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Byline: Rana Rais Khan

How can we prepare ourselves and our progeny for the challenges of today and tomorrow? Well, for starters, it would be significant success if we can cultivate a belief that this world is material and ultimately to be destructed. What will ensue is an eternal life that is entirely dependent upon our present performance. This thought itself is priceless and facilitates the life of a thriving soul.

Next, it would be tremendous success to understand that media has an agenda: mind control. Anyone who does not tilt to polarized views and does not instantly submit to the popular news flashes and breaking news, but instead sticks to the middle path and looks at the bigger picture of the world, will remain clear.

Spiritually, it would be best for us to learn more and recognize most about the Creator (SWT). With the fast-paced penetration of artificial intelligence into the societies, the concept of God (swt) is being rocked to the core and conveniently chucked out as something redundant.

Emotionally, I think empathy will score highest in the twenty-first century. And it will have to be demonstrated at home by the elders first and then practiced by the younger ones. The capitalist societies have contributed to a lot of wreckage happening at home. Old homes, house husbands, feminist movements, divorces, single parenting, and familial disputes are peaking.

Intellectually, it no longer matters who knows how much. Today and tomorrow, what will matter is how that information is used creatively for benefit. So the time is not to rote-learn or perform like a robot, but to innovate and figure out ideas of how to use what we already know.

The twenty-first century is probably the best time for talent recognition and demonstration. With stages and platforms such as Ted, YouTube, and so on, self-projection has become possible, fast, and cheap. Hence with very little resources, major possibilities lie out there. And all most everyone has a chance to get it.

However, for the Momins, the twenty-first century is also extremely important to renew their faith and salvage it. As time slices away, we are approaching the end of times. The Prophet's (sa) Ahadeeth already mention the minor and major signs of it. And the coming of Dajjal is the most perturbing one. May Allah (swt) be our Guide, and may our lives and end be a source of pleasure for Him. Ameen.

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Date:Aug 2, 2019
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