloring eggs, eating fesikh: how Egyptians celebrate Sham El-Nessim? Egypt Today staff May 3, 2021 428
Egypt celebrates one of world's oldest folk festivals. Bassant Mohammed May 3, 2021 463
Egypt unearth 110 ancient tombs, some have human remains. Apr 28, 2021 228
Egypt discovers 110 ancient tombs in Kom Al-Khaljan area of Daqahleya. Nihal Samir Apr 28, 2021 453
Egypt's Center of Documentation &Studies on Ancient Egypt celebrates its 65th anniversary. Egypt Today staff Apr 27, 2021 939
110 tombs spanning back to 3 different ancient Egyptian eras discovered in Egypt's Dakahlia. Mustafa Marie Apr 27, 2021 485
Royal Mummies in Egypt's NMEC will enjoy regular maintenance works. Mustafa Marie Apr 20, 2021 302
Royal Mummies in Egypt's NMEC to enjoy regular maintenance. Mustafa Marie Apr 20, 2021 270
Why were cats so prized in ancient Egypt? Mustafa Marie Apr 19, 2021 252
On World Heritage Day: Royal Mummies Hall of NMEC officially receives visitors. Mustafa Marie Apr 18, 2021 343
Claims that Ancient Egyptians were African untrue: Zahi Hawass. Nihal Samir Apr 14, 2021 257
Egyptian farmers fearful as Ethiopia goes for 2nd Blue Nile dam filling. Mohammed El-Said Apr 14, 2021 1493
BA's Museum of Antiquities organizes 'Draw & Search' competition. Egypt Today staff Apr 14, 2021 175
BA organizes hieroglyphics training courses for teachers of Egypt's primary schools. Egypt Today staff Apr 12, 2021 226
Bibliotheca Alexandrina launches hieroglyphics programme for primary school teachers. Daily News Egypt Apr 11, 2021 325
Archaeologists discover 3,000-year-old Egyptian city, left 'as if it were yesterday'. Apr 11, 2021 475
Ancient Egyptian queens will hold court at the Canadian Museum of History from May19-August 29. Angy Essam Apr 10, 2021 397
Curses! An Ancient Egyptian lies under McDonald's; The mummies. Apr 9, 2021 393
Tomb raider sparks interest in collection; from october 24, 2016... Apr 9, 2021 295
Sex shock as the wraps come off! Apr 9, 2021 224
The mummies s return; Curses! An Ancient Egyptian lies under McDonald's. Apr 9, 2021 400
3,000-year-old 'lost golden city' unearthed in Egypt. Sudarsan Raghavan The Washington Post Apr 9, 2021 773
'Lost Golden City' Found In Egypt Reveals Lives Of Ancient Pharaohs. Apr 9, 2021 424
A golden rebirth. F.S. Aijazuddin Apr 8, 2021 795
Thai Ambassador to Egypt: Thai people are captivated by Ancient Egypt. Egypt Today staff Apr 8, 2021 161
Law of National Library & Archives' Authority prohibits transferring of historical documents outside Egypt. Mustafa Marie Apr 8, 2021 431
Egyptian archaeological mission discovers 'Lost Golden City' in Luxor. Nihal Samir Apr 8, 2021 1057
Egypt's Bibliotheca Alexandrina launches program to teach hieroglyphics for primary school teachers. Egypt Today staff Apr 7, 2021 220
World star Morgan Freeman sheds light on ancient Egypt on official Twitter account. Egypt Today staff Apr 7, 2021 173
Egypt plans 2nd unique parade to transfer king Tutankhamun to Grand Egyptian Museum. Mustafa Marie Apr 7, 2021 302
English translation of ancient Egyptian song at the Golden Parade. Hanan Fayed Apr 6, 2021 240
English translation of the Hieroglyphic song at the Golden Parade of ancient Egyptian mummies. Egypt Today staff Apr 6, 2021 236
Egyptian hieroglyphs: A language or type of font? Mustafa Marie Apr 6, 2021 397
Royal Parade reminds people of MENA of their ancient heritage, showcasing Egypt's cultural impact on region. Hanan Fayed Apr 6, 2021 417
The must-see attractions in Luxor, Egypt. Apr 6, 2021 1027
Egyptian women steal mummies show in Cairo. SALMA AHMED Apr 5, 2021 335
Pharaohs' Golden Parade: 4 queens dazzling the world with their beauty and leadership. Walaa Ali Apr 4, 2021 1141
