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Egypt looks forward to reaching balanced, legally binding agreement on Ethiopia's Dam: Al-Sisi. Daily News Egypt Oct 24, 2021 388
Negotiations on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam almost 'stalled': Egypt's Irrigation Minister. Egypt Today staff Oct 11, 2021 486
Egypt won't tolerate water crisis as Ethiopia Dam talks 'almost frozen': Irrigation Minister. Sami Hegazi Oct 11, 2021 171
Irrigation minister follows up structural condition of water facilities in Egypt. Egypt Today staff Aug 10, 2021 216
Egypt studies Nile flood scenarios as water level in High Dam lake expected to rise in August: minister. Egypt Today staff Jul 28, 2021 253
Egypt envoy to UN lauds move to refer Renaissance Dam file to Security Council. Egypt Today staff Jul 12, 2021 524
Egypt's Foreign Minister heads to New York for scheduled UN meeting on Ethiopian dam. Daily News Egypt Jul 4, 2021 160
Second Filling of GERD Won't Impact Egyptian Interests: Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry. May 19, 2021 256
Memory of the day: Celebrations held for completing 1st phase of Egypt's High Dam in 1964. Mustafa Marie May 16, 2021 533
Egypt's foreign affairs minister embarks on African tour to deliver updates of Renaissance Dam negotiations. Egypt Today staff Apr 18, 2021 171
Egypt's PM: King Abdullah affirmed Jordan's full support for Egypt regarding Grand Renaissance Dam issue. Egypt Today staff Mar 23, 2021 468
Egypt's FM Shoukry says Renaissance Dam agreement should be reached before 2nd filling. Mar 10, 2021 392
Uganda seeks to hold quartet meeting on GERD. Egypt Today staff Mar 4, 2021 679
Egyptian president, Sudanese FM discuss disputed Nile dam. Mar 3, 2021 249
Egypt, Sudan discuss Ethiopian dam during visit by Sudanese FM to Cairo. Arab News Mar 2, 2021 199
Egypt, Sudan reiterate call for legally binding agreement on Ethiopia dam. Mohammed El-Said Mar 2, 2021 409
Shoukry, AU official discuss developments in Ethiopia dam talks. Daily News Egypt Feb 25, 2021 294
Egypt discusses Ethiopia Dam developments with Arab, European ambassadors. Sami Hegazi Feb 25, 2021 220
Egypt: Efficiency of GERD 30%, Ethiopia seeks to fill dam reservoir with13.5 billion cubic meters in July. Egypt Today staff Feb 25, 2021 513
US Restoration of Foreign Aid to Ethiopia Signals New Course. Feb 25, 2021 916
Saudi Arabia to hold summit on Ethiopian Dam crisis. Egypt Today staff Feb 18, 2021 387
Sudan warns of Ethiopian dam filling without 'legal binding agreement'. Egypt Today staff Feb 17, 2021 467
Egyptian minister: Renaissance Dam negotiations did not reach desired results. Mohammed Abu Zaid Feb 15, 2021 499
Egypt, Finland, Burkino Faso discuss Nile Dam developments, joint relations. Daily News Egypt Feb 14, 2021 366
Reaching a legal binding agreement on GERD before 2nd round of dam filling is a must: Egypt's FM. Egypt Today staff Feb 14, 2021 242
Egypt understands Ethiopia's electricity interests, but they must respect ours too: Shoukry. Sami Hegazi Feb 13, 2021 697
Egypt has many scenarios regarding GERD file: FM. Egypt Today staff Feb 13, 2021 667
Egypt should not trust Ethiopia, international community to intervene: Ex-minister. Mohammed El-Said Feb 7, 2021 656
Egypt's Sisi reassures citizens about Ethiopian Dam, vaccination strategy. Egypt Today staff Feb 6, 2021 428
Sisi, Ramaphosa discuss Renaissance Dam developments, negotiations. Egypt Today staff Feb 3, 2021 303
Egypt: Ethiopia has delayed reaching agreement on the GERD. Mohammed Abu Zaid Jan 25, 2021 493
Ethiopia is intransigent in Blue Nile dam talks: Egypt's Irrigation Minister. Daily News Egypt Jan 24, 2021 309
Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan hold talks on Nile Dam. Jan 21, 2021 319
Sudanese PM: Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam threatens safety of 20M Sudanese. Walaa Ali Jan 19, 2021 461
Egyptian amb. in Washington: There is a need for cooperation between Cairo, Biden's administration on GERD file. Egypt Today staff Jan 16, 2021 452
High-profile Sudanese delegation visits Egypt Jan. 14. Egypt Today staff Jan 14, 2021 567
