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I want to briefly give a modest boast as the Editor of this Magazine because I have received the honour of an OBE for my work on early Australian authors. Of course Margin was mainly responsible for the award and I am grateful to all the subscribers for their support over the last fifteen years, I am not the original editor of Margin, That honour goes to Dennis Davison who started the magazine in Melbourne at Monash University. He intended it to contain the writings of a group at the University staff and students that were interested in early Australian literature. The original title was Margin. Monash Australian Research Group Informal Notes. When I took over as editor I dropped the Monash reference because I had no connection with Monash University and gave Margin a new subtitle Life and Letters of Early Australia. That subtitle remains. Dennis was especially interested in early theatre and especially Marcus Clarke. I first knew Dennis in Armidale N.S.W. where he spent some years as a lecturer in English at the University of New England. He also produced a number of plays there. I remember in particular Reedy River and Ned Kelly. When he went to Monash University he continued his interest in producing Australian plays. At that time I was the Associate Librarian at the University of New England where my interest in early Australian Literature really took off.

This issue of Margin is rather late in reaching you. I have had a few difficulties of a health nature but hopefully all is now well again. In this issue I have started to print the first part of my biography of William Dawes. Australian publishers were not interested in this large work because they said I did not have any 'new' material on Dawes. What they meant was that I did not have any sensational or sexual material or Dawes comments on the Australian Aboriginals. Although his conflict with Governor Phillip over a rather brutal punishment Phillip proposed for a group of Aboriginals on the killing of his personal hunter is I think sensational. You will be able to judge that in a later issue of the journal. I have also used a large collection of letters by Dawes written in the West Indies in the last segment of his life story. I am sorry that I have no sexual revelations on Dawes to add.

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Title Annotation:on Australian writers
Author:Crittenden, Victor
Publication:M A R G I N: life & letters in early Australia
Article Type:Editorial
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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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