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Editors' foreword.

We are pleased to present Volume 79 of Historical Studies on behalf of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association. Several themes emerge in this year's collection. Two papers treat ethnic and religious tensions within the Catholic church in nineteenth century Ontario. Brandon Corcoran and Laura Smith investigate the founding of the Friends of Ireland in Bytown to the dismay of Scotsman Bishop Alexander Macdonell. Michael Wilcox examines French-English tensions among the Christian Brothers in Ontario. The other two contributions focus on twentieth century Catholic personalities--one a lay politician, the other a clergyman in the media. Greg Donaghy explores the influence of Catholicism in Paul Martin, Sr.'s political formation. M.C. Havey breaks new ground by presenting the first account of Rev. Matthew Meehan's media career.

We are grateful to all those who contributed to the writing, assessing and revising of the articles for this edition of Historical Studies. The journal and the association thank Fr. Edward Jackman, O.P., Secretary General of the CCHA, and the Jackman Foundation for the generous support and encouragement that has made this volume possible. We also acknowledge the support that St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta is providing Dr. Cuplinskas in carrying out her editorial duties. We regret to inform our readers that Historical Studies will no longer be including the "Bibliography of Canadian Religious History." The Association, however, continues to make articles from previous issues accessible on the CCHA homepage (

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Author:Cuplinskas, Indre; Roy, Patricia E.
Publication:Historical Studies
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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