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Educating for transformation and empowerment.

IH/IBP is excited to announce its new Childbirth Educator Training Program for 1993. Developed by Rahima Baldwin and Director of Teacher Training Catherine Stone combines the important psychological perspectives on birth that have always distinguished our classes with insights into the far-reaching sociological and anthropological influences that shape women's experiences of birth in our culture.

The seven classes IH/IBP certified instructors teach will have as their goal the conscious understanding of the direct and indirect ways that cultural and sociological messages have shaped women's sexual self-image and therefore their experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Women will gain skills and tools through this understanding to help them reclaim the process of birth and confidence in their bodies, with positive effects reaching into other aspects of their lives as well. Pregnant women actively choosing their means of care to create the best possible birth experience--whether it is hospital, home or birth center--is the prime emphasis of the program. Class One: Birth Today explores the threads of consciousness that will be woven throughout the series, including media influences. The midwifery model and effective consumerism will be stressed. Class Two: Pregnancy-Growth and Decision Making will emphasize parent responsibility and choices (place of birth, midwife or doctor, birth assistants, natural birth vs medication). Changes in pregnancy will be explored, including body image and sexuality, the baby's development, nutrition and communication exercises. Class Three: The Process of Birth explores how the baby is born and how the mother and father can work together for an easier labor and delivery. This class covers breathing, relaxation, positions, vocalization and other tools.

Class Four: Creating Your Birth investigates what it takes for mothers to attain their desired birth. The standard hospital and home routines are discussed, including options and the "domino theory" of interventions. Cesarean prevention is a large component of this class, along with options concerning standard medical interventions such as episiotomy, epidurals, EFM and "active management of tabor." Students also discuss creating a birth plan. Class Five: When Giving Birth is Difficult discusses variations in normal vs crisis orientation. Complications will be explored, along with the shadow side of birth, fear, and keeping it all in perspective. Class Six: The Newborn, Postpartum, and the Family will explore the psychological, emotional and physical concerns of the postpartum period and new parenthood. Emphasis will also include the baby's experience of labor and birth, the newborn exam, breastfeeding, circumcision and other babycare decisions. Class Seven: Potluck and Community Building. Students in the current class provide the evening's meal for students from the previous class, who return to share their recent experiences with birth and as new parents. Current students also meet an hour early to review breathing and relaxation and bring up any final questions.

More Audio-Visuals Included

As part of the new program, new teachers will receive an audio-visual presentation for each of the first six classes. These will include three slide sets by midwife/photographer Harriette Hartigan: Epic Women, The Alchemy of Birth and The Bonding Cord; and three videos: Special Delivery with Rahima Baldwin; Five Women/Five Births with Suzanne Arms; and Birth itt the Squatting Position produced in Brazil.

What the Program Will Include

* The new teacher's manual developed by Rahima Baldwin and Catherine Stone, with new outlines, new handouts on such topics as controversies in care (glucose tolerance testing, prenatal rhogam, etc.) and a new reading list.

* A one-year teacher's membership in IH/IBP.

* The six video and slide presentations outlined above.

Certification with IH/IBP when requirements are completed.

* And free attendance at the new IBP two-day workshop for childbirth educators (see next article), as well as an introductory Friday night session just for IH/IBP teachers and trainees to discuss practical aspects of the program and promoting your childbirth education classes.

New Tuition and Payment Plan Option

Complete tuition for the 1993 Childbirth Educator Training Program is $695, which includes over $400 in audio-visual presentations. There is also a payment plan option, consisting of an initial deposit of $300 and six monthly installments of $75 (total $750).

Current IH/IBP educators and trainees can purchase the new 1993 Teacher's Manual for only $30, and can purchase individual slide and video presentations at a special price. Admission to the new weekend workshop will be discounted for these teachers/trainees as well (see next page).

New brochures will be available before the end of the year. Drop us a note and we'll be sure to mail you a copy as soon as they're printed.

Childbirth Education

Women's Ways of Being: New 2-Day Workshop.

Beginning in 1993, IH/IBP will offer a new 2-day workshop called Women's Ways of Being. The workshop was developed by Rahima Baldwin and Catherine Stone, Director of Teacher Training for IH/IBP. Rahima and Catherine envision this workshop as having broad appeal to IH/IBP teachers and members, childbirth educators certified by other organizations, and women interested in the cultural and sociological influences on women's body image and birthing experiences.

Saturday's session will be open to all, and will explore the traditions surrounding being a woman and giving birth in our culture through multi-media presentations, visualizations and discussions. Some topics included are:

Birth Today: The dignity and power of birth in the slide series "Epic Women" by Harriette Hartigan is contrasted with birth as portrayed in the modem media. How did we get where we are today?

Trusting Our Bodies: Women's sexuality and cycles expressed through menstruation, pregnancy, birth and menopause.

Our Personal and Cultural Consciousness of Birth: Birth in art and modern medicine. The medical and midwifery models. The "lost generation" of birthing women.

Clearing Our Past: Releasing pain and fear about birth. Birth as a metaphor in life.

The Wisdom of Women: Women's ways of knowing and being.

Cost for the Saturday session only is $75, It is open to all women, Those who are pregnant or who work with pregnant women are urged to attend, but all women will find the day an enlightening and empowering experience.

The theme for the Sunday session will be "Childbirth Education for the '90s" and is offered to certified childbirth educators and trainees from any organization (IH/IBP, ICEA, ASPO, Bradley, etc.). Attendance on Saturday is a prerequisite for Sunday's sessions. Program topics are designed to help childbirth educators empower women through understanding cultural influences on birthing practices. The aim is to help women regain their instinctive confidence in both their bodies and the act of birth, and to make their own best choices wherever they are giving birth. Topics will help enliven educators' teaching and move them to explore what is truly essential in childbirth education. Is it really anatomy, physiology and breathing techniques that women need to know to birth with confidence? What about women in the inner cities or in special populations? The program will include strategies for working with emotions, helping women feel supported, working spontaneously with class discussions, and counteracting the epidural epidemic. Dealing with one's own emotions and avoiding burnout will also be discussed in tiffs day of renewal for childbirth educators.

Cost for the two days will be $200 for childbirth educators and trainees. IH/IBP certified instructors or trainees can attend the weekend for $150. New applicants in the 1993 IH/IBP Childbirth Educator Training Program (fee, $695) will be able to attend at no additional charge.

Program brochures will be available soon. Please write for more information or to sponsor a workshop in your area: P.O. Box 3675, Ann Arbor, MI 48106.

The cost of becoming a childbirth educator will never be this low again ! Join us now at the old price ($450) and move into the future of childbirth education with us.

If you apply for the childbirth educator correspondence program before December 31, 1992, you will save $245 over the 1993 price and receive the new manual in 1993 at no additional charge. And you'll qualify for discounted admission to the new teacher workshop described above.

Write or call for details and an application. Payment plan option available. Join now and save! IH/IBP, PO Box 3675, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. (313/662-6857)
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