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The PMMI Foundation partners with Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs to support summer manufacturing camps. Mar 15, 2019 398
CMA PASS RATES: SCHOOLS AND SUCCESS: Schools are setting themselves apart by taking advantage of the benefits of IMA and promoting the CMA certification. Sergeant, Anne; Charles, Shannon; Krumwiede, Kip Mar 1, 2019 2404
USC's New Risk Management Program Draws Students Looking for Mentors. Feb 18, 2019 935
Helping intermediate school students to access health information: Three third-year nursing students developed and piloted a way to make accessing health information easier for intermediate school students. Ao, Alice; Watt, Mady; Rishworth, Rachel Report Feb 1, 2019 2269
Centenary University starts sustainable practices program. Hutter, David Brief article Jan 9, 2019 257
Centenary University starts sustainable practices program. Hutter, David Brief article Jan 9, 2019 215
PowerPoint versus chalk and board teaching in physiology of vision - A comparative study. Gathe, Bhupendra Marotrao; Dhanvijay, Anupkumar; Sahu, Babita; Dhokne, Nitin; Nagrale, Ninad; Saraf, Report Jan 1, 2019 1571
Using Tutorial Videos to Enhance the Learning of Statistics in an Online Undergraduate Psychology Course. Breneiser, Jennifer E.; Rodefer, Joshua S.; Tost, Jeremy R. Report Dec 1, 2018 5789
Building Networks to Power Innovation: Carina Wong: As a senior advisor at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Carina Wong builds networks to power transformative innovation in education. Wong, Carina Nov 1, 2018 632
Teaching institutions deal with ups and downs of enrollment. Oct 22, 2018 1232
PREPARING STUDENTS FOR REAL ACCOUNTING: A focus on soft skills like communication, flexibility, and teamwork gets students ready for working in the real world. Denison, Christine Oct 1, 2018 3302
BUILDING BRIDGES WITH UNIVERSITIES: The future of IMA[R] professional-student engagement will depend on chapter activities and the leaders who make them happen. Church, Kimberly Swanson; King, Gail Hoover; Schmidt, Pamela J.; Swisher, Robert Oct 1, 2018 2146
SPAWAR camps encourage students to pursue STEM careers. Sep 13, 2018 889
Stockton unveils minor in cannabis studies. Munoz, Daniel J. Brief article Aug 30, 2018 284
Rutgers study Most students sticking with majors. Hutter, David Brief article Aug 17, 2018 206
Montclair State program putting focus on improving retention, graduation rates. Hutter, David Aug 6, 2018 811
Vanguard Series Leaders in Higher Education. Brief article Aug 6, 2018 196
INFLUENCING THE NEXT GENERATION: Campus Influences talk about IMA and the CMA certification with students across the U.S. The program is growing--and it needs members like you. Parks, Lori Aug 1, 2018 1624
When opportunities knock: Extended Learning programs link schools, businesses. Rajala, Liisa Apr 13, 2018 1364
All Roads Lead to Online Teaching Excellence: An Alternative Route to Faculty Certification for Online Teaching. Swenson, Nancy; Wyatt, Shelly Apr 1, 2018 1201
Planting a Love of Produce in a New Generation. Brief article Jan 22, 2018 248
Perfect Storm for the Quality Course Review at UCF. deNoyelles, Aimee; Major, Amanda; Lowe, Denise; Calandrino, Tina; Albrecht, Alyssa Dec 1, 2017 4166
Facilitating Interactive Relationships With Students Online: Recommendations From Counselor Educators. Vincenzes, Kristin A.; Drew, Meredith Dec 1, 2017 4950
Stronger civics education will preserve NH tradition. D'Allesandro, Lou Aug 4, 2017 589
Accounting student transformations: Baylor University takes a few cues from HGTV's Fixer Upper to help students find the right accounting career path. Burney, Laurie Aug 1, 2017 2896
Starting from scratch: here are some tips from BYU on how to develop an active IMA student chapter. Smith, Steve; Swain, Monte; Tayler, Bill Aug 1, 2017 3006
A school curriculum necessity: why K-12 students must learn early on how to protect themselves online. Taylor, Craig Jul 21, 2017 665
About town. Jul 7, 2017 477
