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Tackle dwindling education standards now, group urges govt, stakeholders. Oct 7, 2021 371
Our education crisis. Why and what next? Oct 5, 2021 1022
A Sharp Critique of Standards-Based Reform: Polikoff pins his hopes on high-quality curricula selected by the states. Wexler, Natalie Sep 22, 2021 1144
President asks universities to raise education standards, increase student enrollment. Sep 15, 2021 241
President asks universities to raise education standards, increase student enrollment. Sep 15, 2021 241
President Alvi underlines need for improvement in education standards in universities and increase in enrollment of students. Sep 15, 2021 254
Crackdown on university education standards planned to protect course quality; The Office for Students (OfS) has set out proposed new requirements to protect quality and standards in higher education. By, Eleanor Busby, PA & Brett Gibbons Jul 20, 2021 610
SNC and unanswered questions. Jul 18, 2021 714
JAMB And Myth Of Declining Education Standards. Jul 10, 2021 1378
Educational standards of medical programs to be ensured: PMC. Jul 6, 2021 338
Educational standards of medical programs to be ensured: PMC. Jul 6, 2021 338
PMC to ensure educational standards of medical programmes. Jul 2, 2021 338
PMC to ensure educational standards of medical programs. Jun 22, 2021 338
PMC to ensure educational standards of medical programs. Jun 22, 2021 338
National Financial Educators Council releases guidelines for kids' financial literacy standards. Jun 8, 2021 180
National Financial Educators Council releases guidelines for kids' financial literacy standards. Jun 8, 2021 182
Readers' Letters: Time to end Scottish Parliament experiment; After 14 years of one-party rule it seems to me that the experiment should be over. Educational standards have fallen; policing is a joke for most areas; poverty is increasing; economic growth is down; NHS Scotland is not funded properly. The list is almost endless and a fanatical pursuit of independence by the SNP has split the country. Scotsman Letters Letter to the editor May 14, 2021 1615
kite building--when calculus will not work: Kite projects employed in the STEM classroom can cover over a dozen high school educational standards. Trout, K.P.; Trout, William P.; Le, Huy Report May 1, 2021 1845
Readers' Letters; G Alexander (Letters, 23 April) claims, without evidence, that academic standards in schools have declined greatly under SNP governments. Although I never voted for these, as a retired teacher and lecturer, I disagree. Standards have risen. I could not now pass exams even in subjects I taught. Scotsman Letters Letter to the editor Apr 30, 2021 1627
Scottish election 2021: Tories claim SNP 'wasted' 1,488 minutes debating independence referendum in last parliament term; Douglas Ross said the Scottish Government had "squandered" time on independence in Holyrood's last term rather than debating how to stop the rise in drug deaths and the "slide" in education standards. Gina Davidson Apr 27, 2021 581
Challenges for implementing WFME standards for accreditation in health professions education in low and middle-income countries: A scoping review. Rafi, Aisha; Anwar, Muhammad Idrees Report Mar 31, 2021 5442
Corporal punishment prohibition law's passage to help improve education standards: Ashrafi. Feb 24, 2021 164
Single national curriculum to improve educational standards: Shafqat. Feb 8, 2021 393
Shafqat Mehmood explains how new curriculum will benefit students. Feb 7, 2021 409
Standards for technological and engineering literacy and STEM education: STEL provides STEM educators with not only a comprehensive guide for delivering big ideas and core disciplinary content, but also identifies contexts within which these big ideas might be applied, suggests disciplinary alignment and integration strategies, provides a crosswalk matrix that helps align lessons to other sets of standards from complementary disciplines, and makes suggestions for connecting standards, engineering practices, and core content to the 21st Century Learning Skills. Daugherty, Michael; Carter, Vinson; Sumner, Anna Feb 1, 2021 2936
Education ministry sets up committee to oversee curriculum standards. Jan 23, 2021 563
GROUNDHOG LAW. Delgado, Richard Jan 1, 2021 8760
Successful activities of SC Government and OSCE on raising education standards. Dec 22, 2020 252
