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Educational institute to ensure formulation of effective policies: Shafqat. Apr 1, 2022 177
New Senate Bill Stops NIEPA's Relocation from Ondo to Abuja. Feb 21, 2022 876
New Senate Bill Stops NIEPA's Relocation from Ondo to Abuja. Feb 20, 2022 885
Maker Majlis presents SDG educational design boot camp. Feb 13, 2022 371
Department of Educational Planning and Management conducted an internal curriculum review workshop. Oct 15, 2021 163
IIEP-UNESCO and EAA launch new online platform. Sep 22, 2021 709
Kogi Govt Begins Data Capturing Of Public Primary Schools For Effective Planning. Sep 13, 2021 713
SIC ranked No. 1 online community college SIC: Support is always available. Submitted by Angela Wilson, SIC Executive Director of Marketing & Public Relations Jul 23, 2021 543
Consideration not vacation: DepEd favors #AcademicEase amid calls for #AcademicBreak. Apr 13, 2021 527
Who is Leonor Briones and why is she an easy target in social media? Mar 16, 2021 1215
Group concerned by DepEd's unpreparedness for school opening. Jul 13, 2020 557
Movers + Shakers. Jun 8, 2020 562
Higher Education in Prison: A Pilot Study of Approaches and Modes of Delivery in Eight Prison Administrations. Dewey, Susan; Codallos, Kym; Barry, Robin; Drenkhahn, Kirstin; Glover, Michala; Muthig, Alec; Robert Report Apr 1, 2020 12787
Coronavirus: No plans to close schools in Oman, says Ministry of Education. Times News Service Feb 27, 2020 202
Don Seeks Extension Of Teacher Education Programmes. Feb 13, 2020 654
Don Seeks Extension Of Teacher Education Programmes. Feb 11, 2020 663
Regional education schemes breakthrough in management of resources (minister). Nov 18, 2019 269
AIOU's M.Phil and PhD exams begin on November 12. Nov 5, 2019 183
AIOU's MPhil and PhD exams to begin from November 12. Nov 5, 2019 184
AIOU's M.Phil and PhD exams begin on Nov 12. Nov 5, 2019 177
developing a culture of safety through departmental planning: How can school systems establish consistent policies and practices for addressing T&E education safety issues? Gill, Melvin; Koperski, Kevin; Love, Tyler S.; Roy, Ken R. Report Sep 1, 2019 2646
Speakers call for engaging private sector in formulation of education policy. Aug 29, 2019 612
Speakers call for engaging private sector in formulation of education policy. Aug 29, 2019 658
Clever Content in the Cloud: Edalex Content Services (ECS). Jul 31, 2019 407
The Employment, Education, and Training in Pakistan. Ashley Jul 7, 2019 1179
EOG CSR Subcommittee Launches Educational Initiatives. Brief article May 31, 2019 175
Architecture. May 27, 2019 109
School Design Exceeds Net Zero Energy Goals: Designed as Maryland's first net zero energy school, Wilde Lake Middle School's ultra-low energy performance, operational reliability and design innovation exceeded project expectations from start to finish. Sherren, Michael P. May 1, 2019 2460
The need for a complexity informed active citizenship education program. Zivkovic, Sharon Apr 1, 2019 6915
470 education planning officers meet. Oct 30, 2018 528
Designing for STEM: California Community Colleges Are Helping Shape the STEM Workforce of the Future. Monis, Irene Report Oct 1, 2018 2253
Local planning. Oct 1, 2018 821
Germany unveils Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion concept. Sep 19, 2018 329
Child Labour ratio impediment to mitigate Out of School Children:. Sep 17, 2018 618
Child Labour ratio impediment to mitigate Out of School Children:. Sep 17, 2018 618
Child labour major impediment for govt to mitigate 'out of schoolchildren'. Sep 13, 2018 631
MNA's Approved Providers for Continuing Nursing Education. Dickerson, Pam A. Aug 1, 2018 959
NPS-Developed Software Detects System Design Errors Early. Serpico, Nathan K. Jul 1, 2018 970
