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Effectiveness of tonsillectomy.

Effectiveness of tonsillectomy

Fujihara K, Koltai PJ, Hayashi M, Tamura S, Yamanaka N. 2006. Cost effectiveness of tonsillectomy for recurrent acute tonsillitis. Ann Otol, Rhinol & Laryngol 115;5:365-9.

Tonsillectomy is generally regarded as effective in the management of recurrent acute tonsillitis however there is a disparity in the frequency of tonsillectomy across the world, suggesting a need for alternative ways of determining the benefits of this common operation. This study used a break-even time analysis which determines when the introduction of a new product or service will generate enough revenue to recover the upfront expenses generated by the new product or service.

The study evaluated the symptom of persistent sore throat 2 years after surgery in children and 3 years after surgery in adults. In children the number of sore throat episodes with fever, the number of physician visits, the number of absent school days and the number of parental days off work after tonsillectomy were significantly lower (p <0.005) after tonsillectomy than before.

The overall economic costs were recovered 1.6 years after the operation. In adults the number of sore throat episodes, physician visits and absent work days was also significantly lower (p <0.0001) with overall costs recovered at 2.5 years.

The improvements in quality of life show that tonsillectomy for recurrent acute tonsillitis is both clinically effective and cost effective for both children and adults.

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Author:Cowper, Anne
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Date:Sep 22, 2006
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