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We have a new division! The Division for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology was established at our recent annual meeting. The division was created to fill a perceived need for those that felt Agriculture and Plant Science largely served applied plant science and Zoology and Entomology was restricted to animals. The new division will span both botany and zoology (and the other kingdoms), focus on ecology, and include evolution and systematics. Those of you that conduct research in these areas should consider submitting papers in this division for next year. We shall meet at the convention center in Hattiesburg for our 2003 annual meeting.

Look over the broad range of topics covered in this issue. In addition to a print version of the keynote lecture at our recent annual meeting, we also have papers focusing on fish ecology, the catfish industry, local archaeology, and local medicine. Some of the papers include student authors; others are from professional scientists. Many of you have just returned from the annual meeting of our Academy and have a research project that would be appropriate for publication in this journal. Whether you are involved in a local project, a project of limited scope, or a student project, consider whether publishing would be better than relegating the research to a file drawer. Those of you in science education are reminded that this journal publishes "how to" articles on laboratory exercises and other aspects of your educational experience and research. The journal also accepts articles on the history and philosophy of science.--Ken Curry
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Publication:Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
Date:Apr 1, 2002
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