Education Ministry Launches Framework for Statistical Data Flow in Educational Portal. May 15, 2018 639
Education ministry launches framework for data flow. May 15, 2018 429
Ministry of Education Planning to Find Radical Solutions of School Feeding Program. Apr 30, 2018 135
Govt committed for promotion of quality education: Baligh. Apr 12, 2018 386
Govt committed to quality education in country: Baligh. Apr 11, 2018 223
Integrating Planning Into the Development of Future Higher Education Leaders. Clark, Linda E. Report Apr 1, 2018 2875
Researching Lead Users to Predict the Future. Felix, Elliot Essay Apr 1, 2018 2193
A Framework for Planning Organizational Diversity: Applying Multicultural Practice in Higher Education Work Settings. Wilson, Jeffery L. Report Apr 1, 2018 4101
How mindful schools help parents achieve their children's goals. Mar 17, 2018 1043
FEFPA Awards Zyscovich Architects with Top Honors for Design of Seminole County Public Schools' Hamilton Elementary School of Engineering and Technology. Feb 7, 2018 805
Manulife launches mobile app for college education planning. Jan 20, 2018 392
An Approach to the Preparation or Revision of a Master Plan for a Nigerian Polytechnic. Oloyo, Ayodeji Report Jan 1, 2018 4611
College Campus Landscapes within a Learning Ecosystem. Scholl, Kathleen G.; Gulwadi, Gowri Betrabet Report Jan 1, 2018 7485
Pedestrian Planning on College Campuses. Holmes, Stephanie; Huynh, Raymond; Millard-Ball, Adam Report Jan 1, 2018 5962
EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FOR MILITARY-BASED FAMILIES: The unique challenges of the military family must be taken into consideration when creating educational plans necessary to support children and their military families. Shaw, Angela Jan 1, 2018 6403
Educational Objectives in Various Five year Plans; A Comparative Study. Khowaja, Mumtaz Report Dec 31, 2017 3332
Education ministry launches e-training project. Dec 25, 2017 191
Videos in Anatomy Education: History, Present Usage and Future Prospects/Vídeos en la Educación de la Anatomía: Historia, Uso Actual y Perspectivas Futuras. Hulme, Anneliese; Strkalj, Goran Dec 1, 2017 5081
Is Technology Only a Vehicle? Vollmer, Christopher Report Dec 1, 2017 1575
The Value of Higher Education Academic Makerspaces for Accreditation and Beyond. Wilczynski, Vincent; Wigner, Aubrey; Lande, Micah; Jordan, Shawn Report Oct 1, 2017 4692
UAE company launches new digital education platform. Sep 11, 2017 509
ALEF Reimagines K-12 Education With a Breakthrough Solution. Sep 11, 2017 721
Instituting a New Degree Program: A Case Study of University Planning. Beach, Robert H.; Lindahl, Ronald A. Case study Jul 1, 2017 6933
Lessons Learned from Strategic Planning for Improved Teaching and Learning in Developing Economies. Hayward, Fred M. Report Jul 1, 2017 8758
Eight Themes in Strategic Planning: Reflections from a Year of Focused Learning. Stephens, Jennifer H. Report Jul 1, 2017 3584
From Innovation to Impact: How Higher Education Can Evaluate Innovation's Impact and More Precisely Scale Student Support. Milliron, Mark; Kil, David; Malcolm, Laura; Gee, Grace Report Jul 1, 2017 4301
DESIGNING FOR QUALITY: An Analysis of Design and Pedagogical Issues in Online Course Development. Sanga, Mapopa William Report Jun 22, 2017 6132
Organizing financial information to support university planning and analysis. Dingfield, Mark F.; Ainslie, Carolyn N. Essay Apr 1, 2017 3665
So, you need a new chart of accounts. Rylee, Carol D. Essay Apr 1, 2017 3561
Integrating board, system, and university planning and performance during a period of rapidly declining state funding commitment. Anderes, Tom Essay Apr 1, 2017 5307