Exploring the Issues of Adult Students with Brain Injuries in the Online Learning Environment. Williams, Danielle A. Report Jul 1, 2017 7272
Sensible and crazy numbers. Russo, James Jun 22, 2017 2099
Enhancing the development of statistical literacy through the robot bioglyph. Bragg, Leicha A.; Koch, Jessica; Willis, Ashley Jun 22, 2017 2674
Internships ease transition to post-21 life: internships can pave the way for a more satisfying life with rich connections to community and meaningful experiences, and possibly employment. Ezekiel-Fishbein, Rachel Report Mar 1, 2017 2119
Predictors of student satisfaction with the use of simulation training aids in post-secondary automotive technician programs. Martinez, Veronica A.; Palmer, John C.; Griswold, Melissa C. Dec 22, 2016 3266
Sport education and direct instruction units: comparison of student knowledge development in athletics. Pereira, Jose; Araujo, Rui; Farias, Claudio; Bessa, Cristiana; Mesquita, Isabel Report Dec 1, 2016 7476
Virtual connection: success for teens brings online students together in Ohio. Greenwood, Chelsea Oct 1, 2016 572
Student backgrounds: one key to better online classroom engagement. Sull, Errol Craig Aug 1, 2016 1328
Education at the root of accounting excellence: HSU helps accounting students thrive like the redwoods that surround the campus. Zender, Joshua Aug 1, 2016 2988
Bringing real life to the classroom: using real-life accounting examples, like those featured in the blog Accounting in the Headlines, increases students' engagement and understanding. Tietz, Wendy Aug 1, 2016 3471
Double the recognition: Robert Morris University Illinois recognized students through the IAHS and its own Accounting Honor Society. Bednarcik, Thomas R. Aug 1, 2016 882
Take your program to the next level: IMA's Higher Education Endorsement Program provides validation that your school's accounting or finance program prepares students for careers in management accounting. Isaacs, Trish Aug 1, 2016 2552
Litchfield educator's new teaching model vying in $50 million national competition: Socrademy focuses on app-centered model of collaborative education. Brief article Jul 22, 2016 295
Paying for higher education. Kess, Sidney; Grimaldi, James R.; Revels, James Jul 1, 2016 2875
Physical activity levels and injury prevention knowledge and practice of a cohort of carpentry students. Overton, Mark; Reynolds, Emily; Clark, Natalie; Bhana, Haresh; Mulligan, Hilda; Elliott, Karen; Minn Report Jul 1, 2016 4903
Helping students interpret large-scale data tables. Prodromou, Theodosia Report Jun 22, 2016 5894
Using a framework for three levels of sense making in a mathematics classroom. Moss, Diana L.; Lamberg, Teruni Column Jun 22, 2016 3761
Changes to the General Optical Council's (GOC) registers. Jan 1, 2016 336
Effect of ABL Method on Students' Performance in Listening Skill at Grade-VI. Zahoor-ul-Haq; Khan, Arif; Tabassum, Rabia Report Dec 31, 2015 5233
Analysis of student perceptions of the psychosocial learning environment in online and face-to-face career and technical education courses. Carver, Diane L.; Kosloski, Michael F., Jr. Report Dec 22, 2015 7550
Strategies for participating in online conferences and discussions. Milman, Natalie B. Column Dec 1, 2015 1459
Infusing multicultural education into the curriculum: preparing pre-service teachers to address homophobia in K-12 schools. Jones, Joseph R. Dec 1, 2015 5047
LWMC starts awareness drive for clean environment. Brief article Nov 15, 2015 175
Active learning in economics: increasing student engagement, excitement and success. Hettler, Paul L. Editorial Nov 1, 2015 1556
Flipping out! A case study on how to flip the principles of economics classroom. Vazquez, Jose J.; Chiang, Eric P. Report Nov 1, 2015 4969
Getting students to do economics: an introduction to team-based learning. Imazeki, Jennifer Report Nov 1, 2015 7217
Co-ops give engineering grads a career boost. Moresoli, Christine Nov 1, 2015 666
Student online video activism and the education movement in Chile. Patricia, Pena; Rodriguez, Raul; Saez, Chiara Report Nov 1, 2015 9231
