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Associations of Diplotypes of Vldlr Gene with Egg Production Traits in Laiwu Black Chickens. Report Nov 24, 2020 3776
Industry dilemma over avian flu alert. NANCY NICOLSON Nov 21, 2020 421
Overall broiler production down 5.5%, end of October. Nov 18, 2020 217
Ministry: MCO saw Malaysia's egg prices drop by 38pc amid increased chicken feed price. Nov 17, 2020 617
Poultry farmer steps down from egg board. JAMES PUGH Nov 17, 2020 330
Tributes pour in for long-serving Aled as he makes his eggs-it. SION BARRY Business editor Nov 17, 2020 589
Sheikhoo, Noon reach Soneri Bank Polo final. Nov 14, 2020 308
Soneri Bank Polo Cup: Three matches on Friday. Nov 13, 2020 186
RP, Noon, BHP victorious in Soneri Bank Polo Cup. Nov 12, 2020 188
FG Polo team lifts Lulusar Polo in Pink trophy. Oct 27, 2020 352
FG Polo team lifts Lulusar Polo in Pink trophy. Oct 26, 2020 356
Lulusar Polo in Pink 2020: FG Polo team win trophy. Oct 26, 2020 348
Lulusar Polo in Pink 2020: Day 4. Oct 24, 2020 260
Lulusar Polo in Pink 2020: Day 4. Oct 24, 2020 260
Jacky Farms reach Lulusar Polo in Pink main final. Oct 24, 2020 273
Lalusar Polo in Pink 2020: Day 2. Oct 22, 2020 261
Michigan Egg Producer Hit with Federal Sex Harassment, Retaliation Lawsuit. Oct 20, 2020 305
Egg producers warned of expansion dangers. NANCY NICOLSON Oct 10, 2020 461
Price of free-range eggs falling as production continues to grow. Oct 10, 2020 181
Warning of 'over supply' of free-range eggs driving prices down for producers. Oct 10, 2020 295
Veli Moluluo hired as manufacturing ops director at Morrisons. Henry Sandercock Sep 26, 2020 237
Free-range egg producers get contract price comparison tool. Sep 26, 2020 184
Spray superior bacteria for shed interior; HARMFUL GASES CUT AT FREE RANGE EGG FARM. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Sep 24, 2020 416
A couple invested in an urban chicken farm to foster food security and sustainability, part 2. Sep 16, 2020 1358
Egg farmer lays plan for new barn; EXPANSION. Sep 10, 2020 251
Price of egg reduced by Rs. 2 on PM's request. Sep 6, 2020 197
One Planet Picnic offers some food for thought. Sep 4, 2020 239
BiH egg producers are becoming more independent. Sep 3, 2020 614
Egg Production and Bone Stability of Local Chicken Breeds and Their Crosses Fed with Faba Beans. Nolte, Tanja; Jansen, Simon; Halle, Ingrid; Scholz, Armin Manfred; Simianer, Henner; Sharifi, Ahmad Sep 1, 2020 10577
Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Seaweed, Heat Stress and Genetic Strain on Performance, Plasma Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in Laying Hens. Borzouie, Shima; Rathgeber, Bruce M.; Stupart, Cassie M.; MacIsaac, Janice Sep 1, 2020 8329
Dietary Supplementation of Probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus Modulates Cholesterol Levels, Immune Response, and Productive Performance of Laying Hens. Alaqil, Abdulaziz A.; Abbas, Ahmed O.; El-Beltagi, Hossam S.; El-Atty, Hanaa. K. Abd Sep 1, 2020 7686
Variation and Association of Hen Performance and Egg Quality Traits in Individual Early-Laying ISA Brown Hens. Anene, Doreen O.; Akter, Yeasmin; Thomson, Peter C.; Groves, Peter; O'Shea, Cormac J. Sep 1, 2020 6998
Bone Health or Performance? Adaptation Response of Genetically Divergent Chicken Layer Lines to a Nutritive Calcium Depletion. Jansen, Simon; Bues, Mara; Baulain, Ulrich; Habig, Christin; Halle, Ingrid; Petow, Stefanie; Sharifi Sep 1, 2020 6226
Prevalence of Keel Bone Damage in Red Jungle Fowls (Gallus gallus)--A Pilot Study. Kittelsen, Kathe Elise; Jensen, Per; Christensen, Jens Peter; Toftaker, Ingrid; Moe, Randi Oppermann Report Sep 1, 2020 4277
Oxidized Oils and Oxidized Proteins Induce Apoptosis in Granulosa Cells by Increasing Oxidative Stress in Ovaries of Laying Hens. Zhou, Ling; Ding, Xuemei; Wang, Jianping; Bai, Shiping; Zeng, Qiufeng; Su, Zuowei; Xuan, Yue; Wu, Ai Aug 31, 2020 7230
A farmer bucking trends by taking on a dairy herd; Gordon Whiteford is moving into the industry as others leave. Gemma Mackenzie finds out more. Aug 22, 2020 691
Kirinyaga women to earn Sh1,000 daily from eggs project. Aug 20, 2020 549
Genetic evaluation of eggshell color based on additive and dominance models in laying hens. Guo, Jun; Wang, Kehua; Qu, Liang; Dou, Taocun; Ma, Meng; Shen, Manman; Hu, Yuping Report Aug 1, 2020 3725
BAI confirms detection of bird flu in Pampanga egg farm. Jul 29, 2020 282
Bird flu hits Pampanga egg farm. Jul 29, 2020 453
Gombe egg dealers seek more investment in poultry farming. Jul 23, 2020 542
Jerome Saulet joins Noble Foods in new commercial director role. Jul 4, 2020 194
A captain's tale of life on a tall ship. STEPHEN NORRIS Jul 3, 2020 1519
Putrid river claims are fake news, says NFU. Jul 2, 2020 235
