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We've met the enemy: we're it: when the market turns downward, underwriting discipline can mean the difference between profit and loss. Oct 1, 2008 580
Theme park confidential: a family vacation to Orlando unlocks marketing insights straight from the varsity playbook. Oct 1, 2007 574
Top quality service: think your clients are thrilled with your service? Think again. Then react. Interview Jun 1, 2007 581
Tactical planning: the development of a tactical plan is a good way to stimulate ideas and concerns in your office. Jan 1, 2007 834
Form familiarity: insurance pros who know their coverage forms inside and out are more likely to impress, rather than confuse, potential clients. Column Nov 1, 2006 765
Playing to win: a good insurance operation knows the secrets of a good basketball team. Aug 1, 2006 756
To golf, or not to golf? It's wiser to prepare for a soft market than just ride it out. Column May 1, 2006 774
Covering the unthinkable: in today's world, no insurance package is really complete without terrorism insurance. Feb 1, 2006 766
Cat modeling tools: the developing science of catastrophe modeling is far from perfect, yet nearing perfection. Column Nov 1, 2005 750
Thinking the unthinkable: to effectively underwrite any potentially catastrophic peril, it's important to understand the dynamics of that peril. Aug 1, 2005 772
Water, water everywhere: in the past two decades, the underwriting of flood insurance has become more complicated. May 1, 2005 783
Pricing it right: understanding the pricing of excess reinsurance can help underwriters place layered deals. Jan 1, 2005 769
Slow road, steady success: the beauty of inland marine is the expectation of steady profitability, but it can be a long, tortuous journey. Jul 1, 2004 778
Retooling the auditing process: an audit that is properly executed will capitalize on a great opportunity to improve. Oct 1, 2003 733
Getting the right value: insurance to value is a fundamental tenet of good underwriting and should not be subject to changes in cycles. (Property/Casualty: Underwriting Insight). Jul 1, 2003 771
Knowing the competition: in the highly competitive insurance industry, we cannot afford to be negligent in analyzing our competitors. (Property/Casualty: Underwriting Insight). Apr 1, 2003 781
Learning through losses: analyzing an account after a large claim can lead to improved underwriting, prevention of more losses and better claims handling. (Property/Casualty). Jan 1, 2003 771
Maximizing the market: if this hard market doesn't last long, it's more critical than ever to seize the opportunities. (Property/Casualty: Underwriting Insight). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 760
Make time for training: several methods exist to help employees stay current in their jobs. (Property/Casualty). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 777
Raising standards: Higher prices for property insurance are not enough; underwriters must refocus on the basics to overcome years of relaxed underwriting. (Underwriting Insight Property/Casualty). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 737
The Coming Quake. Brief Article May 1, 2001 801

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