Improving the Opportunities and Outcomes of California's Students Learning English: Findings from School District-University Collaborative Partnerships. Policy Brief 15-1. Umansky, Ilana M.; Reardon, Sean F.; Hakuta, Kenji; Thompson, Karen D.; Estrada, Peggy; Hayes, Kathe Report Oct 1, 2015 476
Mind over matter: an Arizona educator uses SUCCESS for teens to coach her students toward big wins. Greenwood, Chelsea Sep 1, 2015 460
The need of improvement in Higher Education of Pakistan. Bajwa, Saba Younas Aug 23, 2015 633
Parents, Students Want Computer Science Education in School. English, Cynthia Survey Aug 19, 2015 1332
Overhauling ethics education: engaging students digitally will give them a better learning experience and will help them remember the lessons throughout their careers. Pope, Kelly Richmond Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 3309
Here's how Arabic ranks on Britain's most important 'languages for the future'. Brief article Jul 12, 2015 228
Personal learning environments acceptance model: the role of need for cognition, e-learning satisfaction and students' perceptions. del Barrio-Garcia, Salvador; Arquero, Jose L.; Romero-Frias, Esteban Report Jul 1, 2015 7143
Enhancing vocabulary retention by embedding L2 target words in L1 stories: an experiment with Chinese adult e-learners. Ge, Zi-Gang Report Jul 1, 2015 6828
Mathematics: is it useful? Brown, Jill; Stillman, Gloria Editorial Jul 1, 2015 1221
International Mathematical Modeling Challenge ([IM.sup.2]C). Report Jul 1, 2015 793
OT rep recommends: OT's new student rep, Zahid Bashir, discusses Global Optometry Resources. Bashir, Zahid Column Jun 27, 2015 282
What goes up ... must come down: Ole Miss national champion Moot Court team to compete for internatonal title. Lofton, Lynn Jun 12, 2015 834
Test-taking isn't proficiency: students miss out on the love of learning. Bourque, Ronald J. Column Jun 12, 2015 718
'A trip to the farm' canceled in Egypt school lessons to combat extremism. Jun 7, 2015 341
Optometry course plans. McCormick, Emily Brief article May 2, 2015 293
The role of primary students and parents in virtual schools. Welch, Allatesha Apr 1, 2015 1929
Errol's Miniguide: successfully motivating online students to complete weekly assignments--and on time! Sull, Errol Craig Apr 1, 2015 1914
Fine dining experience: Sault teaching restaurant gets upgrades. Kelly, Lindsay Apr 1, 2015 621
Unlock employee potential with nontraditional collaboration. Cook, Mike Mar 1, 2015 820
High school is not too late: developing girls' interest and engagement in engineering careers. Bystydzienski, Jill M.; Eisenhart, Margaret; Bruning, Monica Report Mar 1, 2015 3245
Stem in Cambodia: an organization is helping to improve the way Cambodian schoolchildren learn about science and engineering. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 241
Turning students into financial scholars. Monti, Lisa Feb 6, 2015 532
Collaborations Resulting in New Leadership Model Operationalization with Disadvantaged Students. Nikodym, Jacqueline Z.; Tejeda, Armando R.; Moffett, David W. Report Feb 4, 2015 297
Preparing students for the road ahead. Rutherford, Paul Feb 1, 2015 1917
The Urban Assembly approach to building community partnership. Cruse, Michael Feb 1, 2015 1297
Five years and counting: success for teens is a mainstay in this teacher's Georgia classroom. Greenwood, Chelsea Feb 1, 2015 492
Give them something to think about, don't tell them what to think: a constructive heterodox alternative to the CORE project. Sheehan, Brendan; Embery, John; Morgan, Jamie Column Jan 1, 2015 7971
A Comparison of the College Outcomes of APA[R] and Dual Enrollment Students. Research Report 2015-3. Wyatt, Jeffrey N.; Patterson, Brian F.; Di Giacomo, F. Tony Report Jan 1, 2015 414
Is the Relationship between APA[R] Participation and Academic Performance Really Meaningful? Research Brief 2015-1. Ewing, Maureen; Howell, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2015 260
