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This issue of the Journal marks the end of the stewardship of the Journal by the Dunedin 'Five'. Since May 2001 the Journal has been cared for by an Otago-based Editorial Board: Alison Stewart, Sally Pairman, Deb Davis, Jean Patterson and myself. The original editors of the Journal were Judy Hedwig and Helen Manoharan of Palmerston North. They published the first issue in September 1989! Then there was a period of an Editorial Collective based in Palmerston North. Following that Helen took responsibility as editor (from Issue 10) with the help of an Editorial Advisory Committee. From Issue 22 until Issue 24 (April 2001), Wellington midwife, Dr Gillian White, was editor. She was supported by a larger, country- wide Editorial Board, which had included Sally and Alison.

The Dunedin Editorial Board disbanded in December 2006 to take on new professional activities. I took up a contract as interim editor until the NZCOM National Committee appointed the next Editor. Dr Joan Skinner who will be the academic Editor will receive secretarial and sub-editing support from National Office, primarily from Practice and Education Advisor, Lesley Dixon.

Contributors to the Journal from now on should submit their work in hard copy to: Lesley Dixon, Box 21-106, Edgeware, Christchurch 8143, New Zealand OR electronically to: (see amended 'guidelines for contributors', page 38 of this Issue). Any further amendments required by this changing of the kai tiaki of the Journal will be added to the 'Journal guidelines for contributors' in the next issue, and posted on the website.

Before introducing Joan in the following biography, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the previous Editorial Board, Alison, Karen, and Lesley for their patient support this last year. I would like also to thank all our generous, skilled reviewers, and--finally--the authors who work so hard to sculpt and re-sculpt their words. We should be so proud of the growing number of midwife writers and researchers.

I sincerely wish Joan and Lesley all the very best for future issues.

Joan has been a midwife in New Zealand since 1977. She trained at St Helens Hospital in Wellington and went on to work there, and then at Wellington Women's Hospital. For 2 years she was a Charge Midwife in the Delivery Unit. In 1987 she moved to Auckland and began work as a home birth midwife on the North Shore. On returning to Wellington in 1992 she worked as the Perinatal Unit Manager at the Hutt Hospital, and then returned to home birth practice. She has also worked as a midwife for the Hutt Union and Community Health Service, a primary health service focused on caring for low income families in the Hutt Valley.

In 1999 she moved into academia where she is now a senior lecturer in the Graduate school of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, at Victoria University of Wellington, working primarily with midwives undertaking postgraduate studies, from Postgraduate Certificates to PhDs. Joan herself gained a PhD in 2005. Her research interests are in 3 areas. The first relates to how risk is expressed in maternity care, in particular the collaborative interface between primary and secondary maternity care. The second relates to the protection of normal birth, focusing on community engaged activities and the utilisation of primary birthing units. She also has an interest in the support of midwifery in developing countries and in the last couple of years has undertaken midwifery consultancies in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Kiribati.

Joan continues to practise as a midwife and has provided locum cover and a mentoring service. Currently she works as a casual midwife at the Kenepuru primary birth unit in Porirua.

Joan has had a long involvement with the NZCOM and was a founding member. She was actively involved in the political activity leading to the 1990 change in the Nurses Act and has represented the NZCOM in many forums. She provides expert advice to ACC, HDC and the courts and is a member of the Professional Conduct Committee of the New Zealand Midwifery Council.
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Author:Davies, Rhondda
Publication:New Zealand College of Midwives Journal
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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