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Engaging students with research through a connected curriculum: an innovative institutional approach. Fung, Dilly Report Dec 22, 2016 4692
A cooperative pedagogical program linking preschool and foundation teachers: a pilot study. Dunham, Annette; Skouteris, Helen; Nolan, Andrea; Edwards, Susan; Small, Jennifer Report Sep 1, 2016 6194
Coteaching and the learning commons: building a participatory school culture. Loertscher, David V.; Koechlin, Carol Dec 1, 2015 3234
When a high school librarian and an English teacher team up, anything can happen: a year-long collaboration with struggling students and the PA common core. Pagano, Kathleen Chambers; Merritt, Kelly Dec 1, 2015 1824
A look back. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 144
Understanding the student veterans' college experience: an exploratory study. Olsen, Timothy; Badger, Karen; McCuddy, Michael D. Report Oct 1, 2014 5894
Spreading the word: tapping social media channels boosts a nonprofit's visibility and connects students to co-op education opportunities. Brayford, Adam Feb 1, 2014 949
Right to work: co-op programs are becoming increasingly popular as employers look for students with hands-on experience in the real world. Cooper, Kenneth J. Dec 5, 2013 1230
Making it work: piloting co-operative education for English PhD students at UBC. Hodgson, Elizabeth; Potter, Tiffany; Walchli, Julie Dec 1, 2013 1192
Pre-Service Teachers' Issues in the Relationship with Cooperating Teachers and Their Resolutions. Lu, Hsiu-Lien Report Jan 1, 2013 253
Introduction: the roles of teacher educators, supervisors, and mentors in professionalizing teacher education. Faltis, Christian J. Jun 22, 2011 1072
A letter from the President. King, James Column Sep 22, 2010 541
Using case-scenarios to determine the perceptions of secondary agriculture teachers and 4-H youth development personnel regarding interorganizational cooperation. McKim, Billy R.; Torres, Robert M. Report Sep 1, 2010 5988
Grand solution or grab bag? Community colleges are being asked to provide everything from second chances to vocational education. Is America ready to help them succeed? Levinson, David L. Nov 1, 2009 2092
The Boston connects program: promoting learning and healthy development. Walsh, Mary E.; Kenny, Maureen E.; Wieneke, Kristin M.; Harrington, Kara R. Report Dec 1, 2008 2705
Law enforcement internship programs: insights from an FBI Honors Intern. Lees, Matthew B. May 1, 2008 1698
National Curriculum Collaboration in Australia: An Analysis of the National Debate. Watt, Michael G. Report Apr 1, 2008 226
Cooperative Education Guidelines for Administration: How to Comply with Federal and State Laws and Regulations. Report Apr 1, 2007 244
An investigation of the impact of music industry cooperative education on student academic performance as measured by grade point average. Strasser, Richard; McLaughlin, Kate Jan 1, 2007 4517
Bypass reality TV for reality learning: internships, co-op education and other experiential learning programs. Parker, Linda Bates Feb 1, 2006 1882
Interns Hard Work and Dedication Won't Be Forgotten. Jones, Derrick Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 716
Apprenticeships: career training, credentials--and a paycheck in your pocket. Crosby, Olivia Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 9063
Employers' participation in school-to-work. (Grab Bag). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 125
2001 - 2002 ACTE Business-Education Partners: their success tomorrow depends on your success today! (ACTE Business-Education Partnership). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 435
USDA's commitment to cooperative education. Wadsworth, Jim Jul 1, 2001 1024
Cooperative Education within a Liberal Arts Tradition. Linn, Patricia Jun 22, 2001 4532