The Attenuating Effect of the Intraovarian Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4 on Age-Related Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Chicken Follicular Cells. Yao, Jinwei; Ma, Yanfen; Lin, Xin; Zhou, Shuo; Mi, Yuling; Zhang, Caiqiao Jun 30, 2020 7595
Here is how to maximise egg production from layers. Jun 20, 2020 587
Why Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Aldi are still running out of eggs; Some supermarkets have been selling liquid egg to stop to issue. By, Victoria Chessum & Laura Nightingale & Ellie McKinnell May 31, 2020 296
Why supermarkets are out of eggs -and it's probably not what you think; Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Aldi, you name it -they're all running out. By, Victoria Chessum & Laura Nightingale May 30, 2020 263
Egg producers struggle to meet higher demand; Lockdown: Switch to mostly retail sales causes problem with packaging. NANCY NICOLSON May 4, 2020 415
fresh digest. Apr 25, 2020 398
Stuart keeps sunny side up during crisis; Egg producer faces booming demand. STEPHEN NORRIS Apr 24, 2020 427
COVID-19 hit poultry business in KP seeks govt. attention:. Apr 20, 2020 781
COVID-19 hit poultry business in KP seeks govt attention. Apr 20, 2020 781
COVID-19 hit poultry business in KP seeks govt. attention:. Apr 20, 2020 781
What a farmer can grow this first rainy season. Apr 18, 2020 389
Foodservice brand Great British Egg Co now available in retail. Apr 11, 2020 188
Egg producers warn of price hikes after supply chain chaos. Apr 4, 2020 330
Low-dose of organic trace minerals reduced fecal mineral excretion without compromising performance of laying hens. Qiu, Jialing; Lu, Xintao; Ma, Lianxiang; Hou, Chuanchuan; He, Junna; Liu, Bing; Yu, Dongyou; Lin, Ga Apr 1, 2020 6692
Growth Performance of Local Chicken Breeds, a High-Performance Genotype and Their Crosses Fed with Regional Faba Beans to Replace Soy. Nolte, Tanja; Jansen, Simon; Weigend, Steffen; Moerlein, Daniel; Halle, Ingrid; Link, Wolfgang; Humm Apr 1, 2020 10707
Yield Performance, Laying Behaviour Traits and Egg Quality of Purebred and Hybrid Hens Reared under Outdoor Conditions. Rizzi, Chiara Apr 1, 2020 9271
Changes in the spawning distribution and biomass of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) in the western Atlantic Ocean over 4 decades. Richardson, David E.; Carter, Lauren; Curti, Kiersten L.; Marancik, Katrin E.; Castonguay, Martin Apr 1, 2020 12639
How to reap the most from layers. Mar 14, 2020 741
Farmlay Eggs upbeat in spite of profits tumble; Results: North-east company to crack on with investment in automation. GEMMA MACKENZIE Mar 10, 2020 430
Green Tea Powder Decreased Egg Weight Through Increased Liver Lipoprotein Lipase and Decreased Plasma Total Cholesterol in an Indigenous Chicken Breed. Chen, Xingyong; He, Kaiqin; Wei, Congcong; Yang, Wanli; Geng, Zhaoyu Report Mar 1, 2020 5571
Performance and Meat Quality of Dual-Purpose Cockerels of Dominant Genotype Reared on Pasture. Englmaierova, Michaela; Skrivan, Milos; Taubner, Tomas; Skrivanova, Vera Report Mar 1, 2020 8958
Productive Performance and Egg and Meat Quality of Two Indigenous Poultry Breeds in Vietnam, Ho and Dong Tao, Fed on Commercial Feed. Van, Duy Nguyen; Moula, Nassim; Moyse, Evelyne; Duc, Luc Do; Dinh, Ton Vu; Farnir, Frederic Report Mar 1, 2020 11081
Ginger and Its Derivatives as Promising Alternatives to Antibiotics in Poultry Feed. Hack, Mohamed E. Abd El-; Alagawany, Mahmoud; Shaheen, Hazem; Samak, Dalia; Othman, Sarah I.; Allam, Report Mar 1, 2020 9507
Kirinyaga mass eggs production project to benefit 1,110 families. Feb 27, 2020 471
Cadbury Fluffies are back to make Easter 'egg-ceptional. Feb 24, 2020 340
Scottish egg firm boils up 'very sound performance' Accounts: Profits down but producer pleased with results in troubled times. GEMMA MACKENZIE Feb 21, 2020 350
Brexit makes us vulnerable says farmer as free-range egg production plan passed. JEZ HEMMING Local Democracy Reporter Feb 18, 2020 308
Effects of Mushroom Stem Waste (Flammulina velutipes) on Laying Performance, Egg Quality and Serum Biochemical Indices. Shad Mahfuz, Shuyuan Wang, Mo Chen, Fei Zao, Dong Zhen, Zhongjun Liu and Hui Song Feb 14, 2020 5053
Hammers in for a shock. ALEX HANKIN Feb 9, 2020 185
Hammers in for a shock. ALEX HANKIN Feb 9, 2020 223
Manchester City vs West Ham: Best bets for all Sunday's Premier League and Championship games; Expert tips with 80/1 shocker at the Etihad, plus Bournemouth at Sheffield United, Millwall vs West Brom and the Milan derby. By, Alex Hankin Feb 9, 2020 411
Physiological impact on layer chickens fed corn distiller's dried grains with solubles naturally contaminated with deoxynivalenol. Wickramasuriya, Samiru Sudharaka; Macelline, Shemil Priyan; Kim, Eunjoo; Cho, Hyun Min; Shin, Taeg K Report Feb 1, 2020 7936