Aswan High Dam: Nasser's dream, Nubian nightmare. Jan 13, 2021 627
Egypt says no progress in Renaissance Dam negotiations. Mohammed Abu Zaid Jan 12, 2021 506
Egypt says GERD talks failed due to disagreements over how to resume negotiations. Egypt Today staff Jan 11, 2021 500
Ethiopia to establish new dam in Amhara region. Daily News Egypt Jan 11, 2021 264
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia to meet Sunday to discuss future steps in GERD talks. Sarah El-Sheikh Jan 10, 2021 577
Nile dam row: Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan fail to reach consensus on negotiation mechanism. Mohammed El-Said Jan 10, 2021 396
Renaissance Dam talks resume after Sudanese blockage. Mohammed Abu Zaid Jan 10, 2021 480
GERD FILE: Differences between Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan over future water development projects on Abbay Basin. Egypt Today staff Jan 7, 2021 644
Future of GERD talks blurry as Sudan stands firm. Dr. Abdellatif El-Menawy Jan 6, 2021 1172
Egypt urges GERD agreement ahead of reservoir filling. Mohammed Abu Zaid Jan 5, 2021 611
Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia agree to hold further Nile dam negotiations. Jan 5, 2021 448
Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia agree to more Nile dam talks. Jan 4, 2021 615
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia Agree To Hold More Talks On Nile Dam: Egyptian Foreign Ministry. Jan 4, 2021 280
Technical experts from Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia resume GERD negotiations, Monday. Egypt Today staff Jan 4, 2021 843
Sudan boycotts new round of Ethiopian Dam talks, calls for greater role to AU experts. Daily News Egypt Jan 4, 2021 286
Egypt, Ethiopia terminate tripartite meeting on GERD due to absence of Sudan. Egypt Today staff Jan 4, 2021 756
Ethiopian Dam talks expected to resume on Sunday amid diplomatic tensions. Daily News Egypt Jan 2, 2021 481
Ethiopian Dam negotiations to recommence next Sunday. Sarah El-Sheikh Dec 30, 2020 807
Egypt summons Ethiopian Charge d'Affaires for clarifications on FM spokesperson statements. Egypt Today staff Dec 30, 2020 607
Egyptian, South African presidents confer over tripartite talks on Ethiopian Dam. Egypt Today staff Dec 27, 2020 360
El-Sisi: Renaissance Dam needs binding deal, must preserve Egypt's rights. Mohammed Abu Zaid Dec 27, 2020 370
Egyptian Embassy in Beijing organises virtual meeting on Grand Renaissance Dam. Sami Hegazi Dec 23, 2020 202
Egyptian negotiations delegation presents to Chinese officials status of talks on Ethiopian Dam. Egypt Today staff Dec 22, 2020 439
Opinion/ The conflict of interests and the Ethiopian dam. Dr. Hatem Sadiq Dec 16, 2020 546
Sudan reaffirms adherence to AU's leadership in Ethiopia's Nile dam issue. Xinhua Dec 15, 2020 228
South Sudan agrees with Egypt on necessity for reaching legal binding agreement on GERD operation, filling. Egypt Today staff Nov 28, 2020 696
Ethiopia to start generating power from GERD in June 2021 despite Egypt, Sudan's rejection. Egypt Today staff Nov 27, 2020 486
Sudan's PM says Ethiopian Dam directly affects his country. Egypt Today staff Nov 23, 2020 551
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam talks resume as political tensions mount. Mohammed Abu Zaid Nov 21, 2020 567
Sudan decides not to participate in this round of Renaissance Dam talks. Egypt Today staff Nov 21, 2020 521
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia resume talks on Renaissance Dam file. Egypt Today staff Nov 19, 2020 570
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia resume talks on Renaissance Dam. Egypt Today staff Nov 19, 2020 570
Egypt asserts importance of resuming GERD crisis negotiations. Daily News Egypt Nov 19, 2020 436
Egyptian coalition completes construction of Rufigi Dam in Tanzania. Egypt Today staff Nov 18, 2020 205
Opinion/ Ethiopia will not listen to the voice of reason. Dr. Hatem Sadiq Nov 18, 2020 442
Egypt's Embassy in UK holds webinar on GERD dispute. Daily News Egypt Nov 18, 2020 194
Kuwait supports Egyptian stance on GERD issue: FM Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohamed Al-Sabah. Egypt Today staff Nov 16, 2020 442
