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This issue of the research journal Creativity Studies of the Faculty of Creative Industries of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is the continuation of initiatives of its predecessors LIMES: Cultural Regionalistics and LIMES: Borderland Studies. On the one hand, the research of creativity is intertwined with cultural studies; on the other hand, creativity is a certain case of the borderland discourse. Above and beyond, creativity can be explored in a wide range of human activities. In this sense, the topic of the journal was not narrowed down but rather widened.

Creativity is an integral aspect of human activities; however, creativity studies is a new research area in the academic world of Lithuania. At first glance, these two organic objects are not simply interconnected through self-explanatory and unquestionable arrangements but through complex transformations of the creativity conception that have taken place over some decades. These transformations have paved the way to a new sector of social sciences, i.e. creative industries. This sector is one of the most productive and the most academically intriguing among others attributed to the area of social sciences. Moreover, it seems inseparable from the humanities, which makes it essentially interdisciplinary. Emerging creative industries and related research efforts are a case of creativity studies, which has experienced collaboration with social sciences and the humanities as well as the fate of commensurable segregation. The first issue of the journal Creativity Studies focuses on a variety of research areas, developed at the point where social sciences and the humanities meet. The issue offers different perspectives on social, political and philosophical as well as visuality, media and urban issues.

We offer this new journal to researchers of various disciplines and fields hoping for it to become a welcoming environment to hold a constructive dialogue between Lithuanian and foreign scholars.

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Author:Bareviciute, Jovile; Kacerauskas, Tomas
Publication:Creativity Studies
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 1, 2014
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