Planning at Mesa Community College: integrated and informed for our improvement. Ashcraft, Matt; Jacobsen, Craig Essay Apr 1, 2017 1609
Harley Ellis Devereaux Acquires Architecture, Engineering Firm Deems Lewis McKinley. Jan 23, 2017 150
Harley Ellis Devereaux Acquires Architecture, Engineering Firm Deems Lewis McKinley. Jan 23, 2017 156
Preservice teachers' learning to plan intellectually challenging tasks. Kang, Hosun Report Jan 1, 2017 11522
Navy College Program app available for mobile devices. Barker, Ed Jan 1, 2017 540
Innovation in action: iPASS, student success, and transformative institutional change. Gambino, Laura M. Essay Jan 1, 2017 5498
The Creation of an integrated services division to advance university strategic initiatives. Armstrong, Kelli; Greene, Jessica; Harvey, Gina; Pimental, Michael Essay Jan 1, 2017 3414
4 steps for redesigning time for student and teacher learning: laying the right foundation for changing the use of time in a school is essential if such a shift is going to be successful. Nazareno, Lori Dec 1, 2016 2337
Time for teacher learning, planning critical for school reform: students aren't the only ones who need more time to learn; teachers also need more and better time for learning and for planning. Merritt, Eileen G. Dec 1, 2016 2748
Inventing products with design thinking: balancing structure with open-ended thinking. Fontichiaro, Kristin Dec 1, 2016 1583
Education Ministry to Highlight Education March in Sultanate. Nov 13, 2016 261
July 2016-ANPD Conference, Pittsburgh PA. Nov 1, 2016 437
US Educational Planning Firms Cooperative Strategies, and DeJong-Richter Merge. Oct 27, 2016 307
US Educational Planning Firms Cooperative Strategies, and DeJong-Richter Merge. Oct 27, 2016 311
More Families Saving for College but Many Not Using 529 Plans. Sep 29, 2016 832
Effect of transition planning on postsecondary support receipt by students with disabilities. Newman, Lynn A.; Madaus, Joseph W.; Javitz, Harold S. Jul 1, 2016 9732
Institutional planning for massive change. Schejbal, David Jul 1, 2016 3012
A call for policy on university cultural heritage. Harper, Daniel J Report Apr 1, 2016 3743
The futility of PLC lite. DuFour, Rick; Reeves, Douglas Mar 1, 2016 1736
Integrating the Association. Santilli, Nicholas; Moss, Mike Jan 1, 2016 429
The hardest part of integrated planning. Auer, Matthew R. Jan 1, 2016 3106
How incremental success slows transformative change and integrated planning achieves it. Milkovich, Anne Jan 1, 2016 4537
Integrated planning: one institution's story of transformation. Gorman, Yolanda J. Jan 1, 2016 5095
Integrated planning as an institutional manifestation. Brodnick, Robert; Norris, Donald Jan 1, 2016 4840
Planning as playmaking: an integrated approach to preparing for the future. Young, James B.; Baker, Margaret J. Jan 1, 2016 4661
To think as nature thinks: Optimizing connectivity: Envisioning the university as a complex living system. Cimino, John J. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2016 4394
Children of immigration: the story of the children of immigration is deeply intertwined with the future of our nation. Suarez-Orozco, Marcelo M.; Suarez-Orozco, Carola Dec 1, 2015 3983
Welcoming immigrant students with a high-quality education: the Internationals Network for Public Schools models a high-quality education for immigrant students and shows how to prepare teachers to support students who are adjusting to the United States. Lee, Stacey J.; Walsh, Daniel Dec 1, 2015 3256
Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G-20 Countries: 2015. NCES 2016-100. Stephens, Maria; Warren, Laura K.; Harner, Ariana L. Report Dec 1, 2015 570
