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Marketing in Asia Group (MAG) has consistently produced The Asian Journal of Business Research over the past few years. It has also been conducting the MAG Scholar conference as well in order to promote academic discussion in the context of business in Asia, yet with a global perspective. The next conference will be held in Dubai in 2013.

One of the invited speakers at the latest MAG Scholar conference in Hungary, Professor Kara Chan from Hong Kong Baptist University, was invited to write on her sharing during the conference. Her paper, The Last Mile in Academic Publishing: Revising a Manuscript is presented here as a guide for the many researchers who have to undergo revising of a manuscript. It is hoped that this article can be a guide as well as a comfort for all authors in knowing that all of us have to undergo such a process.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge of Asia, this edition has an important issue for Asia and its academics. The issue is on Attitude towards Advertising which is reflected in two articles. The article by Hiram Ting and Ernest Cyril de Run looks at Generation X and Generation Y views of what is controversial and why, exploring their attitudes towards such advertisements. The other article by Kara Chan, Vivienne Leung, Lennon Tsang and Toby Yip explores in a qualitative study on Hong Kong consumers attitude towards the advertising by lawyers. The findings allow for a glimpse of Asians attitude towards advertising.

Sandra Sunanto writes on the retail industry in Indonesia. Her article, Modern Retail Impact on Store Preference and Traditional Retailers in West Jawa, describes the situation of retailing in Indonesia. This is also a reflection of many other Asian countries where more and more modern retailing has encroached. Uchenna Cyril Eze, Crystal Hui Hui Chin and Chai Har Lee wrote on the role of reference groups on purchase in their paper Purchasing Designer Label Apparels: The Role of Reference Groups. The increase of consumption of luxury goods in Asia is apparent and it is important for marketers to know how Asians are impacted by reference groups. Mahadzirah Mohamad and Wan Norhayati Mohamed studied nurses in public hospitals in their paper, A Model of Quality of Work Life, Life Satisfaction and Service Quality. Their article suggest that nursing staf with high quality of work life would deliver high service quality and at the same time achieve high life satisfaction.

We do hope that you will enjoy reading the journal and benefit from the knowledge shared. Our gratitude and thanks to all our contributors and reviewers without whom this journal will never be possible. The editorial team at the Asian Journal of Business Research encourages academic and industry-based researchers to contribute research papers and case studies for its peer-reviewed publication.

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Author:Fam, Kim-Shyan; Yang, Zhilin; de Run, Ernest Cyril
Publication:Asian Journal of Business Research
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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