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Educate the sexual partners of at-risk women.

It always strikes me how little emphasis is placed on including the sexual partners of women with serious medical problems in the dialogue about responsibility for at-risk pregnancy. As advocates for women's health, we should educate the couple about vasectomy and liberally provide referrals. Community outreach to help men understand how they can protect their partner from potentially dangerous unwanted pregnancy is extremely important and not stressed enough. Vasectomy is a quick, safe procedure performed in a physician's office under local anesthesia. Why should any woman who has already risked her life carrying and delivering a baby be required to bear the contraceptive burden when there is a safe and convenient alternative?

Emily Gubert, MD

East Islip, New York

* Dr. Barbieri responds

I thank Drs. Will, Mariona, and Gubert and the anonymous author for their wonderful recommendations on approaches to help improve contraceptive care for women. I agree with Dr. Will that the EHR is a valuable tool to advance contraceptive care. The anonymous author and Dr. Mariona make the critically important point that all women should have access to desired contraception without any barriers based on institutional beliefs or government regulations. The patient's needs should be prioritized in all medical decision making. I agree with Dr. Gubert that including the male partner in the care process is an important part of effective contraception for women. I enthusiastically agree with her that the best permanent contraceptive for a stable couple is vasectomy.

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Title Annotation:Comment & Controversy
Author:Gubert, Emily
Publication:OBG Management
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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