Sudanese PM Hamdok affirms Khartoum's stance regarding reaching fair agreement on GERD. Egypt Today staff Nov 9, 2020 559
EU to play positive role in file of Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: European Council President. Egypt Today staff Nov 6, 2020 672
Egypt resumes negotiations on Renaissance Dam, despite Ethiopian obstinacy. Mohammed Abu Zaid Nov 4, 2020 199
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia fail to agree on methodology to complete GERD talks. Egypt Today staff Nov 4, 2020 391
Irrigation ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan discuss negotiation mechanism to resume talks. Egypt Today staff Nov 2, 2020 499
Tripartite talks on GERD between Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia resumes Sunday. Egypt Today staff Nov 1, 2020 382
GERD Should be Freed from being Geopolitical Hostage: Law Scholar. Oct 31, 2020 686
Egypt urges abiding by AU resolutions on reaching binding deal on GERD. Egypt Today staff Oct 28, 2020 641
Chairman of Sudanese Sovereignty Council visits Egypt in parallel to talks on GERD. Egypt Today staff Oct 27, 2020 502
GERD parties agree to new week of talks on disputed points. Mohammed El-Said Oct 27, 2020 500
Renaissance Dam talks to resume Tuesday, Sudan refuses old 'dead-end' negotiating approach. Egypt Today staff Oct 26, 2020 548
Egypt blames Ethiopia for US failure to resolve Renaissance Dam crisis. Mohammed Abu Zaid Oct 25, 2020 589
Ethiopia responds to U.S. president's statements on disagreement with Egypt over GERD. Egypt Today staff Oct 24, 2020 526
EU calls on Ethiopian dam parties to resume talks. Mohammed El-Said Oct 24, 2020 615
Trump says Ethiopia broke deal to resolve GERD dispute with Egypt, Sudan. Daily News Egypt Oct 23, 2020 366
Trump: Ethiopia built dam that stops water, you can't blame Egypt for being upset. Egypt Today staff Oct 23, 2020 563
EU supports GERD talks, announces new water cooperation with Egypt. Samar Samir Oct 22, 2020 1098
Egyptian, South African Leaders Discuss Ethiopia's Nile Dam. Oct 15, 2020 238
Egypt's Sisi discuss GERD developments with South African counterpart. Egypt Today staff Oct 14, 2020 383
Ethiopia bans flights over Nile mega dam for 'security reasons'. Oct 8, 2020 526
Ethiopia hopes to generate power from GERD within 12 months. Mohammed El-Said Oct 5, 2020 376
Ethiopia tells UN 'no intention' of using dam to harm Egypt, Sudan. Sep 28, 2020 430
Ethiopian PM on GERD: No intention to harm Egypt and Sudan. Egypt Today staff Sep 26, 2020 554
Egypt's UN mission holds seminar on efforts to reach deal on Ethiopia's dam. Egypt Today staff Sep 25, 2020 414
I pray with confidence that GERD talks will reach fair solution: Pope Tawadros II. Egypt Today staff Sep 24, 2020 443
Why Egypt called on America to mediate Gerd dam standoff. Sep 24, 2020 1963
Al-Sisi calls for end to Ethiopia dam dispute, showcases Egypt's efforts. Mohammed El-Said Sep 23, 2020 531
Egypt, Sudan and G.E.R.D. Sep 17, 2020 1299
Ethiopia does not need permission to fill dam - envoy. Sep 15, 2020 670
GERD Will Benefit Not Only Ethiopia, But Also Egypt and Sudan: UNESCO Water Cooperation Chair Notes. Sep 15, 2020 411
How to share a river in Africa. Sep 15, 2020 943
Sudan might not join GERD negotiations, Monday: sources. Egypt Today staff Sep 14, 2020 432
Egypt's Aswan High Dam ready for potential River Nile floods: Abdel Aaty. Daily News Egypt Sep 13, 2020 334
Egypt's Embassy in Washington organizes webinar over Ethiopian dam. Egypt Today staff Sep 12, 2020 332
Jordan stands by Egypt, Sudan to defend their water rights. Egypt Today staff Sep 10, 2020 307
Egypt's High Dam capable of storing flood water coming from Sudan: Spox. Egypt Today staff Sep 6, 2020 363
Ethiopia hires US lobby firm amid Nile dam dispute, domestic tensions. Daily News Egypt Sep 6, 2020 605
El-Sisi backs Egyptian companies building major dam in Tanzania. Mohammed Abu Zaid Sep 5, 2020 355
Ethiopian Dam Negotiations Must Revolve around DoP, Says Aberdeen University Law Professor. Sep 5, 2020 559
