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Commenting on the public uprising against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, columnist Ali Hamadeh called for the winds of change to sweep all the Arab world. "The main demand raised in the Egyptian street is change. Perhaps the change demand is a comprehensive Arab demand from the Gulf to the Ocean. There is no difference here between this (Arab country) or that, or between rejectionist and moderate (countries). Change is an Arab need so that the people everywhere can have a voice to be heard and a decision to be followed," Hamadeh said in his column in AN NAHAR newspaper on Monday.

"The choice in Egypt was not between Mubarak and (the late Egyptian President Gamal) Abdul Nasser, but between Mubarak on the one hand, and freedoms, democracy, transparency, wise rule and accountability on the other," he said. "The choice was never between a rule of the ruling National Party or a similar rule of the Baath Party in Syria," he added.

Referring to the talks held Sunday between Egyptian opposition groups and Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman to resolve the political crisis, Hamadeh said, "What is important is for the regime in Egypt to honor its reform commitments in a serious and urgent manner under the protection of the military establishment ... Unless the transitional regime honors the commitments, the streets will be the arbiter. What is required now is for the winds of change to sweep the entire Arab world."
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Publication:The Daily Middle East Reporter (Beirut, Lebanon)
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Date:Feb 7, 2011
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