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The successful functioning of the Journal depends on a surprisingly large group of people. While the editor is the fairly 'public face' of the Journal there are people in the National Office who assist with communications (Helen Westsrate) and manuscript management (Vicki Hume). I am grateful to the members of the Society's National Executive and the journal's editorial board who provide much needed encouragement and advice. The Journal has been assisted by a number of reviewers over the last twelve months, sometimes more than once.

Lex McDonald

Heather Came

Sam Strong

Burt Hatch

Terryann Clark

Kirsty Ross

Chris Sibley

Melinda Webber

Carol Barber

Lara Greaves

Don Baken

Cate Curtis

Obtaining reviews for submitted manuscripts is the most difficult/frustrating part of the editing process, and I am grateful to those who volunteer their time to undertake this important task.

After eight years in the editing role this is my final issue. I am handing the position over to Prof Marc Wilson (Victoria University of Wellington). Prof Wilson is an excellent teacher and researcher, a first-class writer, and expert communicator of psychological knowledge. I know he is also a very busy man, in high demand both within his University and outside. To keep our journal strong we need to support it as a credible outlet for the broad range of research being undertaken around Aotearoa New Zealand, and work as a community to ensure the editor and editorial processes receive the support required.

Best wishes,

John Fitzgerald PhD

Massey University (Wellington campus)

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Author:Fitzgerald, John
Publication:New Zealand Journal of Psychology
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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