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Education takes a big hit.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Here's a look at the major program areas in the budget and some of the cuts approved by the Legislature.

Education: $203 million/3.2 percent cut ($423 million/6.6 percent cut if voters reject education stability fund ballot referral).

K-12: Reduced the $5.2 billion state school support by $92 million, or 2 percent, with the cut falling in 2002-03. Cut grows to $312 million if voters reject ballot measure creating a rainy-day fund for education.

Community colleges: $14 million, or 2 percent cut in support to campuses.

Oregon University System: $44 million cut for campus operations, agriculture and forestry services, administration. Overall, a 5.4 percent reduction.

Human services: $98.2 million/3.7 percent cut.

Caregiver raises: Save $10.5 million by canceling cost-of-living adjustments for in-home and group-home workers who care for elderly and disabled people, as well as Oregon Health Plan doctors, mental-health and drug-treatment providers and medical suppliers.

Senior drug costs: Save $5 million by eliminating additional discount for Senior Prescription Assistance Program. It was created by the Legislature last year and was to have provided up to $2,000 in subsidies to cover drug costs for older people.

Oregon Health Plan: $6.1 million savings by reducing dental-care services to newly enrolled adults on OHP. Kitzhaber plans to veto this item.

Oregon Children's Plan: Reduce $5.5 million for mental-health, drug and alcohol treatment.

Poverty: Limits emergency cash-assistance level by cutting $3.2 million. Grants to help poor people with emergency rent, utilities, other costs will drop from a $350 to a $250 maximum. Tobacco-use prevention: Elimination of $5 million tobacco-use prevention program, leaving $17 million for such efforts. This comes out of an $11 million increase as part of the creation of the Oregon Children's Plan. It is supposed to screen families when their first child is born for "at-risk" factors and match the family with needed social and health services.

Rural health care: A one-time transfer of $15 million for increased access to quality health care in rural areas was cut in half.

Public safety: $75.4 million/5.6 percent cut.

Construction savings: One-time savings of $32 million because prisons built in Wilsonville and Umatilla have cost less than anticipated. In addition, lower interest rates have allowed the state treasurer to refinance construction loans at an $8.2 million savings.

Prison food: Through a variety of cost-cutting moves, such as more bulk purchasing and more frugal menu planning, the state projects savings of $4.5 million

Oregon State Police: Cut out 23.2 non-trooper full-time equivalent positions, plus related equipment, material and travel costs to save $3.2 million.

Other: $75 million/4.7 percent cut.

Voter database: Allows lawmakers to redirect $2 million that was set aside to create statewide voter file to prevent double-ballots and other problems.

Lane Transit: Cut $500,000 from a $1.7 million grant to the Lane Transit District.

Courts: Eliminate through unfilled vacancies and layoffs the full-time equivalence of 122 clerical and administrative court positions for a $9.1 million savings. The result will be delays primarily in handling civil cases.

Public defenders: Avoid appointing public defenders for those accused of certain misdemeanor, felony and juvenile cases, at a $12.4 million savings. These savings would occur only when indigent defendants agree to alternative sanctions that do not involve possible incarceration and do not require the appointment of a defense lawyer.
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Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Mar 8, 2002
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