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The annual meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences will be held in Biloxi, Mississippi, on February 21st and 22nd, 2002. This issue contains the final call for abstracts which are due by November 1st. As you look through this issue of the Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences two things might strike you: (1) there are only two articles and (2) one of the articles discusses the excellence of this journal compared to those of other state academies. Many of you will be active during the next month assembling abstracts for yourself and for your students. The annual meeting is an important event, especially for students, where they have an opportunity to give their first professional talk outside the home camp. I am sure that many of you would agree that one of the prime functions of a state academy is to provide a forum for young scientists.

Please consider that this journal can also provide a wonderful opportunity for your students. Many research projects, especially at the Master's level, do not generate sufficient information of sufficient impact to be published in a national journal or the nature of the research is very local in focus. Too many of these projects end up in filing cabinets never to be seen, but the information that was generated might certainly be of use to somebody. One of the prime starting points in searching for research that is of a local or regional nature is the state academy journals. This journal is peer reviewed, which provides an excellent opportunity for young scientists seeking their first publication. They are introduced to the peer review system and can get a publication for the curriculum vitae.

The Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences is published quarterly. The January issue is reserved for abstracts for the annual meeting; the other three issues (April, July, and October) carry research articles. While you in your students are busily assembling abstracts, please consider going the extra distance and writing up that research for submission to this journal. Instructions for contributors are found on the inside back cover of any issue.--Ken Curry
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Publication:Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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