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2006 has been a busy year with the Society biennial conference at Easter and relaunch of the Society website at the new address I urge members to regularly check the website which is being further developed. Work is proceeding on the more user friendly index but there are already two basic indexes available. The first is a reprint of the March 2002 edition of Sabretache and a second a list of articles since 2002.

The Society website address will now be permanently listed on the front page of Sabretache. This edition includes for the first time the names of Tom Babington the new Federal Treasurer and Bill Chessman the new Federal Membership Officer. They replace long serving Treasurer/Membership Officer Jim Underwood who has retired from Federal Council. Thanks to Jim for his great work and welcome to Tom Babington and Bill Chessman.

I very much appreciate the assistance I have had during the year from many members particularly from Federal Council, the ACT Branch, authors and book reviewers. Special thanks to Joe Furphy for his regular Water Cart column and to Syd Wigzell for his regular book reviews. Federal President, Major Robert Morrison has asked me to pass on Christmas Greetings and New Year wishes to all members from Federal Council.

Anthony Staunton

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Author:Staunton, Anthony
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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