Equine Anatomedia: Development, Integration and Evaluation of an E-Learning Resource in Applied Veterinary Anatomy/Anatomedia Equina: Desarrollo, Integracion y Evaluacion de un Recurso E-Learning en Anatomia Veterinaria Aplicada. Sharaby, Ashraf A. El; Alsafy, Mohamed A.M.; Gendy, Samir A.A. El- Dec 1, 2015 4150
Building a winning team through collaboration. Erin, Jane N. Report Nov 1, 2015 558
Everybody's teacher: administrators' and teachers' perceptions of school librarians findings from the South Carolina Association of School Librarians impact study. Gavigan, Karen; Lance, Keith Curry Report Oct 1, 2015 2477
Washington State School Library Impact Study: the backstory how school library impact studies happen. Kaaland, Christie; Seasholes, Craig Report Oct 1, 2015 2813
Development plans in Turkey and a managerial analysis on education (1963-2013 years). Cakir, Rahman Sep 22, 2015 2042
Oman to host education meeting. Jun 7, 2015 429
529 Plans: The College Savings Tool Most Families Don't Know About. May 28, 2015 955
Reforms in education: the challenges in Michigan (and elsewhere). Arbuckle, Ryan Apr 1, 2015 1059
Effective use of resources: SCUP-11 in retrospect: Integrating Academic, Fiscal, and Facilities Planning. Haas, Raymond M. Conference notes Apr 1, 2015 673
Effective use of resources: SCUP 11 in retrospect: Integrating Academic, Fiscal, and Facilities Planning. Haas, Raymond M. Report Apr 1, 2015 4769
WORK STARTS ON PS90m UNIVERSITY STUDENT VILLAGE; Plan to build new halls of residence on city campus site. Feb 3, 2015 249
Plan to introduce higher education courses for convicts in Central Prison. Feb 2, 2015 436
Atif chairs meeting to finalize Education Sector Plan 2015. Jan 30, 2015 362
Plan to setup Medical University with assistance of China. Jan 29, 2015 419
Piramal Enterprises plans to acquire Coldstream Laboratories from University of Kentucky. Jan 20, 2015 143
Piramal Enterprises plans to acquire Coldstream Laboratories from University of Kentucky. Jan 20, 2015 139
University unveils plans for another city development. Jan 19, 2015 382
Row over Labour plans for education spending. Jan 12, 2015 469
Security plan for Education dept. Jan 4, 2015 115
Educational planning for establishing a health-promoting workplace (HPW). Russell, Sally S. Jan 1, 2015 1322
Placing academics at the heart of higher education planning. Dickeson, Robert C. Jan 1, 2015 1409
The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology: integrating academic planning with regional job markets and capital investments. Giles, Ben Woodrow Jan 1, 2015 1617
Vision integrated [planning.sup.[SM]]: from vision to facilities master plan; a comprehensive approach. Manger, Bruce Jan 1, 2015 3354
KP police plans SOS service for educational institutions. Dec 30, 2014 150
FAFEN plans Countrywide Campaign for reforms in Education Sector. Dec 23, 2014 343
New city Conservatoire looks like 'cheese grater' University defends planned music venue design as councillors hit out University defends planned music venue design as councillors hit out. Dec 23, 2014 623
Bahrain plans 'Digital Empowerment in Education'. Dec 23, 2014 277
City promises to turn around Trojan Horse schools in a year; PS12m council action plan to improve education after extremist Muslim plot scandal. Dec 18, 2014 888
Police devises special security plan for educational institutions. Dec 18, 2014 212
Union attacks plan for teachers college. Dec 17, 2014 203
PEF inclusive education project to help special children. Dec 16, 2014 198
University governance changes plans dismissed. Dec 8, 2014 603
College plans drone pavilion. Dec 8, 2014 132
Alabama implements statewide assessment solution: state department of education adopts ACT Aspire as part of ambitious plan to ensure college and career readiness. Dec 1, 2014 559
Powys education plan support. Nov 18, 2014 179
Massive rebuilding plan to transform education. Nov 11, 2014 508