Change of Price Premiums Trend for Organic Food Products: The Example of the Polish Egg Market. Pawlewicz, Adam Feb 1, 2020 12605
Predation in Organic and Free-Range Egg Production. Bestman, Monique; Bikker-Ouwejan, Judith Report Feb 1, 2020 8379
Gene Expression Profiling in Ovaries and Association Analyses Reveal HEP21 as a Candidate Gene for Sexual Maturity in Chickens. Chen, Biao; Liang, Guitao; Zhu, Xuenong; Tan, Yuwen; Xu, Jiguo; Wu, Hongxiang; Mao, Huirong; Zhang, Report Feb 1, 2020 6896
Importance of Basic Research on the Causes of Feather Pecking in Relation to Welfare. Fijn, Lisa B.; van der Staay, F. Josef; Goerlich-Jansson, Vivian C.; Arndt, Saskia S. Report Feb 1, 2020 8124
Effect of Housing System and Rosemary and Cinnamon Essential Oils on Layers Performance, Egg Quality, Haematological Traits, Blood Chemistry, Immunity, and Antioxidant. Ghanima, Mahmoud M. Abo; Elsadek, Mohamed F.; Taha, Ayman E.; Hack, Mohamed E. Abd El-; Alagawany, M Report Feb 1, 2020 10356
Reaseheath celebrates apprentice 'stars'. Jan 30, 2020 452
Kyrgyzstan produced 561,288,000 of eggs in 2019. Jan 27, 2020 112
BN, Newage enter Battle Axe Polo subsidiary final. Jan 24, 2020 307
Diamond Paints win Battle Axe Polo Cup opener. Jan 21, 2020 221
Eggs business facing fines over breaches. Jan 9, 2020 126
300,000 Chickens Dead In Michigan Fire. Thomas Kika Jan 4, 2020 288
Iowa organic egg company produces on small farms; Farmers Hen House, an organic free-range egg company, prioritizes sustainable farming while keeping small farms in business. Deven King Jan 1, 2020 1527
New methods for sanitizing and pasteurizing shell eggs; A microwave system for pasteurizing table eggs and an egg sanitizing system utilizing hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light may provide options for reducing food safety risks. Terrence O'Keefe Jan 1, 2020 824
Egg associations key for sector's sustainable growth; National producers' associations do far more than conduct marketing campaigns; their support is essential for the egg industry's success. Vincent Guyonnet, DVM, Ph.D. Jan 1, 2020 664
Effects of B-Wave Ultraviolet Supplementation Using Light-Emitting Diodes on Caged Laying Hens during the Later Phase of the Laying Cycle. Wei, Yongxiang; Zheng, Weichao; Li, Baoming; Tong, Qin; Shi, Haipeng; Li, Xuanyang Report Jan 1, 2020 7999
Quality of Eggs and Albumen Technological Properties as Affected by Hermetia Illucens Larvae Meal in Hens' Diet and Hen Age. Secci, Giulia; Bovera, Fulvia; Parisi, Giuliana; Moniello, Giuseppe Report Jan 1, 2020 7202
Transcriptomic Analyses of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis Identify Candidate Genes Related to Egg Production in Xinjiang Yili Geese. Wu, Yingping; Zhao, Xiaoyu; Chen, Li; Wang, Junhua; Duan, Yuqing; Li, Haiying; Lu, Lizhi Report Jan 1, 2020 7737
Preventive CTLA-4-Ig Treatment Reduces Hepatic Egg Load and Hepatic Fibrosis in Schistosoma mansoni-Infected Mice. Sombetzki, Martina; Rabes, Anne; Bischofsberger, Miriam; Winkelmann, Franziska; Koslowski, Nicole; S Dec 31, 2019 6338
Japan's Ise Foods expanding egg business in Asian market. ANI Dec 29, 2019 291
Michigan Poultry Ranch to Pay $93K to Settle Federal Harassment, Retaliation Suit. Dec 12, 2019 309
Poultry Eggs Market: Global Analysis, Market Share, Size, Trends, Growth Analysis, and Forecast to 2019-2024. Dec 11, 2019 681
Putnu Fabrika Kekava remains leading company in livestock, poultry and animal feed trade industry in 2018. Dec 10, 2019 337
One year later. Arif Hasan and Hamza Arif Dec 1, 2019 899
Cage-free hen houses getting bigger, more efficient. Terrence O'Keefe Dec 1, 2019 379
5 programs for egg producers at 2020 IPPE; Don't miss these 2020 IPPE educational programs for egg producers focused on the most current industry issues. Andrea Gantz Dec 1, 2019 643
Poultry Processing Market in India (2018-2023) with Data on Top States by Poultry Population and Growth in Egg Production. Nov 26, 2019 764
More Than $270K in Fines Issued Against Firms in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania. Nov 22, 2019 554
Cal-Maine Foods concludes acquisition of Mahard Egg Farm assets. Nov 21, 2019 136
Cal-Maine Foods Closes Acquisition of Egg Production Assets of Mahard Egg Farm. Nov 21, 2019 195
Cal-Maine Foods Closes Acquisition of Egg Production Assets of Mahard Egg Farm. Nov 21, 2019 199
Zacky Farms victorious in Charity Polo match. Nov 21, 2019 202
Zacky Farms earn close win. Nov 21, 2019 155
Shahid inaugurates Cancer Care Hospital Charity Polo. Nov 20, 2019 321
Egg industry agrees on higher standards. Nov 9, 2019 129
You clucky boy; Rooster survives a year on farm with egg-laying hens. LINDA MCGRORY Nov 7, 2019 194