Work based learnng in policy and practice. Voytek, Steve; Zimmermann, Andrea Jan 1, 2015 1619
The Growing Need for Social, Emotional and Behavioral Skills Programs in Our Nation's Schools. West, Melanie L. Report Dec 21, 2014 270
Review of the status of learning in research on sport education: future research and practice. Araujo, Rui; Mesquita, Isabel; Hastie, Peter A. Report Dec 1, 2014 9760
Can We Create a "Gold Standard of Education" for Our Children through the "Advancement via Independent Determination (AVID) Program"? Gaskins, Darlene Report Nov 1, 2014 446
Holding students accountable in team projects. Mentzer, Nathan Report Nov 1, 2014 4213
Wanted: motivated, talented storytellers: journalism schools prepare students for the changing industry landscape. Gallagher, Tim Nov 1, 2014 804
Usability engineering: can change our thinking. Flowers, Jim Report Oct 1, 2014 3245
Space race two: continuation of STEM education and commercialization of space. Grubbs, Michael Report Oct 1, 2014 2773
3D cardboard creations: a cross-curricular project for the common core ERA. Harris, Christopher; Fitzgerald, Mike Report Oct 1, 2014 1459
A grand entranceway for your school. Roman, Harry T. Oct 1, 2014 654
Investigating the effect of curriculum and educational tasks on religious beliefs among second grade high school students from the teachers and educational administrators' perspective. Sarab, Mahyar Amini; Nezhad, Akbar Soleiman Oct 1, 2014 6164
Number sense development in the pre-primary classroom how is it communicated? Mildenhall, Paula Report Sep 22, 2014 2684
Assessing inquiry learning: how much is a cubic metre? Fry, Kym Report Sep 22, 2014 2391
Australian curriculum linked lessons: reasoning in number and algebra. Day, Lorraine Report Sep 22, 2014 1777
Reality-based education: teaching your course beyond the course. Sull, Errol Craig Column Aug 1, 2014 2230
Discussion boards, grades, and student involvement (7-1). Sull, Errol Craig Column Aug 1, 2014 1636
Late work, engagement tips, student fears, writing, software upgrades, and a New Year's resolution (8-1). Sull, Errol Craig Column Aug 1, 2014 1765
Time management, software updates, reaching students, and dealing with teams (9-2). Sull, Errol Craig Column Aug 1, 2014 1763
Audio and visual materials, live chats, examples of assignments, and religion (10-1). Sull, Errol Craig Column Aug 1, 2014 1231
Looking nationwide: online engineering graduate program a big draw for Bagley. Gillette, Becky Aug 1, 2014 997
IMA's higher education endorsement program: certifying quality. Beaudoin, Lisa Aug 1, 2014 2356
Being relevant: ideas for teaching microeconomics and international trade. Khawar, Mariam Report Aug 1, 2014 825
Importance of economic education. Turner, Alan Interview Jul 18, 2014 412
What makes a happy team? Data from 5 years' entrepreneurship teaching suggests that working style is a major determinant of team contentment. Bains, William Report Jul 1, 2014 5241
Students should be taught to craft their own destiny. Pinto, B. Mario Jul 1, 2014 652
Factors affecting willingness to communicate in a Spanish university context. Lahuerta, Ana Cristina Report Jul 1, 2014 6284
Students' formalising process of the limit concept. Kabael, Tangul Report Jul 1, 2014 5944
Integrating e-learning to improve learning outcomes: a proven way for teachers to engage students and improve learning outcomes is through the appropriate use of e-learning and Web 2.0 tools in teaching. Davies, Anne Report Jul 1, 2014 3433
Concept of the computer science course and some aspects of ICT integration into education. Rosman, Pavel; Burita, Ladislav Jul 1, 2014 6711
Thousands of youth throng education expo 2014. Brief article Jun 29, 2014 130
Litter-Free Zone: empowering students to create, maintain clean campuses. Brief article Jun 23, 2014 233
Professorial plaudits. Zimmerman, Michael Jun 22, 2014 1005
Meet the New York Residential Specialist (NYRS[R]) graduating class of May 2014. Brief article May 28, 2014 203
Balochistan govt to provide science, IT school teachers. Brief article May 25, 2014 205