Huge school rebuild plan to transform education. Nov 11, 2014 476
Ga. college plans courses on drones. Nov 10, 2014 114
EDUCATION Plan for pupils to [...]. Nov 10, 2014 124
Lecturers protest over new 'tax on teaching' Almost half college teachers unaware of plans for registration fees. Nov 4, 2014 1383
Jordan, EU launch 2nd phase of science education project. Nov 4, 2014 198
QC and Rota launch QR6mn educational project in Palestine. Oct 28, 2014 480
Parking worries for residents over university plans. Oct 3, 2014 452
University expansion plan 'good for Wales'. Oct 3, 2014 568
Ambitious proposals will boost country's competitiveness; Business Editor Sion Barry on Cardiff University's ambitious plans for a new PS300m innovation and entrepreneurship focused campus. Oct 3, 2014 796
University unveils plans for PS300m new buildings. Oct 2, 2014 550
PS300m plan to expand capital's university. Oct 2, 2014 173
University should fight merger plan; LETTERS. Oct 2, 2014 126
CTE AND IEPS: making the system work for all. Mahadevan, Lakshmi; Grenwelge, Cheryl; Peterson, Rick Oct 1, 2014 2358
The energy university: UH's ambitious plan to wed industry, education, research. Parekh, Erin Nelsen Oct 1, 2014 2127
Rating proposal shines spotlight on powerful higher ed lobby: groups galvanized by Obama plan to rate colleges, universities. Marcus, Jon Sep 29, 2014 1356
Manazl signs contract for Jubail education project. Sep 28, 2014 189
Major housing plan for site of former college. Sep 27, 2014 379
Education Ministry plans to increase 240-hour preschool education program up to 480 hours. Sep 26, 2014 101
New research centre plan for city university. Sep 25, 2014 281
Texas success: the state's Higher Education Coordinating Board is wrapping up a 15-year plan to boost Hispanic college student enrollment. Miranda, Maria Eugenia Sep 25, 2014 1095
New 10-year plan for early years education. Sep 22, 2014 608
Answers needed over closure of university's historic campus; Controversial plans to close a university campus in Wales have not been taken lightly. But there is more than meets the eye, as Education Editor Gareth Evans explains. Sep 20, 2014 940
EWA-AIOU pledge to work on its 'action plan' for University's image building. Sep 19, 2014 318
Davis draws praise, criticism for education plan: Democratic Texas candidate promises to increase college affordability and accessibility. Blanchard, Bobby Sep 15, 2014 615
UAE parents need to save more and plan ahead for children's education. Sep 14, 2014 558
SCRAPPING PS20M EDUCATION PLAN DOESN'T ADD UP; Teachers union slams 'deplorable waste' of money. Sep 11, 2014 396
4 ways advisors can help single parents plan for retirement, college. Bachai, Sabrina Sep 1, 2014 549
Iowa College plans urban campus. Sep 1, 2014 124
Rolls backs Derby college: city's planned university technical college wins the support of local employers. Sep 1, 2014 414
Learning and teaching in the 21st century: an education plan for the new millennium developed in British Columbia, Canada. Boyer, Wanda; Crippen, Carolyn L. Report Sep 1, 2014 6202
Davis Draws Praise, Criticism for Education Reform Plans. Aug 27, 2014 802
New Zealand Teachers Union Rejects Government's Education Plan. Aug 22, 2014 363
New student hall plan revealed for university campus. Aug 21, 2014 509
84 units of college housing planned; Zoning board grants permit for project at Osgood Bradley building. Kotsopoulos, Nick Aug 19, 2014 523
New Mexico college's dorm plans hit major hurdle: governor cites school's financial woes in rejecting plan to build residence halls on campus. Aug 18, 2014 305
Caretaker Minister of Higher Education discusses plan for inaugurating Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery departments at al-Mwasat and al-Assad University Hospital. Aug 17, 2014 164