4 cage-free house issues producers may not have considered; Industry researchers use the USPOULTRY Live Production, Welfare & Biosecurity seminar to discuss cage-free laying house issues that may not have been previously discussed by producers. Deven King Nov 1, 2019 690
Why veganism has now become big business. Nov 1, 2019 842
Why veganism has now become big business; Ammindeep Singh had just got home from the pub, when he clicked onto a YouTube video that would change his life. Nov 1, 2019 821
Analysis of excreta bacterial community after forced molting in aged laying hens. Han, Gi Ppeum; Lee, Kyu-Chan; Kang, Hwan Ku; Oh, Han Na; Sul, Woo Jun; Kil, Dong Yong Nov 1, 2019 4593
Processing from start to finish. Mark Clements Nov 1, 2019 393
Spain's largest cage-free egg producer urges animal welfare; Learn why Rujamar, Spain's largest cage-free egg producer, became an advocate of animal welfare and turned it into a business opportunity. Benjamin Ruiz & Cindy burgos Alvarado Nov 1, 2019 1231
ASF offers major opportunities for poultry, egg producers; Poultry meat and eggs are more than capable of replacing pork in consumer affections. Vincent Guyonnet, DVM, Ph.D. Nov 1, 2019 777
Dietary Supplementation of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) on the Egg Quality Characteristics of Rhode Island Red Spent Layers. Wahab, Fazal; Chand, Naila; Khan, Rifat Ullah; Ahmad, Nazir; Parvez, Urooba; Rehman, Zia ur; Naz, Sh Report Oct 31, 2019 3090
Earthworks doing 'eggspansion'. Oct 29, 2019 240
Cal-Maine Foods to Acquire Mahard Egg Farm Production Assets. Oct 22, 2019 222
Cal-Maine Foods to Acquire Mahard Egg Farm Production Assets. Oct 22, 2019 249
Cal-Maine Foods Inc to acquire egg production assets from Mahard Egg Farm. Oct 17, 2019 166
Research project aims to crack the secret to happiest hens. Oct 16, 2019 419
Laying foundations for carefree birds; study seeks the most stress-free conditions for hens. TONY HENDERSON Reporter @Hendrover Oct 16, 2019 418
Contract for free-range egg industry. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 16, 2019 193
Bangladesh to achieve self-sufficiency soon. Oct 16, 2019 386
Cal-Maine Foods to acquire Mahard Egg Farm egg production assets. Oct 16, 2019 112
Livestock dept distributes subsidised chicken. Oct 15, 2019 408
The 7 best restaurants in London to visit on World Egg Day; Happy Fry-day! Angie Quinn Oct 11, 2019 862
Europe-wide project to study stress in chickens; Eggs: SRUC taking part in investigations into best practice for laying birds. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 4, 2019 352
Egg producers dealing with today's food safety challenges. O'Keefe, Terrence Oct 1, 2019 375
How layer vaccination can effectively control Salmonella; Vaccination programs using live vaccines and inactivated bacterins have become important components of the egg industry's Salmonella control programs. Oct 1, 2019 1459
Salmonella found in British Lion eggs. Sep 28, 2019 113
Pete and Gerry's takes on the FDA. Sep 27, 2019 529
SHF 2019 - BiH and Malaysian companies sign Memoranda of Understanding. Sep 26, 2019 278
Shout Out Festival to feature 70 bands. Sep 1, 2019 196
Iowa Cage Free delivering on hen welfare promise; While working to perfect house design, management and worker training, Iowa Cage Free is striving to provide good hen welfare and competitive economic performance. King, Deven Sep 1, 2019 1072
Pest control 10 years after FDA's Egg Safety Rule; Pest management has become an important function in egg production and processing to ensure a safe and valuable product for consumers. Dreyer, Jerry Sep 1, 2019 1222
Spain's largest cage-free egg producer urges animal welfare; Learn why Rujamar, Spain's largest cage-free egg producer, became an advocate of animal welfare and turned it into a business opportunity. Ruiz, Benjamin; Alvarado, Cindy burgos Sep 1, 2019 1178
Processed Eggs Market Getting Larger With Great CAGR By 2026: Michael Foods, ACTINI SAS, Cal-Maine Foods, Moba Group, Noble Foods Ltd, Rembrandt Foods, Tyson Foods, Rose Acre Farms, Interovo Egg Group. Aug 15, 2019 851
Davao egg farm ventures into organic fertilizer. Aug 13, 2019 364
Breaking the mould by cracking into free-range egg production; Matthew Steel's desire to make his mark led to him becoming responsible for thousands of British hens. Aug 12, 2019 712
Get cracking preparing for British Egg Week, say industry chairman. Aug 12, 2019 141
Agriculture Ministry urges European Commission to monitor Ukrainian egg producers more closely. Aug 9, 2019 375
Local residents raise objections to plans of Ukraine's Ovostar to build egg farm in Madliena. Aug 8, 2019 331
MME seminar highlights importance of table eggs production project for food security. Aug 7, 2019 380
Egg production unit plans to be discussed. Aug 3, 2019 258
How to create an effective HACCP plan for shell egg plants; Implementing a hazard analysis and critical control points plan creates a framework for a food safety program with continuous improvement. Anderson, Kenneth Aug 1, 2019 1764
