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Education resources, left and right.

Rethinking Schools Online

This quarterly real-time education journal recently retooled their online presence into a readable site with bite. Full access to the publication's content is a major plus to any progressive education activist. Columns such as ESEA Watch give the real-deal 411 on the new public education law of the land, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Most notable the journal has tackled the impact of the politics of war in the classroom. Finally, readers can search the archives for articles that speak to the racial dynamic of public schooling on issues such as reading instruction, testing, and much more.

Education Week On the Web

Billing itself as "America's Online Education Newspaper of Record," Education Week is an easy one-stop-shop for the latest on the mainstream media's take on public education. The A-Z Issues section has a useful offering of basic definitions, archived articles, and web links. The site includes an extensive calendar of education-centered events and a state-by-state database on policies, players, and central issues. The Daily News Digest is the most useful feature, listing education-related articles from most of the nation's major dailies and national media outlets.

The Heritage Foundation

Following the deeds of the loyal opposition is essential to being well-equipped for battle in today's race debate. This is particularly true with public education issues. Arguably the source of rightwing dogma, the Heritage Foundation has created a website that could teach the left a thing or two about online accessibility. Daily briefings, commentaries, model policies, and research briefs are merely an on-ramp to their information super-highway. A pressroom filled with handy extras like the data-packed Hot Sheets and a convenient rainbow of expert spokespersons, is a model, in form not content, that should make progressive take note of.
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