TEN YEARS OF FAILURE; JACK MCCONNELL SLAMS GOVERNMENT FOR LETTING GENERATION OF KIDS DOWN IN DECADE OF DISASTER Former first minister and teacher says scrapping next year's exams is just the latest in long line of bad decisions that have led to falling education standards. John Ferguson Political Editor Dec 13, 2020 980
Single National Curriculum: where do we stand? Dec 13, 2020 2262
Universities have golden opportunity to enhance educational standards through virtual education: President Dr. Arif Alvi. Nov 29, 2020 268
President underlines need for enhancing educational standards through virtual education. Nov 29, 2020 265
Universities have golden opportunity to enhance their educational standards through virtual education: President Alvi. Nov 29, 2020 279
Universities have golden opportunity to enhance educational standards through virtual education: President Dr. Arif Alvi. Nov 29, 2020 268
President underlines need for enhancing educational standards through virtual education. Nov 29, 2020 265
King's School brings top UK academic standards to Bangkok. Nov 28, 2020 302
safety in STEM education standards and frameworks: a comparative content analysis. Love, Tyler S.; Duffy, Brian C.; Loesing, Mary L.; Roy, Kenneth R.; West, Sandra S. Report Nov 1, 2020 3562
Acting VC underlines joint efforts for promoting educational standards at SAU. Sep 23, 2020 307
Pisa tests postponed. Jul 18, 2020 407
Introducing a health information literacy competencies map: connecting the Association of American Medical Colleges Core Entrustable Professional Activities and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Common Program Requirements to the Association of College & Research Libraries Framework. Brennan, Emily A.; Ogawa, Rikke Sarah; Thormodson, Kelly; von Isenburg, Megan Jul 1, 2020 5885
Content Topic Development for Elementary Agricultural Education Curriculum. Peake, Jason; Rubenstein, Eric; Byrd, Benjamin Jul 1, 2020 4825
The S.E.L.F. Approach: Systems and Experiential Learning Framework for Fieldwork and Capstone Education Development. Delbert, Theresa; Stepansky, Kasey; Lekas, Tina Jun 22, 2020 5417
Examining the Academic Effects of Developmental Education Reform: Faculty Perceptions from a Large, Public, Urban University. Lane, Cary; Schrynemakers, Ilse; Kim, Miseon Mar 22, 2020 9453
Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy: The Role of Technology and Engineering in STEM Education. Mar 1, 2020 2391
Row over education standards after fall in pass rates; ? Moray Council admits there is an 'area for improvement'. CALUM ROSS Feb 26, 2020 436
'There's nothing like a crisis to bring a good team together...' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks with Owen Evans, the chief executive of S4C, about the tough decisions he has had to take - and about how he tried to improve educational standards in his previous role. Feb 19, 2020 1094
Government in crisis meeting after curriculum halted. Feb 7, 2020 865
ESEA: Title I-A Standards, Assessments, Accountability, Report Cards, and Frequently Asked Questions. Skinner, Rebecca R. Report Feb 1, 2020 20864
Mombasa county to invest in ECDs to improve education standards. Jan 21, 2020 632
Brian Monteith: Falling education standards can be laid at the SNP's door. Dec 30, 2019 1106
Achievement of Gender Mainstreaming in Islamic Schooling Based on the National Education Standard in Indonesia. Riswani, Riswani; Susanti, Rita; Bakhtiar, Nurhasanah; Zein, Masud; Khaidir, Eniwati; Taher, Musa Report Dec 1, 2019 4984
World Federation for Medical Education: Appropriateness of Basic Medical Education standards in Pakistan. Gohar Wajid, Ahsan Sethi, Rehan Ahmed Khan and Hira Shireen Aamir Oct 31, 2019 3532
CSC Balochistan vows whole-hearted support to improve education standards. Oct 24, 2019 310
PHC regrets declining educational standards at Edwardes College. Oct 23, 2019 721
Occupational Therapy's Work and Industry Area of Practice: Content in Entry-Level Professional Occupational Therapy Curricula: A Survey. Fisher, Thomas F. Sep 22, 2019 5174
Education ministry conducts comparative analysis of Pakistan curricula to improve syllabus. Aug 28, 2019 524
Online Education Standards. Aug 9, 2019 309
Teacher certification in Saudi Arabia key to raising education standards. Jul 18, 2019 553
Academia-Industry partnership may lead to higher education standards: Experts. Jul 10, 2019 481
