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Egyptian Hip Hop; Quick One With.


Manchester band Egyptian Hip Hop formed in 2008 and quickly caught the eye before releasing their first album Good Don't Sleep late last year. We caught up with frontman Alex Hewett to get the lowdown ahead of their debut Irish gig.

THERE WAS A LOT OF BUZZ ABOUT YOU EARLY ON, DOES IT FEEL GOOD TO FINALLY HAVE YOUR ALBUM OUT? It's really relieving and it feels like an accomplishment to finally have something out there.

HAS THE BAND CHANGED MUCH SINCE THAT EARLY HYPE? I think it's changed a lot. It's always changing, that's the thing - even since our album, now it's quite different.

We're always finding out that everything is different.

THERE'S A GREAT TRADITION OF FORWARD-THINKING MANCHESTER GROUPS. DO YOU FEEL PRESSURE TO LIVE UP TO THAT? There's not really any pressure. I don't think any of us feel any duty to fulfil the city's reputation or anything.

After all it's not like a set of rules or a code of honour or anything.

I think we feel more pressure from the current bands that are out, what they're doing. Our friends and peers are probably more of an influencing force than past stuff.

WHAT ARE YOU GUYS LISTENING TO AT THE MOMENT? I'm not really sure what everyone else is listening to. Recently I've just been listening to my friends' music, things that they send me.

I have been listening to a lot of Todd Rundgren actually. I've been enjoying his stuff a lot, he's pretty incredible.

WHO ARE EGYPTIAN HIP HOP'S MAIN INFLUENCES? Our main influences for the album were probably people like One Entrance By Another, the band Japan, Yellow Magic Orchestra, King Crimson, a bunch of things really. Brian Eno and Talking Heads too.

ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO PLAYING OVER HERE? We're pretty excited to go to Ireland because we've never played there and it's been a really long time since I've been there. I'm not sure if everyone else has visited before either so it should be a new experience in a few different ways for us.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVOURITE ROCK STAR MOMENT SO FAR? I did a little bit of modelling for this thing at the Paris Fashion Week. I had someone giving me a manicure while someone else was doing my hair, I thought it was pretty funny.

Egyptian Hip Hop play Dublin's Grand Social next Thursday. Tickets [euro]14.20, doors 7.30pm.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 22, 2013
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