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Egypt : Scientists Use Google Earth to Spot a Meteor Crater in Egypt.

Kamil crater, at only about 150 feet wide and 50 feet deep, may not break any size records but what the Egyptian crater lacks in range it makes up for with cleanliness. In an paper published yesterday in Science, researchers say that its pristine impact, spotted in 2009 during a Google Earth survey, makes the crater an ideal model to understand similar impacts.

The best place to see a clean crater? Rocky or icy planets without an atmosphere. Earth s weather quickly erodes a crater s structures, making it difficult to determine how exactly a meteorite struck. The Kamil crater, study leader Luigi Folco says.

The crater rises above its desert surroundings, and during visits to the site over the past two years researchers have collected around 5,000 iron meteorites (the dark rocks pictured at right). They estimate that the original meteorite weighed between 5 and 10 tons and smacked the site at 7,800 miles per hour, giving the crater its characteristics, including rays that are visible in satellite photos.

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Date:Jul 26, 2010
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