US halts some aid to Ethiopia over GERD dispute: American official. Egypt Today staff Sep 4, 2020 427
Egypt's Sisi directs government to complete construction of Tanzania's Julius Nyerere Hydropower Plant in higher quality. Egypt Today staff Sep 4, 2020 278
Nile dam row: US 'to cut $100m in aid' to Ethiopia. Sep 4, 2020 455
UK Declassified documents reveal Egypt's goodwill to cooperate with Ethiopia over Nile water 74 years ago. Egypt Today staff Aug 30, 2020 447
Sudan calls for referring GERD talks to leaders of disputing countries. Egypt Today staff Aug 30, 2020 553
Tripartite negotiations over Ethiopian Renaissance dam reach another stalemate. Samar Samir Aug 29, 2020 705
Egypt announces failure to reach draft on Renaissance Dam. Mohammed Abu Zaid Aug 29, 2020 819
Failure of Ethiopian dam talks reflects deep divisions: Ex-Egypt Water Minister. Mohammed El-Said Aug 29, 2020 410
US administration halts aid to Ethiopia over GERD dispute. Egypt Today staff Aug 28, 2020 365
WATER FILE- Egypt mulls national project to benefit from aquifers sustainably. Samar Samir Aug 27, 2020 756
Sudan optimistic as legal-technical GERD meetings continue. Mohammed El-Said Aug 22, 2020 333
Renaissance Dam meetings held to bridge negotiation gap. Mohammed Al-Shamaa Aug 18, 2020 573
GERD talks aim to reach a just, sustainable agreement between Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia: official. Egypt Today staff Aug 18, 2020 413
Tripartite Negotiation Should Pave Way for Future Dev't in Ethiopia: Experts. Aug 15, 2020 669
Pope calls for dialogue between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over Nile dam. Reuters News Service Aug 15, 2020 164
Irrigation ministers, FMs of Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan to hold meeting on Renaissance Dam August 16. Egypt Today staff Aug 15, 2020 771
Sudan asks for delay in Renaissance Dam talks. Mohammed Al-Shamaa Aug 12, 2020 409
Amid Egyptian, Sudanese objection to its unilateral acts, Ethiopia says GERD talks to be resumed Monday. Egypt Today staff Aug 10, 2020 773
Tripartite talks on GERD adjourned for one week. Egypt Today staff Aug 10, 2020 740
Ethiopia says Renaissance Dam negotiations resuming Monday. Mohammed Al-Shamaa Aug 9, 2020 729
Sudan suspends Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiations for further internal consultations. Egypt Today staff Aug 7, 2020 421
Ethiopia says will not sign binding agreement on specific shares of Nile water to downstream countries. Egypt Today staff Aug 7, 2020 786
In Letter to AU, Egypt affirms total rejection to Ethiopia's unilateral acts on GERD. Egypt Today staff Aug 6, 2020 416
Ethiopian Ministry of Irrigation affirms its commitment to success of GERD negotiations. Egypt Today staff Aug 5, 2020 873
Egypt, Sudan suspend talks with Ethiopia over disputed dam. Arab News Aug 5, 2020 519
Nile dam talks resume as Ethiopians celebrate progress. Aug 4, 2020 690
Ethiopia's disputed dam back to negotiating table. Mohammed El-Said Aug 4, 2020 415
Nile dam dispute: Egypt and Sudan suspend GERD talks as Ethiopia bluffs. Mohammed El-Said Aug 4, 2020 320
Negotiations on GERD suspended to discuss Ethiopian offer. Aug 4, 2020 271
Sudan urges reaching agreement guaranteeing safety of Roseires Dam. Egypt Today staff Aug 4, 2020 687
Egypt objects Ethiopia's 'unilateral act' of filling Renaissance Dam reservoir. Egypt Today staff Aug 3, 2020 736
GERD parties aim for binding agreement as legal, technical talks resume. Mohammed El-Said Aug 3, 2020 379
New negotiations round on Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to begin August 3. Egypt Today staff Aug 3, 2020 413
Egypt expresses solidarity with Sudan after dam burst. Daily News Egypt Aug 2, 2020 189
Egypt, Sudan Will Benefit More from Completion of GERD, Says Public Policy Professor. Aug 1, 2020 612
Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan reach 'major common understanding' on dam. Jul 30, 2020 276
Egypt running out of diplomatic options on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis. Osama Al-Sharif Jul 28, 2020 907
Egypt prefers negotiations over military route to resolve Nile dam crisis: Al-Sisi. Daily News Egypt Jul 28, 2020 363