Working to Learn. Emanoil, Pamela Jan 1, 2001 2120
Internships and Co-ops: An Excellent Way to Preview and Plan Your Future. Daugherty, Sharon Nicole Oct 1, 2000 1657
Service-learning Brings New Dimension to Courses at MiraCosta. Pierce, Lynn Jun 22, 2000 818
SeaWorld Camp Turns Spectators Into Scientists. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 573
Keep the Old, But Make it New. Hodgson, Pamela Nov 1, 1999 1162
Internship and Co-op Programs, a Valuable Combination for Collegians. Cates-McIver, Linedda Oct 1, 1999 1965
Going the Extra Mile. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 479
School-to-Work : Making Specific Connections. Rhoder, Carol; French, Joyce N. Mar 1, 1999 6126
NET Gain. Carlson, David; Seidman, Peter Mar 1, 1999 521
Groundhog's Job Shadow Stretches Far. Feb 1, 1999 158
In the Learning Business. Feb 1, 1999 123
The value of internships and co-op opportunities for college students. Cates-McIver, Linedda Oct 1, 1998 1709
When rural reality goes virtual. Husain, Dilshad D. Sep 1, 1998 2109
Cooperative education: combining college and work for a comprehensive learning experience. Franks, Peter Oct 1, 1997 1112
Cooperative views through a window. Aukerman, Ruth May 1, 1997 1278
On school grounds. Ashton, Frank May 1, 1997 731
Cooperative education: lessons from Japan. Baris-Sanders, Marcia Apr 1, 1997 4266
A functional structure analysis of a school-to-work program. Czubaj, Camilia Anne Mar 22, 1997 1173
Cooperative education: learn more, earn more, prepare for the workplace. Mariani, Matthew Mar 22, 1997 5259
U.S. and German youths: unemployment and the transition from school to work. Gitter, Robert J.; Scheuer, Markus Mar 1, 1997 4164
Work-study plan key to new Jesuit school. Schaeffer, Pamela Cover Story Mar 29, 1996 1240
Children need communities - communities need children. Abbott, John May 1, 1995 2641
Chemistry co-op at the University of Victoria: full spectrum education. Reeve, Rick Cover Story Mar 1, 1995 1471
Applied learning; career preparation through internships, co-ops, and other experience. Jones, Jennifer Oct 1, 1994 2364
Art Partners. Thurston, Judy Kay Sep 1, 1994 1003
Applying cooperative learning in health education practice. Cinelli, Bethann; Symons, Cynthia Wolford; Bechtel, Lori; Rose-Colley, Mary Mar 1, 1994 3352
Experiential education. Bruce, Calvin E. Nov 1, 1993 1823
Cooperative learning as a teaching strategy. McEnerney, Kathleen Oct 1, 1993 3082
Combining cooperative learning and multimedia in general chemistry. Pence, Harry E. Mar 22, 1993 2813
To grow engineers, MECOP starts early. Feb 1, 1993 410
Nebraska Children's Groundwater Festival: a model for cooperation in education. Seacrest, Susan; Killham, Amy Jan 1, 1993 1451
High schools for docile workers. Roditi, Hannah Finan Mar 16, 1992 2597
Transition: old wine in new bottles. Halpern, Andrew S. Dec 1, 1991 6891
Introducing high school students to the clinical lab. Konopka, Nancy J. Jan 1, 1991 934
When cooperative learning improves the achievement of students with mild disabilities: a response to Tateyama-Sniezek. Stevens, Robert J.; Slavin, Robert E. Dec 1, 1990 1721
A profile of partnership. Marsh, Harry L.; Roth, William A. Nov 1, 1990 1443
Provision of a college-plant interface. Fehr, Manfred Mar 1, 1990 1922
Cooperative learning: a new strategy for the artroom. Bregman, Gene Oct 1, 1989 1197
Partnerships: what is our contribution? Greer, Jeptha V. Feb 1, 1989 1303
Cooperative education: working towards your future. Stanton, Michael Sep 22, 1988 4586
Launching a hospital-based 2 + 2 MT program. Bertrand, Kay C.; O'Kell, Richard T. Jul 1, 1988 1938
Classroom Activity Structures in the Fifth Grade. Final Report. Stodolsky, Susan S. Abstract Nov 1, 1983 301

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