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Educating the educator.

The ANCC Annual Symposium on Continuing Nursing Education was presented on July 19th in Pittsburgh and I was fortunate to be able to attend on behalf of the Council of Continuing Education. As a member driven association, the MNA Directors are committed to providing educational opportunities for its members which benefits them personally but are also instrumental in advancing the Association.

Attending a national conference is both exhilarating and intimidating. I felt small as the morning opened but quickly realized that the educational work being done in Montana by our CCE was advanced and cutting edge. Given that, it was more comfortable to engage in conversation and interact with my peers allowing me to gain knowledge, give knowledge and commiserate over shared challenges.

So why this conference? Being presented by ANCC, I expected a higher level of material to be presented as befitting their reputation and was impressed by the choice of speakers. I also thought the price was appropriate for the return on investment from MNA.

And as I expected ANCC delivered. The high level of information presented was exhilarating, complex, up-to-date and the speakers were thoroughly dynamic. The time allotted for each presentation was appropriate and questions were answered timely. The richness of the information presented could not easy be duplicated with reading articles or listening to webinars. The questions asked and answered added to the presentation by focusing on real problems and solutions.

As a Peer Reviewer, the symposium provided much needed education to expand my knowledge and to better appreciate the nuances of the review process. It also provided much needed education on establishing and evaluating outcomes. For the planning side, I especially appreciated the information on the use of technology and to incorporate that into "just-in-time" learning. Dr. McGowan session on learning and time was most fascinating and it was fun to learn about the Ebbinghaus "Forgetting" Curve.

My biggest take away, though, was the recognition that continuing education is undergoing a rapid and needed transformation which will be crucial in preserving and elevating outcomes; patient, financial, and satisfaction outcomes. Since MNA is beginning that transformation, we will continue to be on the cutting edge of continuing nursing education.

As stated earlier, the high level of information presented was stimulating and very thought provoking. The interaction with my peers also provided "education" and differing perspectives which added another dimension of value and richness. I highly encourage all nurses to attend a national conference--it is well worth the time and money.

Gwyn Palchak BSN, RN-BC, ACM, Council on Continuing Education Member

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Title Annotation:Continuing Education
Author:Palchak, Gwyn
Publication:The Pulse
Date:Nov 1, 2016
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