GERD parties to resume AU-guided talks next week with agreementtargeted. Mohammed El-Said Jul 27, 2020 354
Ethiopian Renaissance Dam talks resumed; Sudan demands one-week delay for further consultations. Egypt Today staff Jul 27, 2020 640
First filling of GERD does not harm Egypt's Nile share, Irrigation Ministry. Jul 26, 2020 314
Sudan calls for decisive round of negotiation on GERD. Egypt Today staff Jul 26, 2020 329
Ethiopia cannot complete GERD filling without consensus: Egypt official. Mohammed El-Said Jul 26, 2020 360
Sudan calls for 'decisive talks' on Ethiopia dam. Mohamed Al-Shamaa Jul 26, 2020 730
Resolving the Ethiopian dam imbroglio. Jul 25, 2020 855
Ethiopia may build 3 more dams: Egyptian water expert. Egypt Today staff Jul 25, 2020 379
Ethiopia's refusal of binding GERD deal disregards AU recommendation: Egypt officials. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 25, 2020 508
AU Assembly Bureau urges GERD parties to finalise binding agreement on dam filling, operation. Daily News Egypt Jul 24, 2020 419
AU calls urgently on finalizing GERD settlement; Ethiopia says does not want 'binding agreement'. Egypt Today staff Jul 24, 2020 661
The Nile is no one's property; it belongs to everyone. Dr. Abdellatif El-Menawy Jul 24, 2020 1194
The Grand Renaissance Dam: what's at stake and what could break the deadlock. Jul 23, 2020 1327
AU brokered summit stressed necessity on reaching binding deal regarding GERD filling, operation: Egypt's FM. Egypt Today staff Jul 22, 2020 428
AU calls for legally binding agreement on Ethiopian Dam. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 22, 2020 482
Abi Ahmed congratulates Ethiopians on completion of 1st stage of GERD filling. Egypt Today staff Jul 22, 2020 272
Filling GERD with rain water is negative political behaviour: Egyptian Negotiator. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 22, 2020 568
Nile dam deal 'on the horizon' after mini-summit. Mohamed Al-Shamaa Jul 22, 2020 654
Update: Ethiopia says first year of Nile mega-dam filling 'achieved'. Jul 22, 2020 373
Abiy Ahmed congratulates Ethiopians on completion of 1st stage of GERD filling. Egypt Today staff Jul 22, 2020 272
Video/ GERD: A Decade of Futile Negotiations Over Nile Dam Dispute. Shaimaa Raafat Jul 21, 2020 538
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia to participate in mini-summit on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Tuesday. Egypt Today staff Jul 21, 2020 660
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia agree on continuing Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiations: Sudanese Irrigation Min. Egypt Today staff Jul 21, 2020 500
GERD parties agree to work on legally binding agreement. Mohammed El-Said Jul 21, 2020 537
Egypt has 'sincere desire' to make progress on GERD talks, legal agreement on filling, operating to be discussed: Sisi. Egypt Today staff Jul 21, 2020 595
Egypt's Sisi, Trump discuss Libyan crisis, Ethiopian Renaissance Dam file. Egypt Today staff Jul 20, 2020 393
Ethiopia: Largest Dam On River Nile. Vedant J. Jul 20, 2020 707
GERD: Jordan backs Egypt's water right as part of Arab strategic security. Egypt Today staff Jul 19, 2020 398
Al-Sisi chairs National Defense Council meeting on Nile dam, Libya crisis. Daily News Egypt Jul 19, 2020 471
GERD issue: Water stations in Khartoum stopped operating after sudden decline in water inflow. Egypt Today staff Jul 19, 2020 652
Nile dam dispute poses a thorny challenge for Ethiopia and Egypt. Jumana Al-Tamimi Jul 19, 2020 1238
Egypt rejects unilateral action on Ethiopian dam. Samir Salama, Associate Editor Jul 18, 2020 237
African mini-summit on Renaissance Dam slated for Tuesday. Mohamed Al-Shamaa Jul 18, 2020 549
Egypt should be sceptical of Ethiopian GERD filling statements: ex-official. Mohammed El-Said Jul 18, 2020 423
Al-Sisi, Ramaphosa discuss Nile dam dispute. Daily News Egypt Jul 17, 2020 289
Egypt's Sisi to S.African counterpart: Reaching comprehensive, legal deal on GERD inevitable. Egypt Today staff Jul 17, 2020 625