Online Learning And Competitiveness: Incorporating Teaching Strategies And Software That Encourage Ethical Behavior. Casey, Kevin; Casey, K. Michael; Griffin, Ken Jul 1, 2019 4038
Kericho's Sh129m bursary to improve education standards. Jun 28, 2019 108
MP raises Cleveland education standards in House; excellence can be delivered - clarke. May 21, 2019 499
Financial literacy to become part of new curriculum: Shafqat. May 3, 2019 878
Financial literacy to become part of new curriculum: Shafqat Mahmood. May 3, 2019 878
Financial literacy to become part of new curriculum: Minister. May 3, 2019 648
'Financial literacy to become part of new curriculum'. May 2, 2019 262
Education ministry to hold training workshop on curriculum designing. Apr 23, 2019 254
Shafqat appreciates KP govt's measures to improve education standards. Apr 9, 2019 540
Adding to the fall in education standards. Mar 26, 2019 201
Making a Difference: The Promise of Catholic School Standards. Ozar, Lorraine A.; O'Neill, Patricia Weitzel; Barton, Teresa; Calteaux, Elizabeth; Yi, Shiya Report Mar 22, 2019 10305
The National Catholic Standards as a Unifying Strategy. Fortier, Henry Mar 22, 2019 2060
College Readiness in Post-Remedial Academia: Faculty Observations from Three Urban Community Colleges. Schrynemakers, Ilse; Lane, Cary; Beckford, Ian; Kim, Miseon Report Mar 22, 2019 7013
We Want To Set New Educational Standards In Nigeria - NGO. Feb 28, 2019 300
THE CASE FOR CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Scripture and church fathers clearly state that education should be God-centered, but God is banned from public schools. Wayne, Israel Feb 4, 2019 2308
AASL Standards: Why Do We Need New Standards and What Changed? Whitton, Cody A. Essay Feb 1, 2019 2245
Short Communication - Study of curriculum of Doctor of Physical therapy programme based on World Federation of Medical Education standards. Dec 31, 2018 2108
DUNKWA EDUCATION DIRECTORATE EMPOWERS CIRCUIT SUPERVISORS ...Towards improving education standards. Nov 22, 2018 232
PTI govt to improve education standards: Shafqat. Nov 16, 2018 193
Amansie West headteachers, SMCs, PTAs build capacity raise education standards. Nov 15, 2018 537
GRADES K - 12: First-ever National Food Education Standards for K-12 Education Put on the Classroom Menu. Nov 1, 2018 441
Tain Assembly fights poor education standards. Oct 18, 2018 259
Govt wants to raise education standards: Sarwar. Oct 6, 2018 122
Govt wants to raise education standards: Sarwar. Oct 6, 2018 119
ELA instructional shifts. Oct 1, 2018 385
Fear and Loathing Standardized: A Review of Common Core: National Education Standards and the Threat to Democracy. Rayle, Joseph Sep 22, 2018 2280
National Quality Standard in schools: Leadership enabling power and agency. Barblett, Lennie; Kirk, Gillian Case study Sep 1, 2018 6216
IFAC PLANS OVERHAUL OF EDUCATION STANDARDS. Fass, Nancy Brief article Sep 1, 2018 152
Embu leaders blame miraa trade for falling education standards. Jul 25, 2018 427
HEC urges universities to uphold academic standards. Jul 4, 2018 346
HEC urges universities to uphold academic standards, follow HEC semester guidelines. Jul 4, 2018 350
HEC urges universities to uphold academic standards. Jul 4, 2018 346
HEC urges universities to uphold academic standards. Jul 3, 2018 355
Cantor: The state needs to fix the teacher evaluation mess. Jun 12, 2018 439
Reading by design: A longitudinal study of action research. Hampton, Derek Report Jun 1, 2018 5956
Headteachers warn cash crisis at Wirral schools could hit education standards; Claim more than half of schools in the borough will be operating at a loss by next year. May 17, 2018 489
Power, influence, and deja vu. Heller, Rafael Editorial May 1, 2018 797
Govt taking steps to improve education standards: Marriyum. Apr 26, 2018 104
standards for technological literacy: past, present, and future: forming a group of individuals to develop standards identifying what every technologically literate student should know and be able to do was no easy task. Dugger, William E., Jr.; Moye, Johnny J. Apr 1, 2018 2545
An Informal Assessment of Twenty-First-Century Skills Developed Through Hidden Curriculum in Theatre Studies. Carolan, Claire Mar 22, 2018 1174
Efforts on to improve education standards at DMC-run schools: Nayer. Mar 8, 2018 122
Capacity building of teachers stressed to improve education standards. Mar 8, 2018 341
