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Eeeh by heck, that rogue Terry is back.

THE return of the rogue is a recurring theme in Soap Land and this week we have a prime suspect in our midst in the shape of Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro).

Eeeh, by `eck, that lads got a PhD in roguery and no mistake.

On Monday, we find him in the Rovers catching up with old friends from Coronation Street, when one particular piece of information catches his attention.

Namely the fact that Jack (Bill Tarmey) and Vera (Elizabeth Dawn) were considering paying for Jack's heart op privately.

A large thought bubble appears above our Terry's head when he realises his old man must have more money than he thought and that maybe it's worth him hanging around a bit longer.

Throw in a frisson of romance with the hapless Sharon (Tracie Bennett) and the scene for mayhem is well and truly set by Friday.

The course of true love is running awry everywhere you turn in The Street. Toyah (Georgia Taylor) is still mooning over Spider (Martin Hancock) and the feeling seems mutual but they are having trouble keeping their budding relationship a secret.

Alison (Naomi Radcliffe) and Kev (Michael Le Vell) are having problems, too. That Sally (Sally Whittaker) will have summat to do with it ...

In EastEnders on Monday, Bianca (Patsy Palmer) heads to Manchester for her interview at art college (she always did have an eye for colour ...). On her return, Dan (Craig Fairbrass) comes over all smarmy and by Thursday she's even more confused than everabout this tortuous love triangle.

A wary Natalie (Lucy Speed), meanwhile is introducing the hapless Barry (Shaun Williamson) to her parents. Her mother continually puts her down and Barry, protective hunter- gatherer that he is, can scarcely hold his tongue.

In Emmerdale, the course of true love is not running smoothly for my favourite characters, Butch (Paul Loughran) and Emily (Kate McGregor). Zak (Steve Haliwell) decides to help Butch get over the problem with Emily's father John (Seamus O'Neill).

For once in his life, he takes a diplomatic approach, and his words seem to strike a chord but Emily's hopes are dashed when her dad tells her it's his responsibility to protect her from a troublemaker like Butch.

The intrigue surrounding the pub continues when Seth (Stan Richards) hitches a lift with Stella (Stephanie Schonfield) and discovers she's going to visit her business adviser.

Bernice (Samantha Giles), meanwhile, is worried about having to move once the Woolpack has been sold. Little does she know greasy Gavin (Robert Beck) has plans.

On Wednesday, the pub issue comes to a head and Stella resolves it in spectacular fashion. Good for Bernice is all I will say ...

Greg The Pec (Mark Moraghan) is losing his marbles over Susannah (Karen Drury) in Brookside and, on Friday, he announces to mum Jess (Marji Campi) he's leaving Margi (Bernadette Foley) for her. Don't do it Greg!

There's also trouble ahead when Luke Musgrove (Jason Kavanagh) returns to the Close - a free man.

In Home and Away, Chloe (Kirsty Wright) and James (Michael Piccirilli) continue to bicker but there's some devastating news about Lachie - who headed off to the States some time back.

In Neighbours, Paul (Jansen Spencer) warns Tad (Jonathan Dutton) off Hannah (Rebecca Ritters) and it's a bad week for the poor boy as he also has to face the harsh reality that his family is falling apart.

By Friday Paul has whisked Hannah away for a romantic evening but Phil (Ian Rawlings) puts paid to their little outing.

In Hollyoaks, Ruth (Terri Dwyer) proclaims to livid Kate (Natasha Symms) they're going to be flatmates while Gina (Danielle Brent) is amazed at Kate's wickedness.

Finn (James Redmond), meanwhile, receives a mysterious letter from Ireland.

As for Family Affairs, well, if your read the Soap of the Week slot on page 21, you'll realise there's drama aplenty - and no mistake.
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Date:Aug 14, 1999
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