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Ego trip.

I'd like to know what happened to my Skate and Destroy shirt? It never came, and it was supposed to be the subscription deal with that bogus book--that book that sucks! You should have shared the wealth, and never put in a photo of Jake. C'mon, you can't even skate! You should be ashamed, Jake Phelps. That's real sad; no respect for Salba, Duane, Olson, Farmer, etc. There are too many photos of Holmes, Hawk, Gonz, Cardiel--hey--I like those guys, too. You should have shared the wealth and respected every rad skater, and truly Salba is the one who represents skate and destroy, a true thrasher! He destroys every fucking skater that thinks they're rad in a backyard pool any day and any time. He can makes lines that blow every Omar, Bob, Rune, Bruno, and--last but not least, but the best in the world--Tony Farmer! You know who Farmer is. You should have an I'm Sorry issue, and respect the all-time raddest pool skater, Mr Steve Alba, and the new best pool skater, Tony Farmer. Now those two guys are true Skaters of the Year. Where's the true blue, underground skateboarding that Thrasher is supposed to represent? You know what, you can forget about the shirt anyway. I don't even want to wear it if you don't have an issue that respects those who truly skate and destroy. And that's Salba and Farmer, in case you forgot.

Bad Billy


"New best"?--T-ed
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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:Billy, Bad
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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