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Packaging is hot. Those that sell retail will tell you that packaging - a good portion of the time - dictates the sale. Political advisors say the same thing. Packaging is a priority in the rubber industry as well. Suppliers are developing materials that come in packages friendly to the worker and environment. Parts suppliers are trying to convince major customers that they have the total package to be a preferred supplier.

Packaging is also a main concern of the Rubber Division. An ongoing concern of the group is to find ways to increase membership. The main enticement is the package that is offered. In this case the package is the contents - what comes with the membership - and if numbers mean anything, the Division has done well in maintaining membership. After a decade of retrenchment, consolidation and massive lay-offs in the industry, total membership in the Division was almost 700 more on Dec. 31, 1990 compared to Dec. 31, 1980.

But a specific packaging problem has arisen and it concerns the next exposition in Orlando. It seems there is opposition to the site. There is a feeling among several that there won't be anyone attending this meeting because they will be visiting Disney World, EPCOT, or some of the other attractions in the Orlando area. Even though this is an official International Rubber Conference, Division people are concerned about the package for this 1993 meeting. But the concern doesn't seem to be for attendance at the technical sessions. The symposia lined up for that meeting appear strong, well rounded and reflect the international scope of this meeting. The concern is over attendance at the expo and the hospitality suites.

It's no secret that the expositions are a major source of revenue for the Division and there should be some concern about attendance, but this group is the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society and its primary purpose is furthering the education of polymer scientists, engineers, chemists and technicians. The program is the lure and should it be held in a city that might entice more to attend, the better. The expo and hospitality suites are there because the group is there.

The success of a Rubber Division meeting is based on attendance at the technical sessions. This is the barometer that should be used. The exhibits and suites are just parts of the package, the technical sessions the centerpiece. The package for Orlando should be just as strong as those of recent meetings.
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Title Annotation:"packaging" the trade organization the Rubber Division
Author:Smith, Don R.
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Date:Nov 1, 1991
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