Ventilating the world's largest cage-free layer house; With the shift toward cage free, ventilation systems will have to adapt in new laying hen housing models. Deven King Aug 1, 2019 1045
Effects of Lemon Juice on Performance, Egg Quality Trait, and Some Blood Parameters of Laying Hens in the Late Phase of Production. Gultepe, Eyup Eren; Iqbal, Aamir; Cetingul, Ibrahim Sadi; Uyarlar, Cangir; Ozcinar, Umit; Bayram, Is Aug 1, 2019 6212
The Poultry & Egg Industry in South Africa, 2019. Jul 25, 2019 613
Egg farm gets green light despite petition and hundreds of objections. Jul 24, 2019 369
Egg farm plans reaching cracking point. Jul 18, 2019 329
Egg pasteurisation joint venture starts production in Sindh. Jul 2, 2019 541
Genetic parameters and inbreeding effects for production traits of Thai native chickens. Tongsiri, Siriporn; Jeyaruban, Gilbert M.; Hermesch, Susanne; van der Werf, Julius H.J.; Li, Li; Cho Jul 1, 2019 7482
Change your words, change consumer perception; For farmers and ranchers to have a better relationship with consumers, their message needs to be value-driven, not science-based. King, Deven Jul 1, 2019 430
A Hybrid Approach of Data Envelopment Analysis Based Grey Relational Analysis: A Study on Egg Yield. Kucukonder, Hande; Demirarslan, Pinar Celebi; Burgut, Aykut; Boga, Mustafa Report Jun 30, 2019 5858
Lessons from the school farm. Jun 7, 2019 597
Egg producers fear deluge of cheap imports; Post-Brexit: Prospect of unprotected market. May 28, 2019 376
India signs MoU with Japan's ISE Foods to improve poultry farms. May 6, 2019 340
Environmental manipulation on Astyanax altiparanae out-of-season spawning. Evangelista, Mariana Machado; Sussel, Fabio Rosa; Romagosa, Elizabeth; Dupre, Enrique May 1, 2019 7319
Feeding for success in cage-free egg production; Supporting performance and welfare throughout lay is key to making a profit. Zoe Kay May 1, 2019 1408
Egg Processing Machinery Market Drivers and Key Players Strategies Analyzed Till 2026. Apr 17, 2019 466
Lay off over-size eggs, it is just a baking fad; Farms feel pinch as small eggs overlooked. Apr 4, 2019 276
Why biggest is not always best when it comes to eggs. Apr 2, 2019 347
Cal-Maine Foods CEO says 'market prices for shell eggs have been volatile'. Apr 1, 2019 335
Effects of Ginger (Zingiber officinale, Roscoe) Essential Oil on Growth and Laying Performances, Serum Metabolites, and Egg Yolk Antioxidant and Cholesterol Status in Laying Japanese Quail. Herve, Tchoffo; Raphael, Kana Jean; Ferdinand, Ngoula; Herman, Ngoumtsop Victor; Marvel, Ngouozeu Mo Mar 31, 2019 6642
MME, QDB launch drive to boost table egg production. Mar 22, 2019 383
Warner Bros CEO apologises amid sex scandal. Mar 9, 2019 783
American Egg Board backs Sharjah culinary show. Mar 3, 2019 489
Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Selenium Enriched Yeast on Egg Selenium Content and Egg production of North China Hens. Report Feb 28, 2019 3083
Objections over Northumberland County Council leader's plans to build free-range egg production unit; The town council and civic society in Ponteland have objected to the proposals for a free-range egg production unit. Feb 27, 2019 517
Eggland's Best: The incredible, edible eggbut better. Perry, Jessica Brief article Feb 20, 2019 247
Crossbred chickens: a suitable choice for rural poultry farmers. Jan 29, 2019 532
County Durham egg producer Lintz Hall Farm celebrates year of strong sales; The Burnopfield farm sells more than 200,000 eggs a year to one Asda supermarket alone. Dec 7, 2018 483
Kalash won't benefit from PM's chicken and egg business model. Dec 5, 2018 427
Following PM's 'chicken and egg' vision, govt kicks off poultry campaign. Dec 5, 2018 419
5 programs for poultry, egg producers at 2019 IPPE; Featuring more than 200 hours of educational programs and workshops. Dec 1, 2018 555
Increase consumer egg demand with a three-pronged approach; US per capita egg consumption is forecast to exceed 280 eggs in 2019, and nutrition research, consumer outreach and market development all play a role in consumption growth. Jerry Dreyer Dec 1, 2018 1123
How chicken, egg producers can win public trust; Initiative offering direct access to poultry and other farms helps to build consumer trust, engagement. Mark Clements Dec 1, 2018 1261
How egg marketing campaigns increase consumption; Repositioning eggs from being a commodity through careful branding and positioning has been proven to raise sales and consumption. Vincent Guyonnet Dec 1, 2018 673
Egging on public to make a change. Nov 1, 2018 197
Poultry farmers scoop national award for innovation in industry; Family firm packs the eggs of almost a million birds. Oct 31, 2018 306