Mini-summit on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to be held, Thursday. Egypt Today staff Jul 17, 2020 636
GERD Update- Sudan confirms decline in Blue river level by of 90M cm3 a day, Ethiopia's T.V. apologizes for report on dam filling. Egypt Today staff Jul 16, 2020 1004
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia deadlocked on Nile dam in new talks. Jul 16, 2020 355
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia deadlocked on Nile dam in new talks. Jul 15, 2020 447
Flouting international guidance, Ethiopia unilaterally starts filling its Nile dam. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 15, 2020 226
Video: Nile Dam Dispute: Myths and Facts Over GERD. Daily News Egypt Jul 15, 2020 273
Ethiopia announces start of filling Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Egypt Today staff Jul 15, 2020 590
Ethiopia provides conflicting statements on GERD filling. Mohamed Samir Jul 15, 2020 306
Egypt requests urgent clarification on Ethiopian dam filling reports. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 15, 2020 375
Egypt weighing possibility of mini-African summit on Renaissance Dam crisis. Mohamed Al-Shamaa & Salma Ahmed Jul 15, 2020 698
Egypt hopes not to be obliged to re-refer GERD issue to UNSC: Shoukry. Mohammed El-Said Jul 14, 2020 632
Talks on disputed Nile dam end inconclusively. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Jul 14, 2020 345
Satellite images show Ethiopian dam filling as talks fail. Mohamed Al-Shamaa Jul 14, 2020 642
Ethiopia's stubborn stance is perplexing. Linda S. Heard, Special to Gulf News Jul 13, 2020 904
Egypt to submit final report on Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiations to African Union, Monday. Egypt Today staff Jul 13, 2020 443
Ethiopia's Foreign Minister decline local media reports on starting filling GERD. Egypt Today staff Jul 13, 2020 513
Egypt set to submit final Renaissance Dam report. Mohamed Al-Shamaa Jul 13, 2020 712
AU-sponsored Nile dam talks end fruitless. Mohammed El-Said Jul 13, 2020 343
Ethiopia dam talks continue as consensusstill unreachable. Mohammed El-Said Jul 12, 2020 362
Negotiations on GERD to end July 12, intl. observers report to AU to be submitted July 13. Egypt Today staff Jul 11, 2020 608
Dam talks 'at crossroads' after Egypt rejects Ethiopian plea. Mohamed Al-Shamaa Jul 11, 2020 596
9th day of Ethiopia dam talks conclude with no deal in sight. Mohammed El-Said Jul 11, 2020 507
Tripartite technical, legal meetings over Ethiopian dam in 8th day of negotiations. Egypt Today staff Jul 10, 2020 419
Egypt rejected Ethiopia's suggestion on postponing reaching settlement regarding 'points of contention': Irrigation Min. Egypt Today staff Jul 10, 2020 533
Egypt says won't accept 'incomprehensive' deal on Ethiopian dam. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 9, 2020 486
'points of contention' in Ethiopian Renaissance Dam talks, essential to Egypt - Ministry of Irrigation. Egypt Today staff Jul 9, 2020 649
Tensions mounts on the Nile over Africa's largest dam. Jul 8, 2020 823
Russia offers technical assistance to 3 countries in Ethiopian Dam negotiations. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 8, 2020 797
Ethiopia using Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a distraction from domestic issues. Dr. Abdellatif El-Menawy Jul 8, 2020 1209
Five days of disagreement during Renaissance Dam negotiations. Mohamed Al-Shamaa Jul 8, 2020 792
Egyptian Ministry refers to 'points of contention' in talks on Ethiopian Dam. Egypt Today staff Jul 8, 2020 439
Egypt says its new proposal supports Ethiopian goal in dam talks. Mohamed Al-Shamaa Jul 7, 2020 620
Ethiopia's rigorous stance on GERD talks debilitates chances for agreement. Mohammed El-Said Jul 7, 2020 709
Egypt's proposal on GERD fair, comprehensive: Irrigation Ministry. Egypt Today staff Jul 6, 2020 439
OPINION: Renaissance Dam..and Egypt's Political Options. Egypt Today Jul 6, 2020 2214
Disputed Nile dam talks continue for 4th day, but no deal yet. Mohammed El-Said Jul 6, 2020 493
No consensus yet in Ethiopia's disputed dam'separate talks'. Mohammed El-Said Jul 5, 2020 432
