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I am delighted to introduce this issue of the Australian Journal of Music Education. For the past two years there has been a special focused e-edition of the second journal for the year. The first of these was on music in early childhood education (edited by Berenice Nyland and Jill Ferris), and the second on music in special education (edited by Helen Farrell). The focused issue will continue in 2011 with attention to issues around music and indigenous education (with Peter Dunbar-Hall and Elizabeth Mackinlay as guest editors).

This issue is the largest journal ever produced in the more than 40 years of the Australian Journal of Music Education. This has been possible as it has been produced as an e-issue. The research articles cross the diverse fields of music education in early childhood education, middle years teaching, lower secondary school education, teacher education, studio teaching, music medicine, multicultural education, gifted education and music practices and approaches. In 2009 Joan Pope was presented with the Callaway Award for a Doctoral Thesis at the ASME XVII Conference in Launceston. Her paper draws on aspects of her PhD thesis Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Australasia: The first generation from 1918.

In addition to the research articles, the annual research report prepared by Robin Stevens is included. This provides an ongoing account of the range of research being undertaken in Australia along with the recently completed higher degree research in music education.

ASME welcomes your contribution to the ongoing work of the Society and music education. Details about how to submit an article for consideration are included at the end of this journal.

David Forrest, Publications Editors

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Author:Forrest, David
Publication:Australian Journal of Music Education
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jul 1, 2010
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