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Editors' notes.

Dear Readers, Authors, Consultants, Contributors to Legacy, and SSAWW Members:

As most of you already know, this will be the last issue of Legacy I will supervise as editor in chief. Jennifer S. Tuttle, who has been a co-editor of the journal for the past six years, will take over the duties of editor in chief; a brief note from her is included below. Theresa Strouth Gaul and I will continue to serve as co-editors.

For the first three years I served as editor of the journal, I did so with generous financial support and recognition of the Division of Humanities and the Department of Literature at University of California, San Diego. More recently the state's deepening financial crisis has eroded all direct support to me, both of monies to support the journal and of released time from teaching.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of you whose unpaid labor supports the journal. My co-editors, Jennifer S. Tuttle, Theresa Strouth Gaul, and Dawn Keetley, have furnished wisdom, wit, and their considerable expertise. Robin Cadwallader, Jennifer Putzi, Etta Madden, and Sari Edelstein have contributed their vision to the journal's features and book review sections. Sharon M. Harris has graciously continued to advise and consult with us about the journal's direction. And four amazing graduate students, supported by the generosity of UCSD's Office of Graduate Studies--Leslie Hammer, Lisa M. Thomas, Mary Eyring, and Kate Slater--have checked facts, corrected quotations and citations, handled routine correspondence, and generally seen to all the smaller details of the daily handling of the journal. To them I am greatly indebted.

I also thank all our colleagues who've served as board members and reader/consultants. No journal could function without this corps of experts, who generously volunteer their time and knowledge, giving unstinting, professional, and collegial feedback to hundreds of anonymous writers.

Finally, I thank the amazing team at University of Nebraska Press--Manjit Kaur, Joyce Gettman, Sabrina Stellrecht, Jonathan Lawrence, and most especially Terence Smyre--for their patient and generous support of the journal.

With gratitude to you all, Nicole Tonkovich

Co-editor, Legacy

Dear Readers, Authors, Consultants, Contributors to Legacy, and SSAWW Members:

I am deeply honored to assume the position of editor in chief of Legacy, a journal I have long admired for its pioneering history and vibrant leadership in the field of American women writers. I am grateful for the vision and commitment of the journal's founders and previous editors, whose efforts have done so much to establish, nurture, and garner recognition for the study of US women's cultural production. They set a high bar with their grace, ingenuity, and professionalism; I will do my very best to follow their example and to serve the journal well.

Legacy will continue to benefit from the contributions of a generous and dedicated team: Theresa Strouth Gaul and Nicole Tonkovich as co-editors, Sharon M. Harris as consulting editor, Robin L. Cadwallader as both managing editor and features editor, and Sari Edelstein as book review editor, along with our superb editorial board members and consultants. In addition, I am pleased and grateful to announce that Dr. Lisa M. Thomas, who long served the journal while a graduate student, has assumed the new position of assistant editor. It is a privilege and a pleasure for me to work with all of these wonderful people. I am also delighted to confirm that Etta Madden (whose duties as book review editor extended through the present issue) will carry on as a Legacy consultant reader. We all look forward to continuing our association with the University of Nebraska Press and its excellent staff, and with the writers and readers of the journal. We are also grateful to the Press and to the University of New England for their support. And, as always, we are pleased to maintain our special relationship with the Society for the Study of American Women Writers.

We invite you to be in touch with us about how you would like to see the journal grow, and, as always, we solicit your scholarly contributions to future issues of Legacy.

Cordially, Jennifer S. Tuttle, Editor, Legacy
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Author:Tuttle, Jennifer S.
Publication:Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 1, 2012
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