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The present issue features an interesting mix of articles which we hope you enjoy. Please let us, and the authors, know what you think of the content; share any ah-ha's, critiques, etc., of the work! In this issue we introduce a new Book Review Column for which Pat Christensen has accepted responsibility. A future new column is Health Patterning Modalities for which Joanne Griffin will be responsible. Howard Butcher has taken charge of the Imagination Column.

So far, submissions for the Emerging Scholars, Imagination, and Controversies columns have come primarily from students at New York University. Surely there are students in other universities who are writing on Rogerian topics? We know there are faculty in other universities who teach Rogerian nursing science--please encourage your students to submit papers for the columns! Remember, column submissions are reviewed by the editors only; therefore, two copies are sufficient. No honorarium is paid for columns.

We have noticed a problem with citations from Martha E. Rogers: Her Life and Her Work, edited by Malinski and Barrett (1994). That book represents a compilation of Rogers' seminal works, originally published anywhere from 1970 to 1992. When citing this book, be sure to follow the APA format for an edited work. From a scholarly perspective, it is equally important to acknowledge the original publication of the work by Rogers. Otherwise, something that she wrote in 1970 and did not use again can appear with a 1994 publication date. This contributes to inaccuracy and confusion as people try to understand and work with Rogerian nursing science. It also appears that a primary source written by Rogers herself is a secondary source when Malinski and Barrett are cited as the authors. Following the format for an edited work will distinguish between those chapters representing Rogers' writings and those written by the editors and other contributors.

As many of you know, Martha E. Rogers was inducted into the ANA Hall of Fame on June, 15, 1996. Members of her family were there, along with colleagues and friends. This is a well-deserved honor for our teacher, mentor, and friend who contributed so much to professional nursing!
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Publication:Visions: The Journal of Rogerian Nursing Science
Date:Jan 1, 1996
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