Efforts on to improve education standards at DMC-run schools: Nayyer. Mar 8, 2018 116
Uni festival showcases student-led innovation; EDUCATION WALES A pilot innovation festival showcasing student ideas kicks off at Cardiff University this month. Amanda Coffey, the university's Pro Vice Chancellor for Student Experience and Academic Standards, explains why students and staff must nurture change in the years ahead. Mar 1, 2018 641
Army chief vows whole-hearted support to improve education standards. Feb 24, 2018 160
Amisi commits to enhance education standards in Saboti. Feb 21, 2018 289
RELATIONSHIPS MATTER: The Impact of Collegial Collaboration on Adolescent Literacy. Diaz, Anabelle; Visone, Jeremy Report Feb 1, 2018 2382
Pupils INWALEs won't be taking the tolerance test. Jan 26, 2018 653
No tolerance test for Welsh teens. Jan 26, 2018 117
The Boss' Healthy Buddies Nutrition Resource Is Effective for Elementary School Students. Pittman, David W.; Bland, Ida R.; Cabrera, Isai D.; Franck, Kassie E.; Perkins, Emily L.; Schmidt, N Jan 1, 2018 6115
Chief secretary to file reply on dual education standards in Sindh. Dec 29, 2017 984
Academic standards: Quality in education possible by upholding merit, says AJK president. Dec 27, 2017 391
Federal HEC only to maintain education standards, CCI decides. Dec 25, 2017 743
Civil rights campaigners to argue on poor education standards. Dec 21, 2017 542
CCI decides to constitute National Task Force to improve education standards. Nov 25, 2017 280
MoU signed to improve educational standards. Nov 22, 2017 127
Govt committed to improve quality of education: Baligh. Jul 21, 2017 368
Special education standards: Supreme Court raises level of benefit. Dunn, Joshua Jun 22, 2017 718
'I will continue listening to teachers and learners' Education Secretary Kirsty Williams reflects on a year in office that has seen a number of initiatives introduced to boost educational standards in Wales. Jun 22, 2017 612
Desmos battleship. Stohlmann, Micah Jun 22, 2017 1917
GLOBAL STANDARDS FOR ENHANCING QUALITY IN ONLINE LEARNING. Martin, Florence; Polly, Drew; Jokiaho, Annika; May, Birgit Report Jun 22, 2017 4495
A common core curriculum quandary: for Eureka Math, open-source leads to a revenue stream. Petrilli, Michael J. Jun 22, 2017 1110
Poor education standards. May 31, 2017 348
Trump vows to tackle common core, return education to locals. May 8, 2017 331
Learning deeply. Brief article May 1, 2017 162
Return of the pig: standards for learning improvement. Fulcher, Keston H.; Smith, Kristen L.; Sanchez, Elizabeth R.H.; Ames, Allison J.; Meixner, Cara Jan 1, 2017 13682
ICTs being utilized to improve education standards. Nov 4, 2016 328
An evaluation of the evidence base for performance feedback to improve teacher praise using CEC's quality indicators. Sweigart, Chris A.; Collins, Lauren W.; Evanovich, Lauren L.; Cook, Sara Cothren Report Nov 1, 2016 8772
Making grades more meaningful: students at 11 high-needs Kentucky high schools experienced stronger correlations between course grades and standardized test scores after their schools switched to standards-based grading practices. Hochbein, Craig; Pollio, Marty Nov 1, 2016 2952
ESSA: what it changes for educators. Gagne, Michael Oct 1, 2016 356
William E. Dugger, Jr., DTE. Moye, Johnny J.; Dugger, William E., Jr. Interview Oct 1, 2016 1832
Diplomas count 2016: remaking high schools. Aug 1, 2016 413
Louisiana re-brands common core in attempt to dupe citizens. Jul 4, 2016 336
City launches plan for better education standards. Jun 29, 2016 286
Peer Observation and Evaluation Tool (POET): a formative peer review supporting scholarly teaching. Crabtree, Jeffrey L.; Scott, Patricia J.; Kuo, Fengyi Report Jun 22, 2016 7239
Student perceptions of scholarly writing. O'Brien, Shirley Peganoff; Marken, Dory; Petrey, Kelsey Bennett Report Jun 22, 2016 7887
Guimaras State College Quality Assurance Status: An Evaluation. Sollano, Mona Liza H. Report Jun 1, 2016 4673
Allegations of Fearmongering in Education Board Runoff. May 17, 2016 1506
Dr. Atta for educational emergency in Pakistan. Brief article Apr 10, 2016 206
Teachers training vital for quality education: HEC. Brief article Apr 10, 2016 212
Embracing the common core. Apr 1, 2016 317
Increasing the efficiency of education systems by improving human resource management. Bucata, George; Rizescu, Alexandru Marius Apr 1, 2016 2248
