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Dear Readers,

In the previous issue we have reported on the temporary ordination at our temple. The feed back has been very positive so we have to organize another ordination for the vassa. In this issue we have a short report from Holland and from Bhutan. Ven. Achaan Brahm from Western Australia has given a very clear and moving interview on bhikkhuni issue. It was first published in Bangkok Post but we think it will be beneficial for our readers as well so we publish it again. Also we are bringing out the full version of the interview translated in Thai in a booklet. We should have it ready on our website as soon as we receive permission from Achaan Brahm.

With an approach of vassa, our staff join in to wish you a very happy and fruitful vassa.

With metta, Dhammananda

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Publication:Yasodhara-Newsletter on International Buddhist Women's Activities
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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