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Sabretache averaged 48 pages per issue for many years. This average was increased by 6 pages per issue in 2002. In 2003 it jumped from 54 pages to 64 pages with one 80 page issue, one 64 page issue and two 56 page issues. In 2004 the aim will is for four 60 or 64 page issues.

I wrote in the September 2003 issue that Sabretache is a journal for serious collectors and non-professional historians. I should have added that it is written by serious collectors and nonprofessional historians or to use the description of former Sabretache Editor Dr Peter Stanley, 'independent scholars'. Sabretache is written by Society members for Society members.

Most of the material for the March 2004 has been already been received and I have on hand some articles for later in the year. However, I am seeking material for the June and September 2004 editions. I am planning for the December 2004 edition to include papers from the MHSA Biennial Conference 2004 to be held on the NSW Labour Day Long Weekend, 2 to 4 October 2004 at Albury-Wodonga. Could members thinking of writing material for 2004 and 2005 please contact me as soon as possible to indicate their topic, the proposed length of their paper and any maps and illustration they will be submitting. New contributors are welcome to discuss proposed articles and I am very happy to comment on drafts.

I have had a request from some members for some shorter articles and I would encourage members to contribute one of two page articles on topics of interest. However I am also seeking four to six page articles and longer articles where appropriate.

This issue covers a wide variety of subjects which reflects the wide variety of interests of society members. With nine articles, two columns and a letter to the editor there was insufficient space to list books reviewed this edition on the contents page. Books reviewed this issue:

* Gallipoli diaries: The Anzacs' own story day by day

* From Gallipoli to Gaza: the desert poets of World War I,

* The Bedford Boys: One Small Town's D-Day Sacrifice

* Military and Other Buttons from the Berry Head Forts, 1794-1817

* Defenders of Australia: The History of the 3rd Division

* Angry Skies. Recollections of Australian Combat Fliers

* Horseman, Pass By: The Australian Light Horse in World War I

* .45 Thompson Sub-machine Gun, Small Arms: Pistols and Rifles

* .577 Snider-Enfield Rifles & Carbines: British Service Longarms 1866-c. 1880

* British Empire Cadet & Training Rifles

In New Books is Murray Ewen's Colour Patch: The men of the 2/4th Australian Machine Gun Battalion 1940-1945. This book is extraordinary and it deserves to become a classic unit history and an heirloom for the families of all those who served in the 2/4th. It will be reviewed in the March 2004 issue of Sabretache.

I thank all the positive comments I received on my Victoria Cross Noticeboard column and welcome back Joe Furphy and his popular Around the Water Cart. The issue concludes with a Letter to the Editor from Geoff Blackburn who adds to his June 2003 article on Mission 101 covering the hidden Australian involvement in Ethiopia in World War 2.
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Author:Staunton, Anthony
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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