Academies have role to play in raising education standards. Mar 30, 2016 539
PISES Riyadh sets high academic standards. Mar 23, 2016 791
Teachers oppose dropping Brevet exams. Mar 18, 2016 699
Educators Rising develops standards to guide preparation of future teachers. Mar 1, 2016 418
PMERP launched to enhance education standards in federal capital. Feb 16, 2016 152
North East education standards will improve with more academies says Education Secretary; Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has backed the Chronicle's 'Teach First' campaign. Feb 2, 2016 1026
Maine bill would block common core standards--maybe. Brief article Jan 25, 2016 286
Rajwana stresses improvement in law education standards, professional ethics. Jan 16, 2016 475
Prosperity requires more rational testing: standardized assessments take the art out of teaching and measure wrong skills. Urzillo, Robert L. Jan 1, 2016 577
An Evaluation of National Professional Standards of Public Sector School Teachers at Primary Level in District Peshawar. Khan, Rahim; Islam, Saiful Dec 31, 2015 3196
Educational standards can be improved by trained teachers: Experts. Dec 19, 2015 231
Govt increased in education budget to promote academic standards: Baligh. Dec 16, 2015 377
For the love of the child: bestowing value amidst inconsistent inclusive education beliefs and practices for one student with severe disabilities. Mooney, Laura Rae; Lashewicz, Bonnie Report Dec 1, 2015 8493
Smarter balanced: setup for failure: state should acknowledge there's a problem and work to correct it. Banfield, Ann Marie Nov 27, 2015 552
Competency-based ed stresses success over seat time. Zalaznick, Matt Nov 1, 2015 577
Declining Education Standards. Oct 31, 2015 142
Promoting ESEA reauthorization. Brief article Oct 16, 2015 136
Literacy education: a political journey. Bean, Wendy Oct 1, 2015 599
Mathematics Instruction and the Common Core: Where Do We Go from Here? Q&A with William Schmidt, Ph.D. REL Mid-Atlantic Webinar. Report Oct 1, 2015 226
Aligning with the standards. O'Hanley, Heidi Sep 30, 2015 833
What did race to the top accomplish? Weiss, Joanne; Hess, Frederick M. Discussion Sep 22, 2015 4219
Gender-Sensitive budget allocation to improve education standards. Sep 20, 2015 328
Gender-Sensitive budget allocation to improve education standards. Sep 20, 2015 328
Attitudes of Kuwait University students towards Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Bouhmama, Djilali; Bouhmama, Soumia Report Sep 1, 2015 3470
By the numbers: U.S. in the manufacturing landscape. Brown, Alan S. Sep 1, 2015 681
Pakistan introduces project for knowledge based economy'. Brief article Aug 23, 2015 159
Tech Education' can drive Pakistan forward. Brief article Aug 23, 2015 192
Hutchinson urges renaming common core. Brief article Aug 17, 2015 174
Govt making efforts for raising educational standards: Mashhood. Aug 14, 2015 315
Task force calls for continuation of Common Core. Aug 3, 2015 248
Teachers talk about their learning: a Bakhtinian analysis. Talbot, Debra Report Jul 1, 2015 7406
Law journal collections: accreditation issues and imperatives for law libraries. Onwudinjo, Oliver T.U. Report Jul 1, 2015 4442
Effects of nutrition on educational standards of school children of a developing country. Jun 30, 2015 1037
Hutchinson open to bidding for new provider of tests. Jun 29, 2015 346
The "Lost C": capitalizing on communities within and beyond the L2 classroom. Perrone, Lisa Ferrante Report Jun 22, 2015 7405
The obstacles which facing the development of physical education curriculum in the Arab Republic of Egypt-Delphi method. Dahshoury, Marwa El Report Jun 15, 2015 3444
Respecting science, respecting tradition: evidence-based care in the integrative medicine professions. Wardle, Jon Jun 1, 2015 7509
The basics about Common Core, testing: the annual assessment is part of the way schools are held accountable for the almost $1 billion the state spends on education. Rafio, Tom May 15, 2015 598
President determined to restore education standards in Karachi. May 14, 2015 518
Parents can provide feedback on education standards. May 7, 2015 194
30,000 students to undergo nationwide tests. May 4, 2015 415
Defining high-quality career and technical education: Building a framework for best practice. Hyslop, Alisha; Imperatore, Catherine May 1, 2015 2433