PTA starts linkages with educational institutions. Brief article May 25, 2014 200
Working with children and financial literacy. Swartzfager, Selena May 16, 2014 578
Breaking down the "briefcase" sterotype: IREM student essay competition: hiring the real estate managers of tomorrow. Heaton, L.J. May 1, 2014 1277
Are your students ready to be entrepreneurs? Condon, Jean May 1, 2014 975
Proceedings of the 28th Annual Farmingdale State College Teaching of Psychology: Ideas and Innovations Conference. Howell-Carter, Marya, Ed.; Gonder, Jennifer, Ed. Conference news Apr 4, 2014 621
Discourse awareness in improving non-native students' ability in generic writing. Sharoufi, Hussain Al Apr 1, 2014 6018
Better tools for energy literacy: the old methods of teaching--using chalk and talk--aren't giving citizens a deep enough understanding of complex energy issues. Webber, Michael E. Apr 1, 2014 669
Students' perception of international business curriculum in China. Bahhouth, Victor; Spillan, John E.; Liang, Lin; Bahhouth, Jocelyne Mar 22, 2014 6574
FUUAST presents research work at world conference. Conference news Feb 23, 2014 213
Self-Assessing Social and Emotional Instruction and Competencies: A Tool for Teachers. Yoder, Nicholas Report Feb 1, 2014 403
Replicating the Relationship between Teachers' Data Use and Student Achievement: The Urban Data Study and the Data Dashboard Usage Study. Faria, Ann-Marie; Greenberg, Ariela; Meakin, John; Bichay, Krystal; Heppen, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2014 670
Using Generalizability Theory to Examine Sources of Variance in Observed Behaviors within High School Classrooms. Abry, Tashia; Cash, Anne H.; Bradshaw, Catherine P. Report Jan 1, 2014 501
Teacher-Led Math Inquiry in Belize: A Cluster Randomized Trial. Hinerman, Krystal M.; Hull, Darrell M.; Chen, Qi; Booker, Dana D.; Naslund-Hadley, Emma I. Report Jan 1, 2014 473
The Use of Program Theory in Mathematics Education Evaluation Research. Munter, Charles; Cobb, Paul; Shekell, Calli Report Jan 1, 2014 774
Representation in the Classroom: The Effect of Own-Race Teacher Assignment on Student Achievement. Program on Education Policy and Governance Working Papers Series. PEPG 14-07. Egalite, Anna J.; Kisida, Brian; Winters, Marcus A. Report Jan 1, 2014 378
Considering Practical Uses of Advanced PlacementA[R] Information in College Admission. Research Note 2014-1. Shaw, Emily J.; Marini, Jessica; Mattern, Krista D. Report Jan 1, 2014 455
Does Teach for America Have Long-Term Impacts? Penner, Emily K. Report Jan 1, 2014 687
Assessing Implementation Fidelity: Challenges as Seen through the Lens of Two Experimental Studies. Vig, Rozy; Taylor, Megan W.; Star, Jon R.; Chao, Theodore Report Jan 1, 2014 334
Effects of Expanding Summer Credit Recovery in Algebra. Allensworth, Elaine; Michelman, Valerie; Nomi, Takako; Heppen, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2014 444
Evaluating Phase II of a New York City-Wide STEM Initiative Using Propensity Score Methods: A Replication Study. Thomas, Ally S.; Bonner, Sarah M.; Everson, Howard T. Report Jan 1, 2014 672
Consequences of Outcome Reporting Bias in Education Research. Williams, R. T.; Polanin, J. R. Report Jan 1, 2014 263
Access to Effective Teaching for Disadvantaged Students in 29 School Districts. Isenberg, Eric; Max, Jeffrey; Gleason, Philip; Potamites, Liz; Santillano, Robert; Hock, Heinrich; H Report Jan 1, 2014 386
A Case Study of Assessing an International Initiative on Curriculum Reform. Reichman, Roxana G. Report Jan 1, 2014 475
Evaluating Non-Randomized Educational Interventions: A Graphical Discussion. Theobald, Roddy; Richardson, Thomas Report Jan 1, 2014 339
Effects of Check & Connect on Attendance, Behavior, and Academics: A Randomized Effectiveness Trial. Maynard, Brandy R.; Kjellstrand, Elizabeth K.; Thompson, Aaron M. Report Jan 1, 2014 354
From High School to the Future: Getting to College Readiness and College Graduation. Roderick, Melissa; Holsapple, Matthew; Kelley-Kemple, Thomas; Johnson, David W. Report Jan 1, 2014 603
