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Welcome to the June edition of AJLL. This issue comprises a variety of articles that report on national and international literacy research. In the first article, Patterns of teacher talk and children's responses: The influence on young children's oral language, Paatsch, Scull and Nolan describe a study that examined teacher talk behaviours that facilitate children's language use and explored how teachers support children's oral language development as they move from preschool to school. The study found that whilst common teacher talk behaviours across both settings supported the continuity of children's learning, as they transition from preschool to school, there was little evidence of interactions that engaged children in rich dialogue to extend their oral language competencies. The second paper, Not just storybook reading: Exploring the relationship between home literacy environment and literate cultural capital among 5-year-old children as they start school, by Van Tonder, Arrow and Nicholson, reports on a study of 35 children that explored the relationship between components of children's language and literacy knowledge at school entry and their home literacy environment. The third paper, Teaching for Reconciliation in a Multiracial Classroom by Mackie-Smith, describes a study where classroom talk in three Year 8, English and History classrooms, was explored over a period of one year. The paper focuses on how classroom talk constrains or enables students to engage in dialogical ways. The fourth paper, 'Poetry is dying': Creating a (re)new(ed) pedagogical vision for teaching poetry, presents a theoretical foundation for an innovative pedagogical framework for teaching poetry. The final paper, Multimodal literacy and large-scale literacy tests: Curriculum relevance and responsibility by Unsworth, Cope and Nicholls, discusses the findings from a study that explored the assessment of multimodality within the context of large-scale literacy tests. We hope that you enjoy reading these articles and look forward to receiving contributions from teachers and researchers.

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Author:Rennie, Jennifer
Publication:Australian Journal of Language and Literacy
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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