Cal-Maine Foods Closes Acquisition of Featherland Egg Production Assets. Oct 26, 2018 222
Cal-Maine Foods Closes Acquisition of Featherland Egg Production Assets. Oct 26, 2018 229
Many free-range egg contracts 'worthless'. Oct 20, 2018 113
Cal-Maine Foods to Acquire Featherland Egg Production Assets. Oct 11, 2018 220
Cal-Maine Foods to Acquire Featherland Egg Production Assets. Oct 11, 2018 228
All-round good egg wins international acclaim. Oct 4, 2018 347
Welsh egg producer honoured with an international accolade. Oct 2, 2018 604
The status of egg production in South Africa. Oct 2, 2018 405
Cal-Maine Foods swings to net income of USD12.4m for Q1 fiscal 2019. Oct 2, 2018 170
Cal-Maine Foods Inc swings to net income of USD12.4m for Q1 fiscal 2019. Oct 1, 2018 182
Plan for free range egg farm of 32,000 hens. Sep 8, 2018 256
Can egg producers win the food safety race? Terrence O'Keefe Sep 1, 2018 374
New tools, challenges for poultry farm insect control; Insect control is an important part of poultry farm biosecurity programs and can help prevent nuisance lawsuits from neighbors. Jerry Dreyer Sep 1, 2018 1558
fresh digest. Aug 25, 2018 393
Chicken egg production up 8% in April-June-PSA. Aug 23, 2018 580
Rocketing feed costs leave free-range egg producers 'on brink'. Kevin White Aug 18, 2018 255
Potential of value-added poultry products. Aug 16, 2018 948
Uncertainty over post- Brexit eggs. Aug 11, 2018 106
IEC highlights solutions, egg industry challenges; Changing consumer and market demands are placing more pressure on egg producers, but these demands also represent opportunities. Mark Clements Aug 1, 2018 1160
NFU Cymru/ NFU Mutual Wales Woman Farmer of the Year; Royal Welsh Show July 23-26, 2018 8. Jul 10, 2018 244
Thousands flock to food festival as hot weather continues. Jul 9, 2018 657
China's chickens need to lay a billion eggs a day. Here's how they're going to do it. Jul 9, 2018 813
Effects of different dietary lipids concentrations on the egg production and egg quality produced by Macrobrachium acanthurus females. Hernandez-Abad, Guadalupe Yazmin; Hernandez-Hernandez, Luis Hector; Fernandez- Araiza, Mario Alfredo Jul 1, 2018 4003
The Effects of Drinking Water Supplemented with Essential Oils on Performance, Egg Quality and Egg Yolk Fatty Acid Composition in Laying Hens. Karadagoglu, Ozlem; Ozsoy, Bulent; Olmez, Mukremin; Aydin, Ozlem Durna; Sahin, Tarkan Jul 1, 2018 6843
Designing an effective egg farm biosecurity program; Preventing introduction of communicable disease on your farm starts with having a good biosecurity program. Deven King Jul 1, 2018 1397
Egg producers discuss cage-free production challenges; A panel of managers from four egg producers share tips and lessons learned from their cage-free flocks. Deven King Jul 1, 2018 1427
Deven King promoted to managing editor of Egg Industry. Terrence O'keefe Jul 1, 2018 303
Eggoz secures Rs. 1.2 crores funding from clutch of Angel Investors. Jun 27, 2018 504
Convenience stores going cage-free for eggs. Jun 22, 2018 670
Oversupply sees egg trade treading on shells. Jun 13, 2018 4638
Dutch firm to set up largest egg handling plant in Sindh. Jun 8, 2018 515
Dutch company to set up Pakistan's largest egg processing factory in Bin Qasim. Jun 8, 2018 380
Dutch company to set up Pakistan's largest egg processing factory in Bin Qasim. Jun 7, 2018 434
Establishment of Barkat Frisian Pasteurised egg plant in collaboration with Dutch Company in Bin Qasim. Jun 7, 2018 462
SBI supports entrepreneurship, foreign tech for setting up of modern industry. Jun 7, 2018 459
Dutch company to set up Pakistan's largest egg processing factory in Bin Qasim. Jun 7, 2018 419
Dutch company to set up egg processing factory in Bin Qasim. Jun 7, 2018 430
Economic challenges of converting to cage-free eggs; An economist looks at some of the challenges the US egg industry faces as cage-free purchase pledges from major retail and food service customers loom on the horizon. Deven King Jun 1, 2018 1066
PH yields more chicken eggs in 1st quarter. May 26, 2018 265
Clear Springs Foods opens third fish egg farm in Mackay. May 7, 2018 330
Influencia del hidrolizado de proteinas en el comportamiento bioproductivo en gallinas de la linea L1 White Leghorn. Colas, M.; Perez, O.; Tambara, Y. May 1, 2018 6481
Cage-free egg production requires 3 to 5 times more labor. Terrence O'Keefe May 1, 2018 367
A Comparative Study for Egg Production in Layers by Decision Tree Analysis. Gevrekci, Yakut; Takma, Cigdem Report Apr 30, 2018 4734
Noble rejects chick 'mutilation' claim. Apr 14, 2018 119
Cal-Maine Foods sees 'favorable consumer demand trends' in specialty egg unit. Apr 2, 2018 193
8 considerations for cage-free laying hen nutrition; Egg producers must account for more than just housing when changing production practices. Zoe Kay Apr 1, 2018 1457
