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Egypt: burger capital of the world.

The burger kings of Egypt

If there's anything Egyptians love more than koshary and fuul, it's burgers. Juicy Wagyu and Angus beef stuffed in a bun oozing with cheddar cheese and special sauces, Egyptians have created some of the most creative and juiciest burgers available.

In fact, with the rise of burger joints in Egypt, it would be safe to say Egypt has become the burger capital of the Middle East and North Africa.

Source: Egyptian Streets

The strange story of how exiled Palestinian politician Mohammed Dahlan came to hold Serbian citizenship

Citizenship appears to be the newest commodity being snatched up by the super wealthy. Chinese and Middle Eastern businessmen frequently purchase U.S. or Canadian passports. Several years ago, Malta's government was criticized for setting up a scheme that allowed wealthy foreigners to purchase EU passports for around 546,000 British pounds.

Although these practices may be questionable, gifting passports to wealthy friends and investors is an entirely different, and even more concerning, phenomenon. When individuals pay for their passports, they are still expected to go through numerous background checks to ensure they do not have a criminal record or other troubling histories. When citizenship is handed out as a gift, however, these safeguards may be sidestepped in the interest of strengthening alliances with specific individuals who are seen as strategically useful.

Source: Muftah

We completely agree: Egyptian television media in the era of al-Sisi

If there was any doubt about who the presidential frontrunner would be in Egypt's May 2014 elections, the Egyptian media made sure to strongly suggest that then-Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was the only choice. No matter how prominent the other possible presidential candidates were, each was unceremoniously sidelined, discounted, or even ridiculed. Most soon withdrew their names from contention.

Owing to the media's unwavering support for al-Sisi, the scene was set for a return to a state-aligned media monolith.

Source: Jadaliyya

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Title Annotation:rules for citizenship for serbians; presidential election in Egypt
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Date:Apr 7, 2015
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