Improving Balance in Regression Discontinuity Design by Matching: Estimating the Effect of Academic Probation after the First Year of College. Chi, Olivia L.; Dow, Aaron W. Report Jan 1, 2014 472
How Do Changes in the Language of Instruction and Classroom Composition Affect English Learners? Perez, Maria; Kennedy, Alec Report Jan 1, 2014 514
Students' Preferred Characteristics of Learning Environments in Vocational Secondary Education. PlacklA[c], Ingeborg; KA[paragraph]nings, Karen D.; Jacquet, Wolfgang; Struyven, Katrien; Libotton, Report Jan 1, 2014 341
Exploring the World of Literacy. The Thirty-Sixth Yearbook: A Doubled Peer-Reviewed Publication of the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers. Szabo, Susan, Ed.; Haas, Leslie, Ed.; Vasinda, Sheri, Ed. Report Jan 1, 2014 540
WWC Evidence Review Protocol for Character Education Interventions. Report Jan 1, 2014 416
Instrumental Iteration toward FOI Evaluation of Pedagogical Methods. Gonzalez Canche, Manuel S.; Portes, Pedro R.; Mellon, Paula J.; Stollberg, Robert A.; Turk, Jonathan Report Jan 1, 2014 326
Mainstreaming Remedial Mathematics Students in Introductory Statistics: Results Using a Randomized Controlled Trial. Logue, Alexandra W.; Watanabe-Rose, Mari Report Jan 1, 2014 404
Performance-Based Scholarships: Replication at Six Sites Using Randomized Controlled Trials. Mayer, Alexander Report Jan 1, 2014 360
What Is the Optimal Length of an ELL Program? Hong, Guanglei; Gagne, Joshua; West, Andrew Report Jan 1, 2014 380
On solving systems of equations by successive reduction using 2x2 matrices. Carley, Holly Report Jan 1, 2014 2245
Students learn to code without computers. Williams, Lauren Jan 1, 2014 332
Students' perceptions of agriscience when taught through inquiry-based instruction. Thoron, Andrew C.; Burleson, Sarah E. Report Jan 1, 2014 5123
Barriers to participation in the national FFA organization according to urban agriculture students. Martin, Michael J.; Kitchel, Tracy Report Jan 1, 2014 5999
Mobile technology integration: shared experiences from three initiatives. Lacey, Candace H.; Gunter, Glenda A.; Reeves, Jennifer Jan 1, 2014 3999
The presumptuous future of the online adult learner. Buchen, Irving H. Jan 1, 2014 1082
The evolution of ODL system in Nigeria: the place of Nigerian Students of conventional university age bracket. Odeyemi, Janet O. Jan 1, 2014 2793
The South Carolina Virtual School Program: opportunities for South Carolina's students. Clinton, Robin M. Jan 1, 2014 2875
Barriers to implementing STEM in K-12 virtual programs. Ashton, Jennifer Jan 1, 2014 3465
Easing students' transition to online graduate education. Posey, Laurie; Pintz, Christine Jan 1, 2014 1119
A 2014 guide to engaging students: it's not your grandfather's online classroom! Sull, Errol Craig Jan 1, 2014 1564
Where is as important as why, when, and what. Simonson, Michael Jan 1, 2014 349
The Comparative Effectiveness of Achievement in Mother Tongue and National Language in Arts and Science Subjects at Primary School Level. Hussain, Liaquat; Ghias, Fouzia; Khan, Umar Ali Report Dec 31, 2013 3475
Lacking approach on Sand T promotion. Dec 29, 2013 420
PBL and technology: a perfect match. Vargas, Miroslava B. Dec 1, 2013 2342
Blending and flipping distance education. Keene, Katrina Dec 1, 2013 2767
Science fair at PakTurk school attracts large visitors. Brief article Nov 10, 2013 195
Let's combine the accounting and finance majors. Bloom, Robert Nov 1, 2013 1985
MEMA labels 'ShakeOut' a success: working on virtual business EOC. Northway, Wally Oct 25, 2013 704
Why not set high educational standards for our kids? Duncan, Bill Oct 18, 2013 525
Get schooled: take your business challenge to college. Dorsey, Jason Oct 1, 2013 545
Capitol briefed on K-12 education. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 176
No greater investment changing lives one by one. Scott, Wendy Column Sep 1, 2013 2211
Teaching the next generation of customers. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 235