US cage-free transition means more price volatility. Terrence O'Keefe Apr 1, 2018 399
Will US cage-free conversion be a marathon or a sprint? Terrence O'Keefe Feb 1, 2018 384
Taiwanese company selling product using rotten eggs for past six years. Jan 26, 2018 438
Eggs as the new superfood: Reasons to add them to your healthy diet. Jan 23, 2018 854
Cal-Maine records $26.1 million loss for quarter after settlement. Weatherly, Jack Financial report Jan 12, 2018 398
PFA active to check sale of rotten eggs. Jan 10, 2018 184
Turkey to increase egg exports to Iran. Jan 6, 2018 168
New Designees: Here's a nice way to start the year. This dedicated group of credit professionals are the latest to earn a new designation. Congratulations! Jan 1, 2018 532
Production of laying hens in different rearing systems under hot weather/Avaliacao da producao de galinhas poedeiras criadas em diferentes sistemas em clima quente. Netto, Daniel Araujo; Lima, Heder Jose D'Avila; Alves, Julia Rodrigues; de Morais, Bianca Correa; Ro Jan 1, 2018 4187
CO2-neutral egg farm opensin the Netherlands; An egg farm with poultry welfare, sustainability and the environment as core principles has opened in the Netherlands and its products are already in a leading supermarket. Mark Clements Jan 1, 2018 1107
Genetic correlations between behavioural responses and performance traits in laying hens. Rozempolska-Rucinska, Iwona; Zieba, Grzegorz; Kibala, Lucyna; Prochniak, Tomasz; Lukaszewicz, Marek Report Dec 1, 2017 3558
Consumer choice and outcome-based layer welfare standards. Terrence O'keefe Dec 1, 2017 353
5 poultry programs you don't want to miss at 2018 IPPE; Food safety, consumer trends, international trade and other hot industry topics are the focus this year. Dec 1, 2017 509
Improve poultry welfare with outcome-based standards; Welfare standards based on objective measurements of outcomes for poultry present an opportunity for innovation and will lead to improved bird welfare. Terrence O'keefe Dec 1, 2017 1203
Free-range classification relaxed following bird flu outbreaks. Nov 28, 2017 276
Punjab Rangers wins opener of CAS Challenge Polo Cup 2017. Nov 14, 2017 135
Pak Rangers (Punjab) win inaugural match of 26th CAS Challenge Polo Cup-2017. Nov 14, 2017 140
Poultry farm eggs-plosion; GWYNEDD UNIT BIDS TO JOIN FREE-RANGE RUSH. Nov 9, 2017 586
RECOLECCION SEMANAL DE HUEVOS EMBRIONADOS DE TILAPIAS (Oreochromis spp.) COMO ESTRATEGIA PRODUCTIVA EN TANQUES DE CONCRETO. Perdomo-Carrillo, Daniel Antonio; Perea-Ganchou, Fernando; Moratinos-Lopez, Pedro Antonio; Gonzalez- Ensayo Nov 1, 2017 7395
Vital Farms video disparages cage-free egg production. Terrence O'Keefe Nov 1, 2017 351
Top cage-free layer hen management tips; Five egg industry professionals offer insights on managing pullets, layers and their surroundings for maximum productivity. Austin Alonzo Nov 1, 2017 1467
In ovo sexing 2020 pledge unlikely to be met; Technologies for in ovo sexing are progressing, but several obstacles remain before any of these can be successfully commercialized. Deven King Nov 1, 2017 1057
US transition to cage-free eggs by 2025 in question; Industry professional discusses the commitment of companies to sell cage-free eggs by a certain date and what it may mean for the egg industry. Deven King Nov 1, 2017 566
Performance differences of Rhode Island Red, Bashang Long-tail Chicken, and their reciprocal crossbreds under natural cold stress. Xie, Shanshan; Yang, Xukai; Gao, Yahui; Jiao, Wenjie; Li, Xinghua; Li, Yajie; Ning, Zhonghua Report Oct 1, 2017 6340
Education required for informed egg consumer choice. Terrence O'Keefe Oct 1, 2017 356
6 common cage-free egg production mistakes; Cage-free egg specialists describe the six most common mistakes they see on farms and provide tips on how to avoid them. Austin Alonzo Oct 1, 2017 1138
3 questions on the future of perches in cage-free housing; Perches are a simple, yet integral, part of cage-free housing systems. How will they evolve to offer the most welfare and management benefits? Austin Alonzo Oct 1, 2017 1253
Contamination of eggs poses high risk to food safety. Sep 11, 2017 709
Contamination of eggs in India and egg standards. Sep 9, 2017 434
Gemperle Family pledges to convert to 100% cage free by 2023 under ongoing commitment to animal welfare and sustainable egg production. Sep 8, 2017 208
Egg sales crack over pesticide fears at Dutch chicken farms. Sep 3, 2017 134
Ovarian transcriptomic analysis of Shan Ma ducks at peak and late stages of egg production. Zhu, ZhiMing; Miao, ZhongWei; Chen, HongPing; Xin, QingWu; Li, Li; Lin, RuLong; Huang, QinLou; Zheng Report Sep 1, 2017 6524
Calculating additional cage-free production costs; Cage-free egg production requires additional labor and feed, but exactly how much? Experts offer their estimates. Austin Alonzo Sep 1, 2017 1256