Education Ministries of Kyrgyzstan, Russia have agreed to continue adaptation of Russian textbooks to Kyrgyz educational standards. Apr 21, 2015 108
Common core: too hard for kindergartners? Brief article Apr 1, 2015 241
Not all parents make the grade in today's schools: education reforms have added choice, raised standards, and made schools safer places, but parents haven't acquired the necessary skills to navigate this new education landscape. Horvat, Erin McNamara; Baugh, David E. Apr 1, 2015 3146
Engage families for anywhere, anytime learning: as we reimagine learning to keep pace with more exacting demands for education and citizenship, we must look to how we engage families, schools, and community organizations, especially those in lower-income situations. Weiss, Heather B.; Lopez, M. Elena Apr 1, 2015 2917
Standards-based grading and reporting will improve education: making clear linkages between standards, assessment, grading, and reporting that are concisely reported work for the betterment of ALL students. Munoz, Marco A.; Guskey, Thomas R. Apr 1, 2015 2933
In the battle over testing, only the children should win. Ferguson, Maria Apr 1, 2015 1349
Kappan has a new Common Core Writing Project. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 137
A comparative analysis of distance education quality assurance standards. Southard, Sheryne; Mooney, Mara Report Mar 22, 2015 5351
PS12m plan to boost city education standards. Mar 12, 2015 384
2-year college presidents back Tennessee academic standards: presidents say higher standards need to ensure higher education success. Johnson, Lucas L., II Mar 2, 2015 508
Let projects: be your guide. Gatlin, Jennifer Mar 1, 2015 1261
STEM and CTE: a perfect match. Blosveren, Kate; Voytek, Steve Mar 1, 2015 1985
CTE and the common core can address the problem of silos. Pearson, Donna Mar 1, 2015 2316
Implementing the next generation science standards. Penuel, William R.; Harris, Christopher J.; Debarger, Angela Haydel Mar 1, 2015 2621
A mentoring program drills down on the common core. Davis, Emily; Sinclair, Steve; Gschwend, Laura Mar 1, 2015 3165
A comparison of standardized curricula for independent voice instruction. Shandro, Shaunna Mar 1, 2015 3943
'Slow progress' in improving council's education standards. Feb 19, 2015 614
Teacher training in Missouri facing stronger scrutiny: state adding new report card for schools, assessments for college students aspiring to be teachers. Addo, Koran Feb 16, 2015 987
MLA looks to expand community college partnerships. Morris, Catherine Conference notes Feb 12, 2015 609
Lowering of educational standards; LETTER FROM THE PAST. Feb 10, 2015 126
A critical moment for public education in N.H.: a number of bills proposed in the Legislature would undo the progress we've made. Raffio, Tom Feb 6, 2015 503
Education standards in Wales are worse than Eastern Europe - Crabb. Feb 4, 2015 1086
King Salman merges ministries to boost educational standards. Feb 2, 2015 386
Nationalizing school standards through ObamaCore. Hoar, William P. Feb 2, 2015 1811
UCy rector slams poor public education standards (updated). Jan 29, 2015 567
Educational standards hold the key : SQU official. Jan 12, 2015 238
Governor assents 'Sindh School Education Standards, Curriculum Act 2014'. Jan 9, 2015 401
Powerful work-based learning. Jacobson, Kinga Jan 1, 2015 2378
Building high-quality work-based learning programs for high school students. Alteld, Corinne Jan 1, 2015 2507
Testing times across the nation. DeNisco, Alison Jan 1, 2015 610
Outlook 2015: debut of DA's annual year-ahead issue reveals predictions for the new year. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 250
Rethinking the high school diploma: education next talks with chester e. finn, jr., richard d. kahlenberg and sandy kress. Jan 1, 2015 3332
Common core in the classroom: new standards help teachers create effective lesson plans. Boyd, Lucy Jan 1, 2015 725
Setting the standard for challenge: teaching English in Dimen, China. Weick, Cynthia W.; Costigan, Samuel J.; Cunningham, Lindsey J.; Zeiser, Shelly R.; Campbell, Jackson Jan 1, 2015 6545
The school choice journey: Parents experiencing more than improved test scores. Stewart, Thomas; Wolf, Patrick J. Report Jan 1, 2015 2514
STEM integration in mathematics standards. Capraro, Mary Margaret; Nite, Sandra B. Report Dec 22, 2014 5016