Virtual talks on Ethiopia disputed dam resume amid consensushopes. Mohammed El-Said Jul 4, 2020 654
Talks over disputed Nile dam to continue in 'separate meetings'. Mohammed El-Said Jul 4, 2020 500
Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia resume talks on Nile dam. Jul 4, 2020 206
Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan resume AU-brokered negotiations over Nile dam. Mohamed Samir Jul 3, 2020 357
Renaissance Dam angst escalates online between Egyptians and Ethiopians. Samir Salama, Associate Editor Jul 3, 2020 444
Egypt Seeks UNSC To Push For Final Deal On Ethiopia's Nile Dam. Jul 2, 2020 550
GERD collapse means 'devastation' of Sudan: Egyptian minister. Egypt Today staff Jul 2, 2020 514
Ethiopia intransigent on GERD issue: ECES seminar experts. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 2, 2020 1743
Egypt hands draft resolution on GERD to Security Council. Egypt Today staff Jul 1, 2020 307
Egypt facilitated GERD negotiations, UN Security Council to take its time to negotiate: Shoukry. Egypt Today staff Jul 1, 2020 487
UN Secretary-General confirms GERD crisis solution comes through dialogue. Walaa Ali Jul 1, 2020 851
Egypt's Foreign Minister full speech on GERD at UNSC. Daily News Egypt Jun 30, 2020 2956
Egypt's FM: Ethiopia's GERD endangers lives of 150M Egyptian, Sudanese citizens. Samar Samir Jun 30, 2020 1368
Egyptian FM's full statement before UNSC on Ethiopia's Renaissance dam. Egypt Today staff Jun 30, 2020 3179
Survival is not a question of choice, unilateral GERD filling would heighten regional tensions: Shoukry to UNSC. Sarah El-Sheikh Jun 30, 2020 1620
90% of GERD disputed issues solved: Head of AU Commission. Egypt Today staff Jun 28, 2020 857
Hope rises for a deal on the Ethiopia dam. Gulf News Jun 28, 2020 497
Dam is Source of Cooperation, Not Threat to Int'l Peace, Security: Experts. Jun 27, 2020 441
Why a lot is at stake in the dispute over Nile waters. Jun 27, 2020 1624
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia to form legal committee, resume GERD talks. Egypt Today staff Jun 27, 2020 850
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia to legal committee, resume GERD talks. Egypt Today staff Jun 27, 2020 850
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia opt for consensus on GERD via dialogue, unilateral actions excluded. Mohamed Zain Jun 27, 2020 615
Final agreement on GERD to be reached within 2 to 3 weeks: Ethiopia. Egypt Today staff Jun 27, 2020 585
Despite AU meeting's outcomes, Ethiopia to start filling GERD reservoir in next 2 weeks. Egypt Today staff Jun 27, 2020 770
AU mediation hopefully pushes towards GERD dispute settlement. Mohammed El-Said Jun 27, 2020 789
Sisi to Ramaphosa: Egypt rejects Ethiopia's unilateral steps regarding Renaissance Dam. Egypt Today staff Jun 26, 2020 625
Ethiopian dam dispute reaches UN Security Council. Mohamed El-Shamaa Jun 26, 2020 736
Assuming ownership: A psychological look into Ethiopia's stand on Renaissance Dam. Mohamed Zain Jun 25, 2020 1268
In letter to UN: Sudan says 'deeply concerned' of Ethiopia's unilateral filling of GERD. Egypt Today staff Jun 25, 2020 930
What to expect after Egypt asked Security Council to intervene over GERD. Amr Mohamed Kandil Jun 25, 2020 1151
Filling GERD without prior agreement threatens lives of millions: Sudan to UNSC. Fatma Lotfi Jun 25, 2020 659
Sudan, S.Africa seek to resume tripartite talks on GERD. Egypt Today staff Jun 25, 2020 521
Sudanese Min. calls for agreement on GERD to avoid possible risks. Egypt Today staff Jun 24, 2020 374
Int'l, regional entities hasten to urge deal before Ethiopia unilaterally fills massive dam. Hanan Fayed Jun 24, 2020 1002
Egypt rejects any unilateral action violating its Nile water rights: Al-Sisi. Mohammed El-Said Jun 24, 2020 1200
GERD: Egypt's struggle to reach 'fair' deal crashing into Ethiopia's 'intransigence'. Amr Mohamed Kandil Jun 24, 2020 1467
All you need to know about Ethiopia's chicanery through Renaissance Dam crisis. Mohamed Zain Jun 24, 2020 1890
Oman chairs Arab League session to discuss Libyan crisis, Egypt's issue with Ethiopia. Jun 24, 2020 374