Plaid attacks plans to cut PS7m from education grant. Aug 16, 2014 563
Future plans important to Welsh pupils in education. Aug 7, 2014 401
Hawaii college officials told to plan for flat tuition: regents call for review of planned tuition increases. Aug 4, 2014 279
Avanse Plans to Double Education Finance Disbursements in Pune. Aug 1, 2014 842
Riverside Citizen Science: leadership from municipal, university and federal programs plan and launch a community-based natural resources monitoring and stewardship effort. Bryant, J.M.; Padgett, P.E.; Winter, P.L. Report Aug 1, 2014 264
Bethune-Cookman University announced a $1 million planned gift from Joe Petrock. Brief article Jul 31, 2014 102
Two-year plan to boost city education. Jul 26, 2014 237
Sports plan on cards for inter-colleges competition UoP. Jul 19, 2014 351
Ambitious sports plan for inter-colleges competition university of Peshawar. Jul 19, 2014 368
SEC plans world-class education city in Lusail. Jul 15, 2014 292
Govt plans to enhance tech education enrolment by 50pc. Brief article Jul 13, 2014 186
(a) Second chance education project for women ltd [...]; PUBLIC NOTICES. Public notice Jun 27, 2014 206
Plan International targets girls' education in E. Equatoria. Jun 26, 2014 394
What's in store: to succeed today, a mall needs dazzling experiences and top luxury shops. That's just what's planned for the new Mall at University Town Center. Tisch, Carol Jun 22, 2014 2082
The texas ten percent plan's impact on college enrollment. Daugherty, Lindsay; Martorell, Paco; Mcfarlin, Isaac Report Jun 22, 2014 3358
GU-Q plans partnership with Singapore university. Jun 21, 2014 336
Bulgaria Plans to Introduce Financial Education in Secondary Schools. Jun 10, 2014 161
Education forum planned. Jun 9, 2014 216
Bou Saab kicks off plan to secure education to all children. Jun 5, 2014 179
Philam Life pays out P1.4-B for education plan holders' tuition expenses. May 28, 2014 253
KP plans to promote higher education, research. Brief article May 25, 2014 122
Oman's Education ministry plans to counsel parents about child bullying. May 16, 2014 840
University of Dubai, IBM plan Smart City Institute. May 13, 2014 370
La. city pursues ambitious plans for higher education center: campus would foster college partnerships. May 12, 2014 321
Dubai plans to open hospitality college in 2017. May 11, 2014 532
Ministry devises plan to impart modern education to seminary students. May 8, 2014 201
Ellesmere College plans to open Dubai campus. May 8, 2014 263
Controversial home-education registration plan cut. May 7, 2014 169
University unveils plans for five-storey 'super-lab'. Apr 26, 2014 351
University unveils plans for five-storey 'super-lab'. Apr 25, 2014 351
QUINN UNDER FIRE.. AGAIN; Teachers' fury over plans to keep colleges open all year. Apr 24, 2014 453
Reform Plan unveiled for Quality Education in Sindh. Apr 23, 2014 709
Inclusive education project for children with special needs starts in Kyrgyzstan. Apr 16, 2014 123
Work on $2.09mn-worth educational project begins in Sharjah. Apr 14, 2014 276
Students agree University hall plans. Apr 5, 2014 229
Maritime education project launched. Apr 4, 2014 217
Police college plans halted by fears of overspend. Apr 3, 2014 157
Education city master plan approved. Apr 2, 2014 504
Reducing cohort default rates through outreach and education: a detailed plan is necessary for identifying and helping students at risk of loan default. Apr 1, 2014 1271
Missions from Korea 2014: missionary children. Moon, Steve Sang-Cheol Essay Apr 1, 2014 1722
Learning study guided by variation theory: exemplified by children learning to halve and double whole numbers. Olander, Mona Holmqvist; Nyberg, Eva Report Apr 1, 2014 12032