Utilizing technology to enhance communication and collaboration. Chin, Angeli K. Aug 1, 2013 3871
A review of considerations for BYOD M-learning design. Estable, Michelle Aug 1, 2013 2718
Increasing student success in online courses examining existing research--and the need for even more! Milman, Natalie B. Aug 1, 2013 961
UA aims to grow STEM graduates. Brief article Jul 15, 2013 248
Paul College seeks businesses for internships. Brief article Jul 12, 2013 160
The epistemological culture of western philosophy's curriculum: a phenomenological move toward conceiving a holistic and inclusive understanding of knowledge-forms through alternative media. Magrini, James M. Report Jul 1, 2013 11634
Potential hire's expectations from life & corporate. Mani, Vijaya; A., Vaishnavi Jul 1, 2013 3488
AGREEMENT ON ERASMUS + PROGRAMME. Brief article Jun 27, 2013 145
PSC organising summer camps for students. Brief article Jun 23, 2013 218
Assessing writing in MOOCs: automated essay scoring and calibrated peer review[TM]. Balfour, Stephen P. Report Jun 22, 2013 4650
Impact of course scheduling formats on student learning and satisfaction. Loveland, Karen A.; Bland, Eugene Report Jun 1, 2013 874
An in-module work practice strategy for vocationally oriented construction degree programmes: the case of the multidisciplinary project. Keraminiyage, Kaushal Jun 1, 2013 5515
Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Achievement for Low-Income Students and Students of Color. Shattering Expectations Series. Bromberg, Marni; Theokas, Christina Report May 1, 2013 508
Using economics podcasts to engage students of different learning styles. Moryl, Rebecca L.; Jiang, Shuyi Report May 1, 2013 731
OTC--an important educational opportunity. Bell, Jennifer May 1, 2013 682
Impact of Deprivations in Childhood on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Ghetto Areas in Lagos, Nigeria. Dosunmu, Simeon; Sowunmi, Rhoda Apr 1, 2013 301
Running aMOOC? Massive open online courses. Murray, Adam Apr 1, 2013 3991
Don't tell them: the top 10 tips for student success in online courses. Simonson, Michael Apr 1, 2013 633
Enabling education through technology. Mar 31, 2013 810
Education & training. Mar 25, 2013 841
Auditing the course of academia. Hughes, Rodney Mar 22, 2013 919
Positive peer pressure. Cooper, Caroline Mar 22, 2013 671
It's the students, stupid: how perceptions of student reporting impact cheating. Burrus, Robert T., Jr.; Jones, Adam T.; Sackley, Bill; Walker, Mike Mar 22, 2013 4862
Developmental education students in Texas community colleges: changes over time. Saxon, D. Patrick; Slate, John R. Mar 22, 2013 4492
College and academic self-efficacy as antecedents for high school dual-credit enrollment. Ozmun, Cliff D. Mar 22, 2013 4925
Practicing what we teach: applying organizational behavior theory to academic success. Daily, Bonnie F.; Bishop, James W.; Maynard-Patrick, Stephanie Mar 22, 2013 6241
Need for operational science centre. Mar 17, 2013 452
World travel expo 'energies for a sustainable world' launched. Mar 10, 2013 615
NUST opens window to shine students skills. Brief article Mar 10, 2013 212
Equity Implications for Mathematics Learning Outcomes. Reznichenko, Nataliya Abstract Mar 1, 2013 229
Fast ForWord[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract Mar 1, 2013 523
Ladders to Literacy. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract Mar 1, 2013 384
Annual Joint Report on Pre-Kindergarten through Higher Education in Tennessee, 2013. Report Jan 31, 2013 451
Epistemological Belief and Learning Approaches of Students in Higher Institutions of Learning in Malaysia. Ismail, Habsah; Hassan, Aminuddin; Muhamad, Mohd. Mokhtar; Ali, Wan Zah Wan; Konting, Mohd. Majid Report Jan 1, 2013 262
The role of intrinsic motivation in a science field trip. Benton, Gregory M. Report Jan 1, 2013 4854
Knowledge of male secondary school students regarding prevention of acute respiratory infections in Abha City, KSA. Saleh, Majed Mohommed Ali Al Report Jan 1, 2013 5114
