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The Edmonton Branch held two general meetings in the last half of 2004. At the one on September 27 at First Presbyterian Church Fran Losie presented a detailed and interesting report on the Annual Conference in Peterborough. She was the only Edmonton Branch member who attended. At the same meeting, Betty Fladager gave an informative presentation on her grandfather, John Alfred Crysler UE, coming to Alberta from Ontario with his family in 1908 to homestead. Don Chapman gave a very interesting report on his trip to Ontario to search for his ancestors with resulting great information.

The annual general meeting was held on November 15 at the Alberta Genealogical Society Library at which time the 2005 Executive was selected. The officers for the coming year are Shona Wards, President; Betty Fladager, Secretary; Earle Fladager, Treasurer; Robert Morgan, Past President; Marilyn Lappi, Genealogist; Lloyd Fourney and David Rolls, Membership; Doreen Dimitroff, AGS Liaison; Frances Losie, Social; Ivy Trumpour, Newsletter.

The LDS Family History Center held an open house on October 15. Fran Losie, Cheryl Donnachie and Al Dodd set up and attended a table at this event. They described the UEL Association and gave information about joining. Several people showed an interest.

Our membership in 2004 totaled 55 people, including 4 new members, which almost met our target of increasing membership by 10%.

In 2004 we celebrated Edmonton's centennial year. This will be followed by another in 2005, that of the province of Alberta. We, along with Saskatchewan, will be 100 years old in September 2005.
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Title Annotation:Branch News Highlights
Author:Fladager, Betty; Trumpour, Ivy
Publication:The Loyalist Gazette
Date:Mar 22, 2005
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