PLAN TO BUILD NEW CITY COLLEGE; Focus to be on engineering and logistics. Mar 31, 2014 424
NEW CAMPUS FOR WIRRAL SHOWCASE; Multi-million pound college site planned for Waters. Mar 29, 2014 399
Kyrgyzstan's sustainable development strategy lacks precise goals, action plans -- Pittsburgh University professor. Mar 27, 2014 199
Ex-College of Law chief plans to stand for UKIP. Mar 27, 2014 596
Mich. colleges collaborate on transfer plan. Mar 17, 2014 129
Hadassah plans Education Day with focus on the environment. Mar 14, 2014 335
Technology for education project. Mar 13, 2014 171
HEAD'QUIT JIHADIST PLOT SCHOOL OVER INTIMIDATION' 'Forced out' after opposing plans to ban sex education. Mar 10, 2014 148
HEAD'QUIT JIHADIST PLOT SCHOOL OVER INTIMIDATION' 'Forced out' after opposing plans to ban sex education; 'Forced out' after opposing plans to ban sex education. Mar 10, 2014 459
Free educational project approved for special children. Mar 8, 2014 193
3 years and counting: Carmen Suleiman plans to wait until after college to get hitched. Feb 24, 2014 227
College plan hopes to be a qualified success; RUGBY. Feb 21, 2014 262
Ky. Gov. offers plan to pay for college capital projects. Feb 17, 2014 123
Education & care plan for kids up to 6. Feb 8, 2014 101
NAWJ launches national voter education project. Blankenship, Gary Feb 1, 2014 933
Discounting public education: retailing Giant Walmart is pouring money into plans to privatize education through vouchers. Jones, Sarah E. Feb 1, 2014 1643
Should we make children stay at school until 6pm? AS CONTROVERSIAL TORY EDUCATION PLAN IS REVEALED... Editorial Jan 31, 2014 975
US universities present plans to promote women's football in Qatar. Jan 27, 2014 512
University plans to close campus in PS58m scheme. Jan 24, 2014 377
University campus on move in PS58m plans. Jan 23, 2014 333
Ministry of Education approves action plan for implementation of concept of strengthening unity of people and inter-ethnic relations. Jan 22, 2014 139
Conn. college OKs reverse transfer plan. Jan 20, 2014 128
Action is needed to get more Welsh students to Oxbridge; The dearth in Welsh students applying to Oxford and Cambridge universities is a contentious issue. But there are plans to redress the balance. Education Editor Gareth Evans considers our chances of success... Editorial Jan 18, 2014 927
Ministry of Education plans to launch teacher training centre. Jan 15, 2014 154
HS2 training college plan. Jan 14, 2014 220
University unveils plan for physics building. Jan 13, 2014 153
Saudi group plans hospital, university project in Dubai. Jan 9, 2014 690
College consults on language plan. Jan 1, 2014 191
C-FARE launches national co-op education project. Jan 1, 2014 375
Connecting for High Potential... "The Parent/Teacher Conference." CHP Issue 24. Danielian, Jeff; Langley, Susan Dulong Conference news Jan 1, 2014 317
Unicef launches health education project in UAE. Dec 24, 2013 660
UNICEF launches School Health Education Project. Dec 23, 2013 420
Trident Technical College plans new center. Dec 23, 2013 124
Yemen, JICA extend Girls' education Project (BRIDGE). Dec 22, 2013 133
Education project up for top UK gong; AWARDS. Dec 18, 2013 135
Plan for new education chancellors is ridiculed. Dec 16, 2013 584
University boss backs vision for learning in Wales; Professor from leading university says plans to strengthen GCSEs and A-levels in Wales offers best chance for students, Gareth Evans reports. Dec 12, 2013 1413
Qatar plans higher health, education outlays in budget. Dec 11, 2013 902
Govt plans 8 mega projects for higher education. Dec 8, 2013 138