Educating for success: students with limited access to education in Latin America sometimes fail to develop cognitive skills needed for success. Moreno, Alvaro; Gutierrez, Santiago Jan 1, 2013 530
Meeting student needs in the freedom writers movie: an activity in a classroom management course. Tanase, Madalina Report Jan 1, 2013 7662
Students' attitudes towards career in the tourism industry--implications for tacit knowledge management. Bednarska, Marlena A.; Olszewski, Marcin Jan 1, 2013 5516
Quality Physical Education. NASPE Resource Brief. Report Jan 1, 2013 142
Encouraging Second Language Use in Cooperative Learning Groups. Jacobs, George; Kimura, Harumi Report Jan 1, 2013 206
Reimagining Financial Aid to Improve Student Access and Outcomes. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 417
Critical Needs of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: A Public Input Summary. Szymanski, Christen; Lutz, Lori; Shahan, Cheryl; Gala, Nicholas Abstract Jan 1, 2013 252
Brigadier General Bud Strom Writing Program. Jan 1, 2013 316
Broward virtual school. Lishon-Savarino, Nova Jan 1, 2013 3196
Instructional technology and distance education in Nigeria: historical background and a critical appraisal. Obilade, Titilola Jan 1, 2013 2415
Georgia schools: virtually here. Hawkins, Lynn M. Jan 1, 2013 2719
A fresh twist on online learning. Gwynne, Peter Jan 1, 2013 1185
Exploring the Nexus between Research and Doctoral Education. Pearson, Margot; Evans, Terry; Macauley, Peter Abstract Dec 2, 2012 277
Findings from a Pilot Study into Student Retention beyond Year 10. Cranston, Neil; Allen, Jeanne Maree; Watson, Jane; Hay, Ian; Beswick, Kim Abstract Dec 2, 2012 245
Associations between the Classroom Learning Environment and Student Engagement in Learning 1: A Rasch Model Approach. Cavanagh, Rob Abstract Dec 2, 2012 344
Associations between the Classroom Learning Environment and Student Engagement in Learning 2: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach. Harbaugh, Allen G.; Cavanagh, Robert F. Abstract Dec 2, 2012 301
An Opportunity to Lead Sustainably: The Benefits and Considerations of Student-Led Green Revolving Fund Projects. Kononenko, Kevin Abstract Dec 1, 2012 239
Are Residents Losing Their Edge in Public University Admissions? The Case at the University of Washington. Schools in Crisis: Making Ends Meet. Blume, Grant; Roza, Marguerite Abstract Dec 1, 2012 265
Understanding the Skills in the Common Core State Standards. Blosveren, Kate Abstract Dec 1, 2012 435
Using Coaching to Support Classroom-Level Adoption and Use of Interventions within School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Systems. Stormont, Melissa; Reinke, Wendy M. Abstract Dec 1, 2012 214
Introduction to special section on course management systems in higher education. Benson, Angela D. Dec 1, 2012 887
Integrating an open-source learning management system (Moodle) in an English language program: a case study. Chen, Xin; Guilbaud, Christa; Yang, Hongxia; Tao, Congwu Dec 1, 2012 3326
Online learning is not flat: an analysis of online learning that promotes interactivity. Sistek-Chandler, Cynthia; Tolbert, Denise; Amber, Valerie K. Dec 1, 2012 4027
Training for online teaching. Davis, Robert E.; Benson, Angela D. Dec 1, 2012 3676
Yao! !Si! Yes! International perceptions of online education. Linder-VanBerschot, Jennifer A.; Barbera, Elena Dec 1, 2012 6503
Creating and using an online rubric for maximum effectiveness. Sull, Errol Craig Dec 1, 2012 1867
Ask Errol! Sull, Errol Craig Editorial Dec 1, 2012 1532
Contextualized College Transition Strategies for Adult Basic Skills Students: Learning from Washington State's I-BEST Program Model. Wachen, John; Jenkins, Davis; Belfield, Clive; Van Noy, Michelle Abstract Dec 1, 2012 291
Life cycle process model of a market-oriented and student centered higher education. Kaklauskas, Arturas; Daniunas, Alfonsas; Amaratunga, Dilanthi; Urbonas, Vilius; Lill, Irene; Gudausk Dec 1, 2012 7933
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