Egypt says keen to reach agreement on Nile dam issue. Arab News Jun 23, 2020 208
Declaration of Principles on Renaissance Dam is 'exclusive agreement' binding Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan together: intl. law expert. Noha El Tawil Jun 23, 2020 1879
Egypt is not 'escaping' GERD talks by mediating UN Security Council: FM Shoukry. Egypt Today staff Jun 22, 2020 502
Egypt will be vocal in its actions if no GERD deal reached: Shoukry. Mohammed El-Said Jun 22, 2020 1015
Egypt's FM: AL emergency meeting discusses GERD file. Egypt Today staff Jun 22, 2020 423
After Egypt's warning: Gaddafi's cousin makes key statements on Turkish intervention in Libya. Egypt Today staff Jun 21, 2020 738
Egypt calls for UN intervention over Nile dam dispute with Ethiopia. Baset Asaba Jun 21, 2020 772
Involvement of Third Party in Dam Negotiation Futile, ENTRO Executive-Director. Jun 20, 2020 457
Egypt refers GERD issue to UN Security Council. Egypt Today staff Jun 20, 2020 1080
Ethiopia must understand River Nile is Egypt's lifeline: Al-Sisi. Fatma Lotfi Jun 20, 2020 871
Nile dam negotiations reach deadlock. Mohammed El-Shamaa Jun 19, 2020 756
Egypt sticks to US, World Bank-brokered document on Ethiopian Dam: statement. Egypt Today staff Jun 11, 2020 636
No agreement reached between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia on Nile dam. Arab NewsAFP Jun 11, 2020 374
Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia ministers hold virtual meeting over Nile dam. Jun 11, 2020 225
GERD: Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia hold talks, agree to meet June 10. Egypt Today staff Jun 10, 2020 795
Egypt blames Ethiopia for stalling Nile dam talks. Jun 9, 2020 515
Sudan warns of filling GERD reservoir without agreement. Egypt Today staff Jun 9, 2020 396
GERD Safer than the Dams in Sudan, Egypt: Sudanese Minister. Jun 8, 2020 276
Egypt, China warn against unilateral decisions on Ethiopian Dam: statement. Egypt Today staff Jun 5, 2020 576
Sudan calls on UN to urge Ethiopia, Egypt not to take unilateral measures on Renaissance Dam. Arab News Jun 4, 2020 234
Sudan informs UN Security Council its approval on resuming GRED talks. Egypt Today staff Jun 2, 2020 451
Egyptian minister follows up on construction of Tanzanian dam. Egypt Today staff Jun 1, 2020 388
Factors Associated with Occupational Injury among Hydropower Dam Construction Workers, South East Ethiopia, 2018. Hussen, Jemal; Dagne, Henok; Yenealem, Dawit Getachew May 31, 2020 5247
Downstream Countries Right to Information Claim on Filling Dam Baseless: Experts. May 30, 2020 590
Ethiopia pours water on Egypt's Nile rights claim ahead of crunch dam talks. Mohamed El-Shamaa May 28, 2020 917
Religious Leaders Urge Gov't to Complete Dam. May 26, 2020 428
OPINION: GERD, "Aspiration for Hydropower" or "Hegemony for Water Power"?! Dr. Khaled AbuZeid May 21, 2020 3049
Guterres encourages Member States to reach agreement over Ethiopian Nile dam project. May 19, 2020 528
Ethiopia legally obliged not to unilaterally fill GERD: Int'l law professor. Egypt Today staff May 18, 2020 688
Ethiopia Not Compelled to Notify Egypt, Sudan on the Filling of GERD. May 15, 2020 514
Sudan walks right path in GERD crisis, says Egyptian Strategic Studies Center. Egypt Today staff May 15, 2020 629
Sudan declines partial agreement with Ethiopia on Renaissance Dam. May 14, 2020 370
The Gordian Knot of the Nile. Mohamed Sameh May 12, 2020 785
OPINION: The Gordian Knot of the Nile. Mohamed Sameh May 11, 2020 794
Ethiopia Prepares Comprehensive Response to Egypt's Complaint about GERD. May 11, 2020 350
Ethiopia's Blue Nile dam is an opportunity for regional collaboration. May 11, 2020 1247
FM: Egypt sent letter to UNSC on controversial Ethiopian Renaissance dam. Egypt Today staff May 8, 2020 626
OPINION: Contemplations on Washington Grand Renaissance Dam talks: Cooperation versus Antagonism. Dr. Mohamed Nasr El-Din Allam May 7, 2020 1639
Ethiopia's Blue Nile dam is an opportunity for regional collaboration. Lashitew, Addisu; Kassa, Haim May 1, 2020 1205

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