Conversations on indigenous education, progress, and social justice in Peru/ Conversaciones sobre educacion indigena, progreso, y justicia social en el Peru. Huaman, Elizabeth Alva Sumida Dec 1, 2013 6440
Govt plans eight projects for promotion of university education. Nov 30, 2013 384
Balochisan govt initiates education sector plan to meet challenges. Nov 30, 2013 286
Balochisan govt initiates Education Sector Plan to meet challenges. Nov 30, 2013 286
Govt plans eight projects for promotion of university education. Nov 30, 2013 384
Teachers should be the focus of future educational planning. Nov 28, 2013 356
Oz Foreign Minister visits Asha education project. Nov 19, 2013 442
Gateway Cities plan targets education; Group: Better schools boost bottom line. Reis, Jacqueline Nov 13, 2013 470
Free school plan for Catholic college; St Mary's College hopes to switch by 2015. Nov 12, 2013 367
UK University Staff Plan Second Strike Over Pay. Nov 12, 2013 450
Centre plans to create 35 cluster universities. Nov 9, 2013 331
Nadars plan ` 3,000cr education boost. Nov 6, 2013 303
Deadline day looms on plans for super-school; Education chiefs appeal to public. Nov 6, 2013 417
Wales urged to win its share of E70bn research funding; HORIZON 2020 PLAN IS GREAT CHANCE FOR UNIVERSITIES. Oct 31, 2013 494
Sofia University 'Occupiers' Plan Next Steps. Oct 29, 2013 144
Oct 31 deadline for states to join education plan. Oct 26, 2013 174
Punjab school education sector plan launched. Oct 12, 2013 344
UNIVERSITY TO DISCUSS USA LINK UP; Delegation to outline plans for new college. Oct 9, 2013 323
Govt plans quota for Delhiites in DU colleges. Oct 2, 2013 416
Cabinet Socio-cultural Development Sector adopts Plan of Ministry of Higher Education. Oct 2, 2013 181
Seminar on Strategic Plan for Colleges of Applied Science Starts. Oct 2, 2013 805
We must do more for disaffected youths; Action plan to counter education drop-outs. Oct 1, 2013 476
Full STEAM ahead: adding the arts to a STEM curriculum engages students who might otherwise have been left behind. Fredette, Michelle Oct 1, 2013 1876
Education centre plan for Jolly Sailor. Sep 27, 2013 345
Producing professionally skilled graduates. Sep 25, 2013 452
Myanmar approves UNESCO's peace education project. Sep 22, 2013 206
Libya to Invest 22.4 million in Educational Project in Malta 21/09/2013 13:57:00. Sep 21, 2013 578
IIUI to Start Distance Learning Education Project soon. Sep 18, 2013 183
Social and Cultural Development Sector Approves Plans of Guidance and Education Ministries. Sep 18, 2013 192
GEMS Education planning to raise $500 million through stake sale. Sep 17, 2013 129
Health minister announces plan to win back university instructors. Sep 16, 2013 613
Kan. college plans agriculture center. Sep 16, 2013 119
Kuwait MPs, Min. Al-Hajraf discuss education development plan. Sep 15, 2013 202
University makes plans for possible workers' strike. Sep 14, 2013 504
SCHOOLS SET TO SHUT AMID TEACHER STRIKE; Day of action is planned over education reforms. Sep 6, 2013 877
Tenn. college hatches plans to get rid of geese. Sep 2, 2013 130
Educational symposia planned. Sep 1, 2013 1160
Poverty in America: Implication for Children, Programs, and Policy. Kirkland, Lynn Brief article Sep 1, 2013 204
Ex-schools head named to run PS7m education project; EYEBROWS RAISED AS SCHOOL DIRECTOR MOVES TO NEW JOB. Aug 26, 2013 504
Books rent plan 'would slash costs' EDUCATION. Aug 22, 2013 158
Jazan University plans $780m expansion. Aug 18, 2013 165
Saudi university plans $799m expansion project. Aug 18, 2013 229
IIROSA Supports Educational Project in Senegal. Aug 15, 2013 104
New drug education plan; Hoping to raise awareness after recent pro scandals. Armas, Genaro C. Aug 13, 2013 607
Minister of Education plan for gifted students. Aug 6, 2013 163

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