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Effective Technology Use in Low-Income Communities: Research Review for the America Connects Consortium. CCT Reports.

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This literature review examines the research on the effectiveness of strategies to increase access to technology in different U.S. communities. Issues include not only how different groups and communities access hardware, but also how they organize and interpret activities and social interactions around technology, their own perceived control over the use of advanced computer and Internet technologies, and why access to these technologies is seen to be important. The report also aims to understand barriers to, concerns about, and perceptions of technology use, and to identify viable research models for furthering understanding of these issues. The report concludes that while the research community is gaining some insight into how information and communications technologies are supporting the needs of underserved communities,important questions remain about how community organizations can best make use of existing research and how additional data can be collected to enable programs to continue to grow, innovate, and refine their technology initiatives. Some research issues and areas needing attention are outlined. (Contains 57 references.) (AEF)

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Author:Ba, Harouna; Culp, Katie McMillan; Green, Linnie; Henriquez, Andres; Honey, Margaret
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Apr 1, 2001
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