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In this month's issue, we're pleased to be able to provide you with an excerpt of Janine O'Leary Cobb's latest edition of her book, Understanding Menopause. As many of you know, Janine was the founder of A Friend Indeed in 1984. In this, her 6th edition, she incorporates the latest information from the 2002 Women's Health Initiative study accompanied by her wise and thoughtful commentary. The book is truly a treasure. For those of you barely into the perimenopausal transition, her book contains indispensable information to make this important time in your life as empowering as possible. You'll find clear definitions and explanation of what menopause is all about. For one thing, her list of menopausal symptoms is an eye-opener. Whenever I read it out loud to audiences of menopausal women during speaking engagements, the women are all amazed. For example, did you know that waking up with sore heels, or mysterious appearances of bruises are common problems associated with menopause? But that is not all. Janine also offers suggestions on how to prepare for menopause (including advice on nutrition and exercise) as well as providing an exhaustive list of resources. For those of you well into your menopausal years, you'll find her book refreshing and comforting. Her book is at the top of my favourite reading list.

Understanding Menopause, 2005, Key Porter Books 1-55263-675-5, $22.95

--June Rogers, Editor
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Title Annotation:book review
Author:Rogers, June
Publication:A Friend Indeed
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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