Sustainable poultry production driving industry advances; Poultry producers, already leading in some areas of environmental sustainability, will face growing pressure to minimize their impact as demand for meat and eggs intensifies. Mark Clements Sep 1, 2017 1529
Farm counts blessings - and not its chickens. Aug 14, 2017 451
Counting blessings - and not chickens; SUCCESSFUL WHITEHOUSE FARM'S BIG MILESTONE ANNIVERSARY. Aug 14, 2017 520
SUPERMARKET SCARE OVER 700,000 EGGS; Brits have already eaten suspect food. Aug 11, 2017 373
SUPERMARKET SCARE OVER 700,000 EGGS; Buyers have already eaten suspect food. Aug 11, 2017 373
Why the Mexican egg industry is gradually decentralizing; Although moving slowly, the Mexican egg industry seems to be on the right track for controlling avian flu, but business and government must reach a consensus on policies. Benjamin Ruiz Aug 1, 2017 1436
Project Canaan: sharing egg farming expertise in Africa; The international egg industry is helping to foster egg production in Africa through training and sharing expertise. Mark Clements Aug 1, 2017 975
Cage-free shift causing market disruption. Terrence O'keefe Aug 1, 2017 391
5 questions about cage-free hen health, welfare; Cage-free egg farming experts answer questions about mortality, stocking density, perching and food safety. Austin Alonzo Aug 1, 2017 1684
A 'fantastic role model' for women farmers in Wales. Jul 28, 2017 179
Eight-year-old hentrepreneur; Junior sets up PS13k-a-year egg business. Jul 12, 2017 241
High voltage atmospheric cold plasma reduces Salmonella serotype Enteritidis on shell eggs. Jul 1, 2017 375
Fish by-product meal in diets for commercial laying hens/Farinha de residuo de pescado em racoes de poedeiras comerciais leves. Silva, Andre Ferreira; Cruz, Frank George Guimaraes; Rufino, Joao Paulo Ferreira; Miller, Waldo Mate Jul 1, 2017 5188
Supplementation of extract of Lafoensia pacari in the diet of semi heavy laying hens/Suplementacao de extrato de Lafoensia pacari na racao de poedeiras semipesadas. Moreira, Janaina da Silva; Siringhini, Jose Henrique; da Conceicao, Edemilson Cardoso; Arhnold, Emma Jul 1, 2017 5767
Effect of superdosing phytase on productive performance and egg quality in laying hens. Kim, Jong Hyuk; Pitargue, Franco Martinez; Jung, Hyunjung; Han, Gi Ppeum; Choi, Hyeon Seok; Kil, Don Report Jul 1, 2017 3545
Housing systems should be designed around the animal. Terrence O'Keefe Jul 1, 2017 333
Reducing aggression and floor eggs in cage-free flocks; Cage-free egg farming experts suggest ways to avoid negative behaviors that reduce bird health and productivity. Austin Alonzo Jul 1, 2017 2214
Organic egg producer focuses on providing for community; Mid-States Specialty Eggs, an organic egg producer built around Mennonite farming families, rapidly became one of the nation's largest organic egg producers, but providing livelihood for the community is its main goal. Austin Alonzo Jul 1, 2017 1234
Cracking idea as school offers hens new home. Jun 12, 2017 245
Effectiveness of the botanical insecticide azadirachtin against Tirathaba rufivena (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Zhong, Baozhu; Lv, Chaojun; Qui, Weiquan Report Jun 1, 2017 3642
How to mitigate dust and ammonia in cage-free houses; A slew of novel technologies aiming to control dust and ammonia levels inside cage-free houses are arriving to the market, but are they effective? Austin Alonzo Jun 1, 2017 1280
Latest cage-free ventilation, lighting and litter tactics; Beyond new housing systems, cage-free egg farming requires farmers to change how they approach familiar elements in the house: ventilation, lighting and litter management. Austin Alonzo Jun 1, 2017 2502
Top US egg company data sets now available to purchase; Exclusive egg company data sets from WATTAgNet's Top Poultry Companies database are now available for sale online. Jun 1, 2017 276
La influenza aviar forma parte del nuevo mundo avicola; Despues de que EUA perdio 42 millones de aves, todos esperamos que no vuelva a suceder, pero parece que la influenza aviar llego aqui para quedarse, por lo que hay que reforzar la bioseguridad y gastar mas dinero. Benjamin Ruiz Jun 1, 2017 855
Hickman's Egg Ranch's cage-free push; The Arizona egg producer will be 80 percent cage free within five years thanks to market demand for the former specialty product. Austin Alonzo May 1, 2017 1114
Cage-free conversion presents multiple opportunities. Terrence O'keefe May 1, 2017 363
American Egg Board focused on increasing US egg exports; As part of its mission to promote the consumption of US eggs, the American Egg Board is prioritizing the development of export markets. Austin Alonzo May 1, 2017 1219

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