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Editors' Introduction.

This issue of Controversia includes articles that examine public political argument in the United States, Bulgaria, and Russia. Controversia is very much interested in examining the relationships among debate training, public argumentation, and social change, especially as those changes might eventuate in more open and more democratic nations.

We are pleased to announce that our new Book Review editor is Michael Hoppmann, currently at Northeastern University in Boston. Michael was a debater and debate coach in his native Germany, participating in many IDEA events and conferences. He subsequently studied argumentation and rhetoric in Germany and Amsterdam before completing his Ph.D. and taking the position at Northeastern University in Boston. We are extremely happy to have Dr. Hoppmann join our editorial staff. If you have suggestions of books that you would like to see reviewed, or if you are interested in reviewing, please contact him directly at

Controversia has a new email address: All submissions and correspondence should be conveyed to this email address. We will maintain the address as a backup and as a supplement (it is capable of moving very large files). Because of internal technical problems our previous email account,, was inoperative from October 2010 until late October 2011. Anything sent to during that period was never received, and we subsequently have been unable to trace any of those emails. We apologize for inconveniences created by this problem, and we ask that you contact us if you sent materials to us at that address during this time period.

Finally, we want to acknowledge the work of our translators and reviewers for this issue. Our reviewers included: Vadim Golubev, Jeffrey Hobbs, Cornelia Ilie, James Janack, Geoffrey Klinger, Michael Launer, Allan Louden, Becky Mulvaney, and Barbara Pickering. Special appreciation must go to our translators for the Zhanteeva article, Maxim Fetissenko and Michael Launer. We also want to thank Allan Louden for his assistance with Mavrodieva's article on Bulgarian presidential debates. Michael Launer, Marilyn Young, and David Williams all contributed to the editing of the final texts of the articles. Finally, we would like to thank our graduate assistants who also reviewed these texts: Ali Andrews and Chandra Maldanado.

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Author:Williams, David Cratis; Young, Marilyn J.
Date:Sep 22, 2012
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