Majestic Cairo parade as Egyptian mummies move museum. Reuters News Service Apr 3, 2021 321
Egypt's First Lady: I feel proud to belong to Egypt's great civilization. Egypt Today staff Apr 3, 2021 668
Egypt dazzles world with Royal Mummies Parade. Nihal Samir Apr 3, 2021 753
Egypt gears up for pharaohs;apos; ;aposolden Parade;apos;. Apr 3, 2021 693
Majestic Cairo parade as Egyptian mummies move museum. Apr 3, 2021 310
Egypt's King Ramses IX mummy to be transferred in Pharaohs' Golden Parade. Egypt Today staff Apr 2, 2021 655
March of the Mummies: Egypt readies for Pharaohs' Parade. Apr 1, 2021 793
Egypt to move royal mummies to new museum in 'Golden Parade'. Arab News Mar 29, 2021 219
Egypt plans big parade to relocate royal mummies. Mar 29, 2021 302
Egypt's Thutmose IV mummy will be among the 22 royal mummies transferred in the Pharahos' Golden Parade. Egypt Today staff Mar 26, 2021 151
Mummy of Queen Hatshepsut will be among 22 royal mummies transferred in grand parade. Egypt Today staff Mar 24, 2021 159
Glimpse of Ancient Egypt's famed rulers to feature soon at Museum of Egyptian Civilization. Daily News Egypt Mar 23, 2021 361
Egypt's highly anticipated royal mummies parade set for 3 April. Nihal Samir Mar 23, 2021 791
Three from YouTube. Khalil, Beth Mar 22, 2021 529
Hungry professors' delegation arrives in Mohenjo Daro to find similarity in civilisations. Mar 21, 2021 190
Opinion| Farewell to the past and welcome the future. Liao Liqiang Mar 20, 2021 850
Ancient Christian ruins discovered in Egypt. Mar 17, 2021 409
Stonehenge vs. Egypt's Pyramids: Which Ancient Wonder is Older? Mar 15, 2021 471
'A Pure Heart' masterfully connects lives and cultures through mystery. MANAL SHAKIR Mar 15, 2021 378
Egypt's Queen Meritamem statue: A masterpiece in Hurghada Museum. Egypt Today staff Mar 15, 2021 303
'Abandoned' Burial Chamber Helps Gain Insight Into Egyptian Pyramid Builders' Minds, Media Says. Mar 14, 2021 314
CNN publishes two reports showcasing two archaeological sites in Egypt. Egypt Today staff Mar 12, 2021 414
Egypt retrieves stolen Ancient Egyptian Bastet statue from Canada. Sami Hegazi Mar 11, 2021 493
Recent study on crocodile mummies reveals how ancient Egyptians revered them. Mustafa Marie Mar 10, 2021 477
Recent study: Oldest pet cemetery is located in Egypt. Mustafa Marie Mar 9, 2021 262
On International Women's Day: Acquaint yourself with women who ruled Egypt. Mustafa Marie Mar 8, 2021 1026
On International Women's Day: Familiarize yourself with women who ruled Egypt. Mustafa Marie Mar 8, 2021 1044
Learn about latest excavation, restoration work at Temples of Karnak. Mustafa Marie Mar 7, 2021 587
Discover the beauty of Siwa in Egypt. Mar 7, 2021 803
Following pioneer Nora's steps to Ancient Egypt. NEIL DRYSDALE Mar 6, 2021 725
How One of Ancient Egypt's Most Lovey-Dovey Pairs Looked - Artist Tries to Find Out Using AI. Mar 5, 2021 247
Egypt celebrates National Day of Qena on March 3. Egypt Today staff Mar 3, 2021 244
Greek Letters - the "Original" Alphabeta. Gough, John Mar 1, 2021 750
What are Egyptians' most preferable winter meals since Pharaonic times and until now? Walaa Ali Feb 21, 2021 356
Ancient Egypt Was at Centre of Stunning Discovery of Christian 'Treasure Trove', Archaeologist Says. Feb 20, 2021 464
The British Telegraph: King Tutankhamun's mask a must-see tourist icon. Angy Essam Feb 19, 2021 754
LE 400M spent on restoring Egypt's ancient mosques last 5 yrs: Endowment Ministry. Egypt Today staff Feb 15, 2021 195
Ancient mass production brewery uncovered in Egypt. Reuters News Service Feb 14, 2021 174
Ancient mass production brewery uncovered in Egypt. Feb 14, 2021 157

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