Lowest common denominators, politicians and Common core. Crawford, Bill Dec 19, 2014 474
The chicago story. Brief article Dec 9, 2014 243
Meeting the Australian National Quality Standards: a case study of the professional learning needs of early childhood educators. Barber, Hannah; Cohrssen, Caroline; Church, Amelia Case study Dec 1, 2014 5209
Encouraging reflective practice with future early childhood teachers to support the national standards: an Australian case study. Lemon, Narelle; Garvis, Susanne Case study Dec 1, 2014 4084
Building Leadership Capacity in California's Public Education Systems: Lessons from the SCALE Initiative. Knudson, Joel Report Dec 1, 2014 477
Is "learning by doing" important? A study of doing-based learning: this is the second in a series of articles discussing the Doing-Based Learning study. Moye, Johnny J.; Dugger, William E., Jr.; Starkweather, Kendall N. Report Nov 1, 2014 4549
The diploma deficit: the problem is not college debt, it's low graduation rates. Fix that, and you fix the economy. Fishman, Rachel Nov 1, 2014 3116
Common ground: integrating the common core and CTE. Richner, David Nov 1, 2014 2724
The common core goes green. Cruse, Michael Nov 1, 2014 938
Teachers Favor Common Core Standards, Not the Testing. Lyons, Linda Survey Oct 29, 2014 1304
Public School Parents Now Divided on Common Core. McCarthy, Justin Survey Oct 28, 2014 1019
U.S. Teachers Offer Split Decision on Common Core. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 28, 2014 1242
It would have been better if Jeb Bush never went to North Carolina. McManus, John F. Brief article Oct 20, 2014 102
If you don't know we're at war, then it's time to wake up. Brooke, Amy Essay Oct 1, 2014 1190
Educating people, connecting worlds: CEO shares how work in nonprofits can forge global relationships. Hazelwood, Janell P. Interview Oct 1, 2014 642
Educators' perceptions and knowledge of the common core state standards. Nadelson, Louis S.; Pluska, Heidi; Moorcroft, Scott; Jeffrey, Annnie; Woodard, Susan Sep 22, 2014 7254
Data meeting model: developing data focused pre-service teachers. Hoaglund, Amy E.; Birkenfeld, Karen J.; Bluiett, Tarsha Report Sep 22, 2014 2700
Common core. Smith, Patricia Brief article Sep 1, 2014 140
Career and thchnical education is the theme. Kreamer, Kate Blosveren Column Sep 1, 2014 1786
Try it again, Uncle Sam: the 46th annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools. Bushaw, William J.; Calderon, Valerie J. Survey Sep 1, 2014 2493
Communicate or modify. Bushaw, William J. Report Sep 1, 2014 4000
Support the common core with the right instructional materials: finding strong instructional materials is crucial to realizing the promise of the common core, and there are tools available to help educators identify them. Leifer, Rachel; Udall, Denis Sep 1, 2014 3088
Intellectual nutrition for the snack food junkie: what's in that bag of cookies or chips could be an opening to a wholesome discussion and project in which learners fully engage in technical writing. Miller, Donna L. Sep 1, 2014 2279
Common core: put to the test: state legislatures have become ground zero for the new Common Core education standards. Exstrom, Michelle; Thatcher, Dan Sep 1, 2014 2486
Inclusion solutions: exploring standards, English language arts, and the inclusion classroom. Yearta, Lindsay Sheronick; Jones, Julie P.; Griffin, Jonathan Report Sep 1, 2014 2280
Understanding the new AACSB standards. Krom, Cynthia L.; Buchholz, Alexander K. Aug 1, 2014 2801
What really matters in stem education. Brown, Alan S. Discussion Jul 1, 2014 2329
Good reasons abound to oppose Common Core: it's time for a real debate on centralized standards. McCluskey, Neal Jul 1, 2014 665
Informational text comprehension: its challenges and how collaborative strategic reading can help. McCown, Margaret Averill; Thomason, Gina B. Report Jun 22, 2014 9339
Council for Exceptional Children: standards for evidence-based practices in special education. Jun 22, 2014 4567
Preparing teachers for assessment within diverse classrooms: an analysis of teacher candidates' conceptualizations. DeLuca, Christopher; Lam, Chi Yan Jun 22, 2014 9189
Tilting at windmills. Jun 1, 2014 2881
USAID projects instrumental in triggering development. Brief article May 25, 2014 224
2014 ACTE National Policy Seminar recap. Lynch, Sean Conference notes May 1, 2014 1613
Grassroots CTE advocacy from the back forty. Werden, Rob Column May 1, 2014 1816
