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Eenie, meenie ... : you can only take one friend along for the ride? Do the choosin' ... without losin'.

Summer's coming, but your parents have issued a challenge: Pick just one of your pals to co-star in the summer flick that is your life of weekends on the go, day trips to the amusement park and the ram beach vacation. Who do you take? Not sure? Here's how to make this jam less sticky....


First, don't freak. A simple schedule check is better than a flip of the coin. Your friends' agendas are probably as packed as yours. The gal whose social cal is wide open during your family getaway wins the free tagalong trip. No hurt feelings if your other BFF is at soccer camp that weekend anyway, right?


Even if all of your friends are available all of the time, there's still plenty of summer to go around. Having to pick one bud over another doesn't mean keeping the same friend on ice. Alternate who goes where, depending on the spot.

One girl is wild and daring? Looks like you have your rollercoaster-riding partner. The other is a little more low-key? Chilling out on the beach with some tunes and a mag is her thing.


Just when you think you have the sitch under control, your parents throw in a twist. Seems they've already decided who won't be coming along for the family vacay. Instead of getting a say in it, you're told who's traveling with you 'cause the folks think "your friend Bridget is so sweet." OK, Bridget wouldn't have been your first choice, but why fight it?

As long as the 'rents are giving permission, it doesn't really matter who's cruisin' the boardwalk with you. You've got one of your girls by your side--and that's what counts.


From the start, be upfront with your BFFs about your dilemma--being honest builds up your friendship credibility. Your summer plans are set, but a few of your friends are being a tad icy? Could be they are feeling a little left out and wondering where they really fall on your best-friend meter.

Break through the freeze by showering them with lots o' love. In between family trips, gel with your girls at sleep-overs, mall crawls and poolside pit stops. While you're away, text a "what's up?" every day at a certain time ... and shoot out plenty of handwritten postcards. You'll rack up major friendship points. Wish you were here!
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Author:Chase-Hyman, Paula
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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