3 Hurdles for Common Core adoption: the pitched battle over Common Core State Standards has many of the hallmarks of prior edu-wars, but it also has three unique facets that could help or hurt it, depending on how they are handled. Ferguson, Maria Column May 1, 2014 1495
Common Core and Agenda 21: producing green global serfs. Apr 21, 2014 355
To the core: house stands behind new education standards. Landrigan, Kevin Apr 4, 2014 437
Latest SAT overhaul aligns with Common Core. DeNisco, Alison Apr 1, 2014 480
Theatre is the common core. Eyring, Teresa Apr 1, 2014 789
Common core failure. Remington, Jess Brief article Apr 1, 2014 272
The lost opportunity of the Common Core state standards: until we focus on closing opportunity gaps, the Common Core will be part of the problem, and its potential benefits will never be realized. Welner, Kevin G. Apr 1, 2014 1023
A new agenda for Brazilian education: Brazil has come a long way in improving its public schools, but new reforms that lengthen the school day and improve teaching and compensation are still needed. de Castro, Maria Helena Guimaraes Essay Apr 1, 2014 1193
Data-driven student achievement. Patterson, Greg Apr 1, 2014 535
Catholicizing the common core. Roewe, Brian Mar 28, 2014 1566
The core's scarlet B. Roewe, Brian Mar 28, 2014 649
Information fuels support for salool reform. Henderson, Michael B.; Howell, William G.; Peterson Paul E. Survey Mar 22, 2014 4850
Survey details. Brief article Mar 22, 2014 157
The next generation science standards, common core state standards, and English learners: using the SSTELLA framework to prepare secondary science teachers. Tolbert, Sara; Stoddart, Trish; Lyon, Edward G.; Solis, Jorge Mar 22, 2014 9356
Our falling educational standards. Mar 19, 2014 1577
Backyard Advocacy. Knue, Tim Column Mar 1, 2014 2113
Class rank weighs down true learning: teaching and grading schemes that work to select the most talented students often fail to benefit all students and to notice promising students. Guskey, Thomas R. Mar 1, 2014 3325
Student-as-client. Mahatmya, Duhita; Brown, Russell C.; Johnson, Alexandra D. Mar 1, 2014 2641
Milwaukee voucher school closes in mid-year after owners flee state. Mar 1, 2014 541
High schools: grow up! Ferguson, Maria Feb 1, 2014 1428
Deteriorated education system in Sindh. Mallah, Amjad Ali Jan 26, 2014 1102
Govt in process to raise educational standards at schools in city. Jan 3, 2014 240
President's message. Stern, Barbara Slater Essay Jan 1, 2014 862
Putting machine testing to the test: next-generation educational standards meet next-generation scoring methods, but with controversy. Mayes, Randall Jan 1, 2014 1464
PEF improving overall academic standards. Dec 3, 2013 234
The common core, aligned assessments and the 21st-century classroom: lessons learned from educators. Riley, Cattle Nov 1, 2013 1789
Core beliefs: BIA offers support for common core school standards. Nov 1, 2013 346
What goes up, must come down. Phelps, Mary Nov 1, 2013 2903
Common core in the real world: created to fix problems that NCLB either started or couldn't fix itself, the common core faces its own challenges--seen and unseen--during implementation. Hess, Frederick M.; McShane, Michael Q. Nov 1, 2013 3111
Work on your (common) core. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 138
Qualites metriques des resultats academiques universitaires. Harvey, Leon; Hebert, Marie-Helene; Simard, Catherine Nov 1, 2013 7909
Strategies to defeat Common Core education gain momentum. Brief article Oct 21, 2013 329
5 tech tools for the next generation science standards: an education futurist shares his favorite software and hardware to help teach the NGSS. Thornburg, David D. Oct 1, 2013 1732
Common core cold feet. Webster, Madeleine Oct 1, 2013 432
Why the Common Core changes math instruction: it's not the New Math exactly, but the Common Core calls for sharp changes in how math is taught and ultimately conceived in the earlier grades. Faulkner, Valerie N. Report Oct 1, 2013 3296
When the (education)revolution comes ... Ferguson, Maria Oct 1, 2013 1379
Russia's own Common Core: Russia's education system is moving slowly toward output-based national standards similar to the Common Core in the U.S. The next task: getting teachers ready. Lenskaya, Elena Oct 1, 2013 1312

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